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Publication numberUS1548510 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1925
Filing dateJan 19, 1923
Priority dateJan 19, 1923
Publication numberUS 1548510 A, US 1548510A, US-A-1548510, US1548510 A, US1548510A
InventorsClay William R
Original AssigneeClay William R
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US 1548510 A
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Patented ug. 4, i925.

ETE@ 'SETS wiLtrArr a. emr, oF KANSAS erre, Mrs-sonar.


Applieation led January 19, 1923. Serial No. 613,647.

To all lwhom it may concern:

Be it known that l, WILLIAM R. CLAY,

i acitizen of the United States, residing at of which the following is a specification.

Kansas City, in the county of Jackson and State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful llmprovements in Auto Scores,

My invention relates to a device which may be employed to advantage on motor vehicles for holding road maps, delivery route sheets, and sheets upon which may be entered the expense4 incurred on a trip for gasoline, lubricating oil, and other supplies. rlhe device may also be used in an oiiice for holding a calendar, memoranda, etc.

The device may be attached to the steering post or other portion of a motor vehicle, or.

it may be used on a desk in an office, and in addition to performing its primary function of holding thediiferent sheets abovementioned may be employed as a paperweight. y

The device in its preferred form embodies, among other features, a suitable case in which twospools are removably mounted, so that the ends of a sheet may be attached to said spools to be rolled and unrolled as 'will hereinafterv appear, and a transparent element at the front of the case through which entries on the sheet may be viewed and which is provided with one or more openingsfso that entries may be madeuponthe Sheet with a pen or pencil.

In order that the invent/ion may befully understood, reference will now-be had to the accompanying drawing, in which:

.Fig 1 is a perspective view of the device.

Fig. 2 is'a vertical sectional view of the device.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section on line Illl--Hl of Fig. 2, with the sheet removed.

Fig. 4 is a detail of means whereby the case may be attached to the steering post of a motor vehicle.

Fig. 5- is a detail perspective view of one of the spools with one of its flanges re-v of its rotation.

Fig. 7 is a detail of one of the spring bearings in which the spools are mounted.

ln carrying out the invention, l employ a case 2 in which the sides 4, the back 6 and a portion of the bottom 8 are formed integral or otherwise firmly connected to each other, the front and top of said case 2 being open so that access may be had to the interior mechanism hereinafter described.

Normally the front and top of the case 2 are closed by a llid 10 connected to the v `bottom wall 8 by a hinge 12 and held in closed position by a spring latch 13 secured to the back6 and engaging a lug 14 at the upper inner portion of the lid 10. A pushpin 16 is loosely mounted in the upper portion of the lid l0, for disengaging the spring latch12 from the lug 14 when it is desired to open said lid 10. The lid 10 has a large opening 18y in its front portion which is l closed by a transparent element 20 such as glass or Celluloid slipped into position through a slot the upper portion of the lid 10. The transparent element 20 is provided with suitable openings 24, two being sho-wn vin the present instance, so that writing may be entered on a sheet hereinafter referred to.

f 26 and 28 designate a pair of spools, each consisting of a shaft 30 provided adjacent to its ends with flanges 32. The shafts 30 have longitudinal grooves 34 to receive pins 36 whereby the ends of a sheet or roll of paper A, are detachably connected to said shafts 30.' The ends of the shafts 30 are mounted in resilient bearings 37 open at their forward portions so that said 'shafts 30 may be readily placed in position or removed, as desired. rlhe bearings 37 are fixed ,at their rear portions by soldering or otherwise to the sides 4 of thecase 2 leaving their open forward portions free to eX- pand, so thatthe shafts 30 may be placed in position or removed as stated.

A recess 38 is formed in one end of each shaft 30 to receive the corresponding lug 40 on a knob 42 provided with a peripheral groove 44 and reliably held in active position by a detent 46 secured to the adjacent side of the case 2. Notches 47 formed in the periphery of each knob 42, communicate .withthe associate groove 44 to pass the bivfurcated-'end of a detent 46 when applying the knob .to the recessed end 38 of the spool, or removing it therefrom. The inner surface of the grooves 44 are slightly serrated or roughened to correspond with the engaging surfaces ofthe detente 46, so that the latter will reliably hold the yformer at any point of their rotation and thereby keep paper A, taut. rlhe paper A, in its passage i from one spool to the other runs around guide rollers 48 mounted on screws 50 relllovably-held in lugs 52l carried by the lid 5,6 designates al sheet metal plate securedA to the lugs 52 of the lid 10 and adapted to support the paper A, while the same is being written upon.

In practice the spools 26 and 28 are removed fromthe case 2 and one end of the sheet A is placed overthe groove 34 of one in the paper A to enable the spools to bepositioned in the bearings 37 in the case 2.

The lid 10 is -then closed and secured by the latch 13, after which the knobs 42 are placed in position and the slack paper is wound upon the full spool, which in the present instance is the upper spool 26.

As entries are made from time to time' upon. the paper through openings 24 the lower spool 28 is rotated to wind the paper .thereon and present a fresh surface for other entries. The transparent element 2U permits the entries or printed matter upon the exposed portion of the paper to be read whichi's quite a convenience when a touring map is employed 'as it enables the tourist to not only ascertain the name of the'nearest town,`but those in proximity thereto.

Means for attachlng the case 2 to the steering postof a motor vehicle is provided in the form of a clamp 56 provided at one end` with an upw-ardly tapered block 58 over which two downwardly diverging lugs 60 on the back 6 of the case 2, are adapted to t, see Fig. 4.

From the foregoing description' it will be understood that I have provided a device embodying the advantages above pointed out, and while I have shown and described the preferred construction, combinationy and arrangement of parts, I reserve the right to make such changes as. properly fall within the spirit and scope of theclaims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Pat'- `ent`,.is:- i

1. In -a device of the character described, a case, a lid to ysaid case having alarge opening in its front portion, a transparent element closing the opening in the lid and having an opening therein through which an underlying sheet may be written upon, spools mounted in the case and upon which the sheet may be wound and unwound to move it past `the opening in the transparent sheet, knobs havin lugs extending through a wall of t e case to en- -gage recessed` ends of the respective spools to rotate the same, detents secured to the case and engaging the respective knobs to' embodying a sha t removably, mounted in said bearings and in one Iend, a knob aving a lug extending' through a wall of the case to en age the recessed end of the spool to rotate t e spool, and a detent secured to the case and engaging the knob to perform the dual function of removably holdin said knob ,in en agement with the spoo shaft and yiel ably holding said knob at any point of its rotation.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature,

Y in the presenceo'f two witnesses.


Witnesses: n



rovided with a recess w

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