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Publication numberUS1553697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1925
Filing dateApr 17, 1924
Priority dateApr 17, 1924
Publication numberUS 1553697 A, US 1553697A, US-A-1553697, US1553697 A, US1553697A
InventorsLederer Morris W
Original AssigneeLederer Mfg Company
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Shopping bag
US 1553697 A
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Sept. 15, l 925.


Patented Sept. 15, 1925 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Application filed April 17, 1924. Serial No. 707,033.

' to appear like the usual handbag and which may e opened to provide a. ba for carrying parcels for bulk articles an wh ch will contain a considera le'n umber of such art cles.

vent the bag from unfolding. Another object of the invention vide a flap' sewed to the interiorof oneside of the bag and extending over the otherysideof the bag the flap being provided witha snap for fastening to the-exterior ofthe: bag when folded beneaththe flap rsolthat' the bag in thus held in the folded position for carryin These Ob]0CtS and theseveral novel features of the invention arehereinafter more fully describedand claimed and the preferred form of construction by which these objectsare attained is shown in the accompanying drawings in which-* Fig. 1 is aviewof the begin ih tpen or unfolded positiong p v Fig. 2 is a section takenon line 2-2 of %ig. 3 is a view'of the'bag in the foldedpositlon. 1 i .F Fig. 4is'a section on line 44 of e: bag 1 may made of imitation leather or any suitable fabric and is provided with an insert 2 in the bottom as shown in 2 which allows the bag to Another object of theinvention is to provide a shopping bag having a compartment for carrying change, the said compartment being formed fromxa flap'sewedto thein-' terior of the bag and adapted tofasten over the bag when in. the folded position. I

' Y flallowmg these two portions to be snapped together as shown in Figs. 3 and 4. It will noted that when the bag is thus folded thatr the flap or' strip 3 provides a cover (for the folded edges of the bag and in the "folded position the snap fasteners 6 and 1 *7 may be readily se arated to allow am to the pocket 5 so t at the pocket 6'is alportion 6 of a snap fastener and a companion portion 7 is adapted to snap thereover and is secured in the side of the bag so that the two parts when snapped together close the pocket The strip 3 is provided with an extending loose end or flap in which the portion 8 of a'snap fastener is secured as shown in F 2 and is adapted to fit the companion snap fastener portion 9 when the bag is folded, the snap fastener 9 being fastened in the same side of the bag asthe-snap fastener portion 7. A handle 10 is secured to one side of the bag at the oints 11 and 12 and a handle 13 is simiarly secured to the opposite side of the bag. "To close the bag the edges thereof are first folded toward the center onthe dotted lines 14 and 15 and the bag thus' folded isfolded upwardly on the dotted lines 16, 17 and 18 thus brin ing the fastener portion 9 beneath the Fastener portion 8 and ways easily accessible. Whe'n' the bag is open in the "position shown inFig. 2 the flap 3*may be tucked inside the bag so as to allow' packages to be-easily inserted in 1 13. To open-the bag from the folded position shown in Fig. 4 it is only necessary to unfasten the snap fastener portions 8 and 9 and shake the'folds of the bag out and upon tucking the flap 3 into the interior of the bag the bag is ready for use.

If desired a snap fastener portion 19 may be secured in the bag beneath the handle 13 to provide a means after the, bag has been filled with packages for closing the "bag by extending the flap over and fastening the snap fastener portion 8 on the com- .panion fastener portion 19.

.From the foregoing description it becomes evident that the device is very simple and eflicient in operation, is composed of few arts and is of consequent low manufacturing cost,1.provides a small sized handbag when folded and a large sized bagfor sod carrying parcels when opened and provides a device which accomplishes the ob]ects described.

Having thus fully described my invention, its utility and mode of operation, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is 1. A shopping bag comprising an 0 en ended bag provided with carryin han les on opposite sides of the opening, a fiap sewed to the interior surface of one side of the bag between the ends of the respective handle to provide a pocket, a fastener portion on the fiap and a companion fastener portion on the bag for closing the said pocket, the end of the flap being adapted to be extended through the handle on the opposite side of the bag and the bag being foldable beneath the said flap, a fastener portion secured to the bag and adapted to be'brought beneath the flap when the bag is folded and a companion fastener portion secured in the end of the flap and providing a means for securing the bag in the folded position. 2. A shopping bag comprising an open ended bag provided with carrying handles on opposite sides of the opening, a. flap sewed to the interior surface of one side of the bag to provide a pocket, a fastener for closing the said pocket, the end of the flap being adapted to be extended over the opposite side of the bag to allow the bag to be folded therebeneath, and a fastener portion secured to the bag and adapted when the bag is folded'to register beneath a companion fastener portion secured in the flap.

3. A shopping bag comprising an open ended bag provided with carrying handles on opposite sides of the opening, a flap sewed to the interior of one side of the bag to provide a pocket and adapted to be extended over the opposite side of the bag to allow the bag to be folded therebeneath,

and means for securing the flap to the outer side of the bag therebeneath when folded to prevent the bag from unfoldin In testimony whereof, I sign this specification.


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U.S. Classification383/2, 383/4, 383/40
International ClassificationA45C7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C7/0077
European ClassificationA45C7/00D3