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Publication numberUS1554550 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1925
Filing dateOct 8, 1923
Priority dateOct 8, 1923
Publication numberUS 1554550 A, US 1554550A, US-A-1554550, US1554550 A, US1554550A
InventorsBerger Paul T
Original AssigneeBerger Paul T
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Bag holding and filling device
US 1554550 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Sept. 22, 1925.

2 Sheets-Sheet 1 I rwentoz F aul 'T. E": 1 g E 1" (Ruoumyp -P."r. BERGER BAG HOLDING AND FILLING DEVICE Flled Oct 8 1928 Sept. 22, 1925.

1,554,550 P. T. BERGER BAG HOLDING AND FILLING DEVICE Filed Oct. 8, 1923 r 2 Sheets- Sheet 2 J; E- j 5.

Pan]. T. Berger Patented Sept. 22, 1925.



Application filed October 2,1923. Serial No. 667,335.

means for holding a bag in such a position as tofenable the same to'be filled very easily and quickly, and is especially adaptedin .conjunction with the lillingofbags with flour, feed, seed and other similar material. Another important object of the invention is to provide-a device of the above mentioned character wherein means is provided 2 for detachably supporting the bag uponthe device when the same is being filled and also providing means for cutting off the supply tothe bag after the latter has been filled'to the proper height or amount.

Avstill further-object of theinvention is to provide a bag holder and filling device of the above mentioned character, which is simple in construction, inexpensive, strong and durable and further well adapted for the purpose for which it is designed.

Other objects of the invention will become apparent during the course of the following description. V I p v In the accompanying drawlngs forming a part of the specification and' in which like numerals designate like parts throughout the same.

' Figure 1 is a vention.

Figure 2 is a vertical section thereof.

Figure 3 is a bottom vention.

Figure 4 is a perspective View of the hopper.

frontelevation of my in- Figure 5 is a detail view of thelocking 7 means, and

Figure 6 is a fragmentary View of the locking band showing the adjustingfeature thereof. i

of illustration is shown the preferred embodiment of my invention, the numeral 1 designates the frame which isfsubstantially rectangular in cross section and terminates at its lower endinto the circular portion as shown at 2 in the drawings. An annular I drawings. object to provide a" simple and efficient plan view of my inflange 3 is secured to the bottom of the lower circular portion in any suitable manner. -The frame is formed of any suitable metallicinaterial and is adapted tosupport therein a hopper 4. The hopper 4is also PATENT OFFICE.-

formed of similar metallic material as the frame 1 and is also substantially rectangular in cross section andtaperstowards itsbottom as clearly shown in Figure 2 in the V This hopper t is adapted to be supported in the frame 1 in such a manner as to have the upperendthereofextending flush with the upper edge of the frame 1 and suitable fastening means is adapted, to extend,

through thesides of the frame and hopper i.

such as shown in 5 of'the drawings while the lower portion of the hopper is disposed a short distance above the bottom of the frame. p v I On one pair of opposed sides of the bottom of the hopper 4 aresupported the in-- wardly extending angle irons 6 and 7 re spectively. These angle irons are adapted to provide guide means for receiving a suite ablecut off hereinafter to be more fully de scribed. These angle irons 6 and 7 respectively are furthermore supported upon the bottom of the hopper by suitable fastening means such as is shown as 8 in the draw ings and these guides extend inwardly below the hopper as shown clearly in Figure 3 ofthe drawings. i

Slidably supported within the angle irons 6 and 7 is the cut off platedesignated by V the numeral 9. r This cut off plate 9 is adapted to slide between the guides 6 and 7 and extendthrough'a suitable slot 10 provided in one side of the'frame 1, and a por tion of the plate is adapted to be provided witha suitable handle 11 whereby the same may be actuated. Mounted on the'bottom of thecut off plate 9 adjacent the inner free end thereof are a pair of lugs'12 which are adapted to limit the outward movement of the plate 9 so that the inner end of the plate 7 will not be accidently disengagedfrom the guides 6 and 7, when the handle 11 is pulled outwardly. In thedrawings wherein for the purpose If desired a suitable extension designated by the numeral 13 also of rectangular formationin cross section may be detachably supported upon the upper portion of the frame 1. The purpose ofthe extension 13 being to provide a meansfor forming an enlarged hopper for holding the material in sections and .16. ,these sections are adaptedtobe ad ustably larger quantities and thereby .enabling the bags to he till-ed'more rapidly.

The bag to be filled and designated by the letter A is adapted to be placed around the annular flange 3 formed on 'the'bottom of the circular portion 2 of the frame and will extend for a substantial distance around the outer face of the circularportion. For the purpose of holding the mouth of the bag in position on the iframe 1 I provide, the looking band 14., This band la is formed of suitable flexible material andit comprises the One pair of ends. of

secured together as shown aslT in thedrawings, and the jiree ends ofthe sections are adapted tosupport the cooperatingilocking elements hereinafter tobe more fully described.

The locking means comprises a U.-shaped hook engaging member. 18 which has lts base portion supportedinthe looped end of the section jl5. The arms 19 of theUJ-shaped I hook engaging member 18' are provided at theirouter ends with the laterally extending lingersQO, as; clearly shown in figurev 5 ojt thedrawings. The ireeflend ofthe section leis-also provided with a U-shaped member 21 and this U-shaped memberh'as its base'portion also supported in the looped portion of the section lfiina similar manner, in whichlthe U-shaped member 18 is supported on the free, end of thesection,

15, The arms of the U-shaped memberQl converge towards their outer ends and extend substantially parallel at their outer ends as shownat 22 in the drawings.

llhe parallel extending portions 220M116 arinsof the U-sliaped member 18 are adapted to support therebetween the docking lever. h ocki :l re 3. spivot d' 11 th transversely extending pin 24twhich extends bet n. t Pa a le arm 22.1mm is -p vided with the handle 25,

The forward end of the locking hook 23 is provided with the enlarged portion 26 and extending. laterally.from both sides 01'' the enlarged portion 26 are the locking lugs 127 :which are adapted to engage the fingers 2O provided on the outerlends of the arms fthe U-shaped 1nember, 1 8 whereby the tions of the band 1 1;; may be drawn to- ,getlier-in a locked position, and by swinging the handle 25; inwardly so as to; bring the portion thereof intermediate the lugs 23' between theparallel arms 22 ofthe U- shaped member 21, a can'nning action will he obtained so as to lock the band l garound {the mouth of the bag when the latter is in 'positionaon gthe -lower portion of the frame.

1 In this-manner the be held inpol sition' on-the frame and after the cut off 7 plate 9 has-been opened. bypullingoutwardly upon the handle 1 1 so .tliat thel sarne from engagementwiththe same. by releasing the handle 25 ofthe locking hook wherebytheb'and isdisengaged so, as to permit the bag to; be easily and qu ckly removed from the frame, and permit the same to be ;tied in theusual manner and ready for shipment. 1

.ll ar lrt e ,s. 1.1,' trom the" foregoing de r p n, tha a bag holding andviil ng device; ha een p o ded wh ch is s pl in C011struction and whichwill enable numb l" of h gsa' o be filled n mparat vely 1 shor t me. an w h l sa nsi rab t me and labor aswell as prevent the person Operat ngthe devlce irom uslnghis hands in the filling of the bags and holding the same du n su h; fil ing- F r her e y .een truqt s he d vice O th ab e. ntioned characterthere is no possib lity of ..t .=,in ,a 'za thin he h pper b omin clogged witliin the,guides, whereby efificien opera on at the lidi g" u off is j prevented S fr quen y ecwsw t h b hlhng devices now in use,

h To further permit the devicetoloe easily inovec l from one-place to another a handle such as shown at 261may be provided."

Also carriedrby the bag holder are the. locking band supportingcstrapsfli secured at their upper ends. to the extensionlS and looped at their lowerendsjto receive the band 1a whereby the latter is supported therein at all times; J

In order to prevent any dust'l'rom escaping through, the slot, 10 provided in the frame 1, a strip of canvas may be secured in any .snitable .manner on the inner side otthe frame snoha mannerfas tohave the slot in the frame register with the slot of similarlengthprovided in the canvas. The edges of the canvas adjacent the, slot forn'ied.therein will en 'age the upper and lower faces of the slidlng cutofl' plate 9 and therehyprevent any of the diist in the 4 liop er escaping through the slot 10'.

roni the "foregoing description of the construction,ofinv, improved apparatus, it I will'heseenthat l have prov ded a s mple, inexpens ve and eficient means for carrying out: the objectsof the invention, and while I have up articularly described the elements best adaptedito perform the functions set obvious that various changes in form, proportion, and in the minor details of construction may be resorted to, Without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the principles of the invention.

Having thus described my invention What I claim is:

A bag holder of the class described, comprising a flexible band formed of tWo sections having one oi their ends adjustably secured together, a U-shaped hook member pivotally connected to the opposite end 01 one of said sections, a U-shaped and arcuately designed link member having its one end pivotally connected to the opposite end of the other SGCilOliOiif said band, a lever fulcrulned intermediate-off its ends between the outer furcations oi said link member, and lateral studs carried in the one end of said lever engaging said hook, whereby when said lever is actuated in one direction the ends of said band sections will be drawn together, as and for the purposes described.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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