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Publication numberUS1553199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1925
Filing dateDec 31, 1923
Priority dateDec 31, 1923
Publication numberUS 1553199 A, US 1553199A, US-A-1553199, US1553199 A, US1553199A
InventorsGeorge G Stewart
Original AssigneeGeorge G Stewart
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Key-ring holder
US 1553199 A
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Sept'. 8, 1925.


Filed Dec. 51, 1923 INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 8, 1925.




Application filed December 31, 1923. Serial No. 683,836.

To all whom. it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE G. STEWART, a citizen of the United States, residing at Donora, in the county of Washington and State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful Improvements in Key-Ring Holders, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to-improvements in key ring holders and has f0. an object the provision of a device by mea s of which a key ring may be secured to a garment, the device being especially designed for securing keys within the pocket of a pair of trousers or other garment, so that the keys will be safeguarded against loss and will be prevented from becoming mixed with coins or other articles carried loosely in the same pocket.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention further includes the following novel features and details of-construction, to be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a view showing a fragmentary portion of a pair of trousers with parts broken away to show the interior of one of the pockets with the invention in place therein.

Figure 2 is an enlarged plan view of the holder with a ring attached.

Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional view on the line 33 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 2 but showing a modified form of the invention.

Figure 5 is a section on the line 5-5 of- Figure-4:.

Referring in detail to the drawings wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts, the reference character 10 indicates a portion of a pair of trousers,

one of the pockets of which is indicated at 11. 1 g

The invention which may be attached to any suitable part of the garment is especially designed for holding a bunch of keys within the upper part of the pocket away from the remainder of the contents of the latter and in such position that when the wearer of the garment is either sitting or standing, the keys will not bunch at the top of the leg and thus cause an unsightly appearance of the garment. At the same time, the keys will be in an out-of-the-way position and will thus be safeguarded against loss.

For the accomplishment of the'above, the

present invention provides a holder which as shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3 of the draw-' .ings is formed of a flexible material, such as leather, woven fabric or the like and includes a base 12 and a tongue 13 which, as 05 shown in the drawings is attached to the base by means of a reduced neck portion 14, at which point the tongue is folded over upon the base and provides for the reception of a key ring 15. The free end of the 70.

attaching the-base 12 to the pocket such 7 v as by stitching the base to the pocket or by providing a metal disk 17 with a plurality of tongues 18 struck therefrom, the said'tongues being passed through the base 12 and through the fabric of the pocket with their extremities or pointed ends bent inward into the openings formed by cutting out the tongues.

In Figures 4 and 5 of-the drawings, the

holder is shown in the form of a sheet metal 86 plate 19 from which is struck a tongue 20, the latter being bent as shown in Figure 5 of the drawings. The metal is-of a resilient character so that the tongue may be forced outward to permit of the insertion and re- 90 'moval of the ring 15. In this form of the invention the plate 19 is providedwith a plurality of tongues 18' which are struck from the plate and are inserted through the material of the pocketas will be readily understood.

From the foregoing description and accompanying drawings it will be seen that the invention provides an exceedingly simple and convenient means by which a bunch of keys may be secured within the pocket of a garment without interference with the remainder of the contents of the pocket.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its form, proportions and minor details of construction and the right is herein reserved to make such changes as an upwardly, downwardly and outwardly 10 properly fall Within the scope of the apconverging tongue member struck upwardly pended claim. from the base and adapted to receive a key Having described the inventlon what is ring or the hke between the tongue and 5 claimed 1s base when the tongue is released to its nor- A key ring holder of the character de- 1na1 position and the key ring will be held 15 scribed comprising a base member, said base against accidental displacement on the base. having a plurality of inwardly struck III tes i y WhereOfI a my Signaturepointed bendable securing means thereon, GEORGE Gr. STEWART.

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U.S. Classification24/3.6
International ClassificationA45F5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45F2200/0558, A45F5/02
European ClassificationA45F5/02