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Publication numberUS1553985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1925
Filing dateApr 28, 1925
Priority dateApr 28, 1925
Publication numberUS 1553985 A, US 1553985A, US-A-1553985, US1553985 A, US1553985A
InventorsLieon Ciesnierski
Original AssigneeLieon Ciesnierski
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Combined gun and bayonet
US 1553985 A
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Applicationfiiea Ap'rnjas, "1925. *Serial No. :26,42%

.i la Acitizen of. Poland','and-resident of -Vinds'or yof Connecticut, have invented certain new Y and? useful CombinedGuns and Bayonet's',vv

'n 1 vof'fvvhich Vthe lfollowing -is aspec'ication. Y VvThis invention relates to improvements'in V Avr` combinedr gun and bayonet, and-itis `the llj'bi'ne fa" bayonet in such manner with VAthe thatfit may 'readily-fbe'projected' in fyfront ofthe gunbarrel or held 'hidden there.-

ypr o'visionofa combinationgun and bayonet lf-ghayingf'meansyfor Vfirmly holding 'the "bayonet'iin 'its projectedposition;y

vAv further object. of vthe invention is the revision `of ya combined gun vand bayonet qnippedfwith-means.for using the gun asa 'sabre with' the Abayonet-heldfinl` its project@ ed position.

j vided with deliecting means-forrthe bayonet f of an adversary during l'a bayonet skirmish,-

I 1 These .andf other objects kand advantagesofv the invention will vbecome -more rullyV :known asy the description thereofv proceeds, yand `will then be speciiicallypointedout in; thev appended claims. Y In the accompanying.drawing, forming al-materiallpart of this disclosure:

' cording'f to my invention..VV f f j"Fig.-2 is a cross-Section5 on line 2.-f2of Figure l. f ld`,ig 3 is ,Figure l- A gun of any wel] known'make and con-ffv struction hasv the customary fore-stock l0, 45

v f yin which is slidably guided a bayonet 15 rof' any well known type providedl at Vthe lower edge of its rearorinner part with a .,Locks; inv thecouiityy of 'Hartford "and'jState v princi-pal' jobject Vof the .invention to com-A "Another 5 'obj ect :of the invention Visv theV the provisionv of a gun and bayonet prof "FiggflV is a 'sectional side yelevatioirof ai ombined gun and bayonetrconstruc ted aca cross-sectionon lineB-S of'.

stock l1, sight `l2. and trigger mechanism 1.3.. The `tore-stock has `made therein a' longitudinal chamber 14 open at the .front from the principles involved.

tersr Patent is I 4'iencygtofnormally.'projectthe bayonet r'imv 'i l' 1 "Be' it; known that 11,' LLIEoNv CIESNIERSKI,

the barrel, so that its sharpened and pointed end 19.may be used. t. -Ina recess .20ct the gunlfore-'stockl a rack y16..

60 Atransverse pin 2l' isV mounted Vprojecting therefromv and carrying afc'rank-22whilel y the pin.carriesfwithinfthejrecess 2()V agean j '23 inengagement withfthe teeth'v'of the 1 A pin-pawljtslideswithin a'longitudinajl if 'y bore Aofthel gun forestockl and has. attached thereto fa' handle 25v extending from the"giinf bari-er, while a Spring.tesina'thei enaof. q jf -pinV 24- rests against thel endfwall lof the bore and tends to normally'hold.r the pin in Venwhich is swungyto engage theV foresstock.

gagement with-the teethl of gear 23,;A`this engagement can also'be made :permanent by rotating thev pin by means'of the handle 25; I

wall thus .positivelylockingl theV pinin its f gear engaging position@ engages'with its lower. end'a pin 28`fon the f deflector frame/.26 is'rjpiv'ota'llyl bymeans o'ffthe 1rpins" 27 tothe barrel 'and end to thei'rame holdsthe {lowerfend Qfil.

and thefupper endn the-position shownin bayonet of an adversary.

.the frame in engagement Vwith thepin 2 8.

' In operation, Y.the bayonet is projectedin Vfront ofthe gun by. the propelmanpug lation of Crank 22 and sfl'ocked in th'sfpois tion bythe proper operation of handle:25

and pin-pawl 24. At the same timegthe Y' defiecting Vframe will assume its .elevated .f ;1 I.; position shown in Figures 1 andV withjits.v lower end heldin engagement with'fpn Y28- l under the action of springs 2 9.' V v y If the weapon is to be used in the manner cfa sabrethehand1e 30 isjused as a hilt as it is attached at its ends to suitable brackets 31 and- 32 of the ,stock l1. v

of the appended claims .without departingk Having thus describedrni'y inventiomwhat` I claimas new Aand desire l. Combined gun and bayonet to'secure by-'Letf Y a raclc'on said bayonet,.a'gear in mesh with l saidjrack, means'for operatingsaidgear to advance or project from and to draw said bayonet into the gun fore-stock, a locking pawl engaging said gear for holding said bayonet in its projected operating position, and a 'frame for deflecting an eneinys bayonet adapted to be manipulated during the movements of said bayonet and locked in its elevated position.

2. Combined gun andbayonet comprising a spring` controlled bayonet blade in the gun fore-stock, a spring normally pressing said bayonet from said fore-stock, means to gradually project said bayonet and alloW ing a guiding of the same back into said fore-stock, a pawl tor 'locking the parts in the projected position of the bayonet, a handle for operating said paWl, and a deiiector frame pivotally attached to the gun barrel'and adapted to be raised upon the projecting of said bayonet and to be lowered when the same is Withdrawn Within the gun fore-stock, and a means for allowing the use of the Whole as a sabre.

3. In a gun having a chambered forestock, a bayonet slidably guided Within the chamber ot' said fore-stock, a rack formed with said bayonet, a gear engaging said rack, a handle Jfor operating said gear to project said bayonet from said fore-stock and to guide the bayonet back into the saine, a spring controlled looking paWl having an operating handle for looking the lowing the use ot the whole as a sabre.

A gun including a chambered barrel, a bayonet slidably guided Within the chamber of said fore-stoel; having an end pin, a

spring Wound about said pin within said chamber, a rack formed with the lower edge of said bayonet, a transverse pin in said barrel, a gear on said pin in mesh With said rack, a handle for operating said gear to project the bayonet from the chamber of said iore-stockjand toreturn it therein, a springcontrolled locking paWl having an operating handle, adapted to lock said bayonet in its projected position, and a deflector frame adapted to be erected into its operative position upon the projection of said bayonet and to be folded against the barrel upon the return of the bayonet into said barrel, and a handle secured to the gun shaft for allowing a handling of the Weapon in the manner of a sabre.

Signed at Vindsor Locks, in the county of Hartford and State of Connecticut, this 23d day of Jipril, A. D. 1925.


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