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Publication numberUS1550966 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1925
Filing dateJun 18, 1923
Priority dateJun 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1550966 A, US 1550966A, US-A-1550966, US1550966 A, US1550966A
InventorsKappes Andrew C
Original AssigneeWrigley W M Jun Co
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Confection package
US 1550966 A
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' Aug. 25, 1925.

V Q V l Jlrzdrea/Cflagbegfi 1,550,966 AFC. KAPPES CONFECJTION PACKAGE Filed June 18, 19

I Patented Aug. 25, 1925, i I


annanw o. xarrss, orcmcaoo, minors, assreson T0 was. wmoLEY m. can'- rm, or cmcaeo, rumors,- a COBPQRAT-ION or wear VIRGINIA.

conrnc'rxon PACKAGE.

Application filed June 1a, 1923, sumac. 045,951.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, ANDREW C. Ka n-.3,

- a citizen of the United'S t-ates, and a resident of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and usefullmprovements in Confection Packages, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in confection packages, and more particularlyto means forand method of packagin' a confection in the form of a lozenge for ta let of candycoated chewing gum;

A convenient method of acka in" confections of this character is thewrapping of a given number, preferabl ten, in a covering or wrapper of waxe to exclude moisture, the several pieces be ing arranged in arow, face to face, throughout the length of the package. In size andv shape, as well as exterior appearance, the

package thus formed resembles the more common form in which sticksof gain are sold.

In'consumrng the contents of a pack- I age of tablet confections one end of the sealed wrapper-is ordinarily o ned and the tablets removed as desired, t e remain der of the package being carried in the pocket until its contents are entirely consumed.. A

In the packa ing of the tablets it is not contemplated hat the wrapper shall be applied so tightly asto prevent the tablets from becoming dislodged in the handling of package subsequent toits initial opening, even with the addition of an outer band or label which surrounds the package.

vided withthe tablet retaining means ur-- As a result-there is a tendency for the tab:

lets to become loosened inthe wrapper and to escape from the openingat the end.

The object of the invention is to provide a package in which the tablets are heldwin' place within the package with siifiicient se' curity-to prevent them from falling out in ordinary handling, but. permit them to ,Jbe'

readily removed, one by one, as they are consumed. The package is preferably roing the wrapping operatiom'the method being hereinafter described in connection with the accompanying'drawings, in which Figure 1 is a "perspective view of the novel confection package with the outside wrapper removed,

Figure2 is a view in side elevation of a paper sealed row of tablets in package form with the i V wrapper shown in longitudinal section, and Figure 3 is a perspective view of a single tablet.

As already suggested, the tablets A are wrapped in package form by machines especially designed for the purpose. .The

.material preferabl used, for the wrapping" 1s a suitable grace of waxed 011 parafiinof the. wrapping ma- 1. Subsequent to the folding operations the overlapping edges and ends of the wra per. are sealed, this being done by the app ication of heat, utilizing the paraffin content of the paper as the adhesivesubstance.

To accomplish the purpose of retaining the individual tablets within the package and to complete the package contemplated by the invention, the following practice is preferably followed: Substantially throughout the length of the package, and extending completelyaroun the package are a plurality of depressionsor grooves b. These depressions are located between the tablets -A, their edges being rounded so that natural depressions or spaces are formed into which the'material can be depressed. Moreover, these grooves .or depressions are comparati-vely permanent, at leastduring the time occupied by the consum tion of the package.

the permanency'being us to the nature of the material used and the pa'r'allin content with which it isv impregnated. For this reason the application of heat is suggested,

as the means" for introducing the-grooves into the package, this being capable of accomplishment in several ways, but preferably by passing the packages through or be tween plates or dies having the grooved formation, and maintained at a temperature sufficient to soften the paraffin. Having thus been grooved or depressed the subs uent cooling causes the material to set and t ereby maintain the. grooved or corrugated cono fthe package. Moreover the applicaw tion of heat causes a bond to be forrnedbetween the material of the wrapper and the edges of the tablets by reason of the adhesion off th e paraffin-in the paper'to the ed e surfacsof the tablets;

has it will be seen that the several tar lets are lodged betweenthe depressions or grooves b with the intermediate portions of the material fitting around and adhering to the e ges thereof, In this manner each tablet is retained in an individual compartment and thus held in place, without dependence upon the adjacent tablets for support against. displacement. Hence the removal of the 7 tablets from one end or the other does not disturb'the remaining tablets, to the end that the'package and its contents remain intact until entirely consumed. I

While the corrugations or grooves mabe extended throughout the entirelength o the" is the usual practice, the sealed packa e or wrapper issurrounded by a band or label,

thus concealing the grooves beneath. I claim as my invention- 1. .Apackage forsonfections. consisting of ate a, wrapper enclosing a plurality of tab :lets having rounded arran' ed package form, the material of said wrapper being' depressed into the spacesseparating the tablets and extending transversely of the sides of package.

' 2.- A confection packageco nsistin of an enclosure for a plurality of tablets faving rounded edges and arranged face to face in package form, and de'ression's formed around said enclosure an conforming subst'anti ally to the spaces separating the of said tablets.

3. A method of packzfiing confection v ges, consisting of wrapping said tablets faceto face in a sealed parafiin wrapper and subjecting said pack;

age to ressure in the presence of heat, where:

by sai wrapp'ver is set with substantial permanence to conform to the surface contour of the tablets.

4. Ameth d of packaging confection tab; lets consisting of wra ping the tablets in n wrapper of parafline wrapper'by the application of heat; an ubjectrn sald package to pressure between.

heate dies acting to fgrrn in said package a series of depressions eigtendin around the package and between the: ges of said tablets.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 'llth d'a y oi-June, A. D; 1923.

TANiSnnw o.- K PPEs,

paper, sealin the

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U.S. Classification426/5, 426/413, 426/108
International ClassificationB65D65/22
Cooperative ClassificationB65D65/22
European ClassificationB65D65/22