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Publication numberUS1550230 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1925
Filing dateOct 27, 1923
Priority dateOct 27, 1923
Publication numberUS 1550230 A, US 1550230A, US-A-1550230, US1550230 A, US1550230A
InventorsWilliam N Taylor
Original AssigneeWilliam N Taylor
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Amusement device
US 1550230 A
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Patented Aug. lll, 1925.



Application led October 27, 1923. Serial` No. 671,246.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that l, VViLLiAM N. TAYLOR, a citizen ot the United Staates, and resident of Cincinnati, in the county oct Hamilton and State of Ghio, have invented a certain nen7 and useful Amusement Bevice, of which the following,` is a full, clear, and errar-t deiription, reference boing had to the accomn panying` drawings, forming; a. part of this specilicaition.

ll/ly invention relates to amusement devices, and especially to the `revision or an amusement device in the nature ot a mathematical puzzle.

rlhe object oi this invention is to provide a` puzzle ot' entertaining as well as educational value.

ln the drawings Figure l is a perspective ot the board With one of the counters in place;

Figure 2 is a perspective of one of the counters g Figure 3 is a. plan view ot the device with the counters in posit-ion.

The numeral l indicates a board which may be either oi Wood, metal, cardboard or other suitable material. es shown in Itlie drawings the board l is square in shape but the same may be varied to suit individual preference or manutacturingexpediency.

The board l is provided With a. series o periiorations arranged preferably in radial relation from al central perforation 2, the radiating perforations being` arranged in series of three each, and the series being designated in the drawings by the numerals 3, fl, 5, 6, and 7, respectively.

ln connection With the board l, a series oli 16 counters is provided, each oil the counters being provided With a substantially spherical body portion 8, adapted to lit in either of the perforations in the board, and a lace 9 on which appears a numeral l0, the counters being numbered 'from l to 16 both inclusive.

ln place oi the board l being provided with peri'orations it Will be understood that the saine may be provided merely with marked spaces or pins, in which event the counters Would be correspondingly altered v' rlhe object ot the game or puzzle is to arrange the counters in live series in theY peritorations with the nunibers exposed, so that each olf the series, including the middle perfor on 2 as a number oi: each series, will total the same. As an element of the operation of the puzzle it is to be understood that the counters may be placed in a. number ot dilerent arrangements so as to make Series having` a common tot-al.

Having thus fully described my invention what l claim as new, and desire Ito secure by Letters Patent, is

l. in amusement device. comprising a board, said board being provided with a plurality ot equal series of spaces radiating troni a central space, counters equal in numl; to the on said board, each of said counters beingl provided With a numeral in a-ritlnnetical progression.

2. .an amusement device comprising' a board, said board being J yvided. with a plural 'y of equal series of ations radi` ating from central per' ration, counters en, a al in number to the perforatimis on said board, each of said counters boing `provided with a body arranged to lit into any oi said perfor-ations, and a tace cmitaininfaV a nu ral, the numer ls on` the counters being anged in arithmetical progilression.

l. iin amusement device comprisingl a board, said board being provided With a plurality ot equal series of perfor-ations radiating 'from a central perforation, spherical counters equal in number to the perforations on said board, each ot said counters being provided With a iiat tace upon Awhich one of a series oi: numbers in` arithmetical progression equal in number to the perforations in said board is displayed.


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U.S. Classification273/153.00R, 273/153.00S, D21/345
International ClassificationA63F9/08
Cooperative ClassificationA63F9/10, A63F9/0098
European ClassificationA63F9/00W