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Publication numberUS1555320 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1925
Filing dateApr 11, 1923
Priority dateApr 11, 1923
Publication numberUS 1555320 A, US 1555320A, US-A-1555320, US1555320 A, US1555320A
InventorsWeil Emile
Original AssigneeWeil Emile
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US 1555320 A
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Sept. 29, 1925.

E. WEIL CIGARETTE Filed April 11, 1923 Patented Sept. 29, 1925.




Application filed April 11,1928. Serial No. 881,407:

improvements in cigarettes, and more,par'- ticularly the manner of wrapping or cons fining the filler contents thereof.

An-object of the invention is to" provide a cigarette of the above type which is, provided with means located intermediate the ends thereof, which operates to extinguish the burning of the cigarette, both the wrapper and the contents, provided the smoking thereof is discontinued.

It is well known that'a smoldering cigarette when discarded is very objectionable, as and it is"als o known well as very dangerous, thatthe wrapper will continue-to smolder even longer than thetobacco content, and .it is to avoid this smoldering and slow burning of the cigarette or content, after the smoking has been discontinued, that my invention is directed.

Inthe drawingsr Figure 1 illustrates a perspective view of the cigarette havingmy improvements applied thereto; and i Fig. 2 is a similar view showing a slightly modified form of the invention.

In carrying out the invention, 1' have provided means disposed intermediate the ends of the cigarette which would cause a slow burning wrapper when it reaches said means to be extinguished, although if the cigarette is being smoked and the wrapper and content are free burning, then the wrapper will be consumedin the ordinary manner, thus permitting the entire smoking of the cigaret'te, if desiret. f

'-means or My improve extinguishing the slow burning wrapper is preferabl in the form of a band or bands which encircle the cigarette intermediate its ends. These bands are similar in construction and any esired number may be used or one may be used. By distributing the bands alongthe wrap er of the cigarette, I am able to insure t at it will go out quickly -no matter to what point the cigarette may have burned when the same non-burning e it is discarded. In the drawings, however,

I have only shown one band for the purpose of illustration. In these drawings, the cig-v arette is indicated at A and the region where f the band is applied is indicated at B. A 0

It will be noted that the band is back from the end a short distance and i one band only is used, it will be placed at the point where a cigarette is usually discarded. This band is preferably made from leaf tobacco, and said band may be placed either at the outer face or beneath the wrapper.

In the place of leaf tobacco, I may use a paper whichpaperhas been treated with a This paper band may wrapper or. may bean in which case it will be almost invisible. The ends of the bands are brought substantially together so as to make a complete encircling hand.

To further aid in the extinguishing of the tobacco content, I may provide one or more of the bands with corrugations, as indicated at cm Fig. 2 of the'drawings. These corbe separate from the rugations extend circumferentially about the cigarette and slightly compress the tobacco content at this point, which further aids in the extinguishing of the'cigarette' when it is discarded. I

suitable non-combustion supporting liquid.

integral part thereof,

Instead of providing a band of tobacco leaf or extra paper, the wrapper itself may be corrugated at one or more places, or combined with other point or points, thereby giving the eflect of a band by compressing the cigarette at such point or points when the or by merely treating the wrapper at one or more points with non-combustible liquid or by actually weaving or manufacturing out compressing the ci ect as the band.

material, which will have the effect of narrowing the wrapper at said wrapper is applied such material into the paper which, witharette, would have,

It will be understood, therefore, that the term band, as used 1n the specification and claims is used in the wra per and cigarette if it is being smoked 1n the usual way.

its broadest sense to cover really a. limited treated encircling. region intermediate the ends of the cigarette which would It is well knownthat'a great many fires are caused by the throwing aside of cigarettes which smolder and cause readily in- I flammable material with which they come in contact to be ignited.

By my improved means of extinguishing the fire in the wrapper and the contents of the cigarette, the liability of-causing fires by discarded cigarettes will be greatly reduced. It'will readily be seen that, if the smoking of the cigarette is discontinued and the cigarette discarded, the burning of the wrapper when it reaches the extinguishing band extending about the cigarette, will be extinguished. Whatever be the form of the band, when the burning of the wrapper reaches this extinguishing region, if it is a slow burning wrapper, as occurs when the cigarette is discarded, the fire will go out and this will cause the tobacco content also to go out. In case of the compression of the tobacco content, this will cause the content to go out if slow burning and likewise the wrapper to go out. In either case, this encircling band operates to extinguish the cigarette when it is discarded.

It is obvious that minor changes in the details of construction ma out departing from the spirit of the invention as set forth in the appended c aims.

' Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire .to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A cigarette comprising a wrapper and a tobacco filler, said cigarette having means intermediate its ends operating to extinguish the slow burning of the cigarette when the smoking thereof is discontinued and permitting the proper burning of the cigarette when smoked in the usual way.

2. A cigarette comprising a wrapper and a tobacco filler, said wrapper having a narrow band of leaf tobacco disposed intermediate the ends of the cigarette and operating to extinguish the slow burning of the cigarette when the smoking thereof is discontinued, and permitting the proper burning of the cigarette when smoked in the usual way.

In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature.


be made with-

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U.S. Classification131/349, 131/344
International ClassificationA24D1/10, A24D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24D1/10, A24D1/025
European ClassificationA24D1/10, A24D1/02B