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Publication numberUS1548312 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1925
Filing dateMar 17, 1924
Priority dateMar 17, 1924
Publication numberUS 1548312 A, US 1548312A, US-A-1548312, US1548312 A, US1548312A
InventorsHeibert Arthur C, Mcdonald Heibert Pauline
Original AssigneeHeibert Arthur C, Mcdonald Heibert Pauline
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Sleeping bag
US 1548312 A
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Aug. 4, 1625. 1,548,312

A. C. HEIBERT ET AL SLEEPING BAG Filed March 17, 1924 'rwc'nkocs (D E a Patented Aug. 4, i925.



Application filed March 17, 1924.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that we, ARTHUR C. HEIBERT and PnULrNn MCDONALD l-Inrnnnr, citizens of the United States, and residents of Akron, county of Summit, State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sleeping Bags, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to sleeping bags and particularly to such bags especially adapted for use on infants or children.

Heretofore, such bags have been employed in which two pieces of material of similar shape have been sewed together along coinciding edges except along one side of the bag, a cut-away portion being provided at the top of each piece for a neck and fasten iug means being employed on the open side of the bag. This type of bag is susceptible of improvement in that it does not effectively prevent the entrance of cold air into the bag and it is not capable of adjustment to occupants of different ages. Furthermore, such bags do not have any means for preventing soiling of the bag or bed.

It is the purpose of this invention to provide an improved sleeping bag which is inexpensive to manufacture and is adapted to be used upon children of different ages, and to effectively prevent the covering from being kicked off during the night.

More particularly, the invention comprehends a construction of sleeping bags whereby an overlapping or double-breasted connection is made between the unsewed edges of the bag at the center of the front 'ather than at the edges of the bag so that cold air may not easily enter the bag and in order that a double protection may be given to the chest of the occupant. This construction of the bag also permits adjustment of the size of the neck.

Another and an equally important object of my invention is to provide a pad of material within the bag capable of absorbing excretions, the pad preferably being backedby water-proof material, such as rubber sheeting to avoid ruining the bag or bedclothes. A further object is to provide means in the bag for removably securing the absorbent pad or the absorbent pad and rubber sheeting therein, means preferably being provided to secure the same in a number of adjusted positions for children of different sizes.

()ther objects will appear from the follow- Serial No. 699,614.

ing detailed description in connection with the accompanying drawings in which the invention is illustrated in its preferred form, it being understood that the claims are not limited to the particular bag illustrated.

Of the accompanying drawings:

Figure l is 'a plan of a sleeping bag embodying the invention; and

Figure 2 is a vertical section on line 22 of Figure 1, the bag being drawn as if expanded to aid in the illustration thereof.

In the drawings, represents a sheet of wool blanket material of the desired dimensions which has been so folded, as at 11 and 12, as to overlap midway between these folds, as indicated at 13. The bottom of the bag is formed by sewing together the edges at 1 1-, including the double edges of the over-lap 13.

The upper edges 15 of the bag are preferably out upon a curve as shown, to adapt the bag to the shoulders, and are sewed together at 16, 16 from each edge to the overlapping portions 13. A cutaway portion 1? may be provided for the neck.

For securing the bag about the child, a row of snaps, buttons, or other fastening means 18, 18 is secured on the inside of the marginal portions of flap 13 and on the outside of the marginal portions of flap 13. A row of fasteners 19 is also provided on the inside upper marginal portion of the flap l3 and the outside upper marginal portion of the flap 13 whereby the flaps may be secured in various overlapping positions to change the size of the neck openmg.

ft is desirable that the child be tied in the crib or bed and to this end and to prevent the bag being kicked about for which purpose fasteners, such as tapes 20, 20, are secured to the corners of the bag, which tapes are adapted to be tied to the crib or bed.

In order to provide an absorbent pad for a sleeping bag, a suitably shaped sheet of padding 21, having a waterproof sheeting 22 associated with it, is mounted on the inner side of the back of the bag. For securing these sheets to the bag, any suitable fasteners may be employed. In the preferred form shown, tapes 23, 23 are secured to the inner side of the back of the bag and perforations are provided in the pad and rubber sheeting whereby the tapes may be threaded therethrough and tied to removably secure the pad and rubber sheeting in the bag. As shown by dotted lines in Figure 1, a plurality of tapes 23 are secured to the bag to provide means for retaining the pad and rubber sheeting therein in a plurality of different positions.

In use, the flaps 13 and 13 being open, the bag is drawn over the child and the flaps 13 and 13 are fastened in place by fastenings 18. As many of fastenings 19 are then closed as will cause the bag to fit snugly about the neck. The tapes 20 may then be tied to the crib or bed to prevent the child from disarranging the bag during the night. I

The pad and rubber sheeting may be removed after use and cleaned or replaced.

It will be seen that by the above described construction, a healthful, sanitary and easily manufactured bag is produced which is capable of adjustment for use on children of different ages.

It Zodifications of the invention may be re sorted to without departing from the spirit or scope thereof as claimed in the appended claims.

lVhat we claim is:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a sleeping bag comprising a blanket folded upon itself to provide overlapping edges, one end of the blanket being sewed to form a bag, fastening devices along the overlap.- ping edges, the top of the bag being provided with an adjustable neck opening, an

absorbent pad, a waterproof backing for a 7 pad, the lower inner side of the blanket being provided with means whereby the pad may be secured in a plurality of adjusted positions thereon, and tapes at each corner of the bag.

2, As a new article of manufacture, a sleeping bag comprising a blanket folded upon itself to provide overlapping edges, parallel rows of fastening devices on the double-breasted portion so provided, the edges of the blanket being sewed together at one end and provided with an adjustable neck opening at the other, means on the outside of the bag by which it may be secured to the bed, an absorbent and waterproof pad on the inside of the bag at the central portion thereof, and means to secure the pad in place.

3. An article of the class described comprising, in combination, a sleeping bag, an absorbent pad, means to removably secure the pad within the bag, and a waterproof lining between the pad and the bag.

4,. As a new article of manufacture, a sleeping bag comprising a blanket folded upon itself in two parallel lines, one end of the blanket being permanently fastened, means to secure the edges of the blanket to form a bag, a neck opening at the other end of the bag, an absorbent pad removably secured to the lower inside surface of the bag, and a waterproof lining between the pad and the blanket.



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