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Publication numberUS1555585 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1925
Filing dateOct 20, 1924
Priority dateOct 20, 1924
Publication numberUS 1555585 A, US 1555585A, US-A-1555585, US1555585 A, US1555585A
InventorsBernard Simons, Thomas Kings Alfred
Original AssigneeBernard Simons, Thomas Kings Alfred
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Appliance for printing or reproducing maps, drawings, desings, pictures, and the like
US 1555585 A
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Sept. 29, 1925.

1,555,585 A. T. KI


5 ET Al.


Patented Sept. 29, 1925.





Application filed. October 20, 1924. Serial No. 744,713.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, ALFRED THOMAS Times and BERNARD SIMONE, subjects of the King of England, residing atLondon, England, have invented a certain new and useful Improved Appliance for Printing or Revide a large number of copies in a simple and inexpensive manner.

In order that the present invention may ried into effect it is hereinafter described with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is an end elevation of the improved appliance showing the stop provided for controlling the position of the drum;

Figure 2 is a similar View looking at the opposite end of the appliance;

Figure 3 is a plan View of said appliance, and

Figure 4 is a similar but partly sectional plan view showing the roller separated from the handle.

Now according to the present invention we provide an appliance for printing or reproducing maps, drawings, designs, pictures and the like, comprising a roller or drum having engraved or otherwise arranged thereon the map or the like to be reproduced, and a handle or the like by which the device may be manipulated or pushed over the surface of the paper or the like.

As shown and in carrying the present invention into effect the improved appliance comprises a roller or drum ct provided with end bearings or spigots b and a suitable handle 0 by which the device may be manipulated or pushed over the surface of the paper or the like cl. The surface of the roller or drum a is provided with a raised outline a of the map, drawing, design, or the like to be reproduced, which may be either permanently formed or secured thereon or provided thereon in the form of a schools, where it 1s often necessary to pro-' be clearly understood and more readily cardetachable element or sleeve. In'the latter case a single roller a may be employed for use in connection with a number of flexible sheets of rubber sleeves or the likea moulded with the map or other design, so that any one or more of said sheets could be suitably arranged or clippedthercon as required. Suitably also the handles 0 could be made detachable from the roller a so that a number of separate rollers a, each formed or provided with the desired map ordesign, may be used with a single handle 0. To this end one of the side members 'of the yoke piece forming part of the handle is provided witha bush or hole adapted to receive the spigot b of one end of the roller a, whilst the other side member of the yoke-piece is provided with a fork-like end 0 adapted to be closed by a pivoted catch a after the spigot at the other end of the roller is in place. Thus by opening the said catch 6 the roller a can be removed at will and another insrted. The roller itself a may be formed of wood, metal, glass, ebonite, or other suitable material, and in cases where the roller is formed in one with the design, the Whole may be cast in a suitable mould or be otherwise engraved or formed.

In use the device would be employed in conjunction with an inking pad or carbon paper and then rolled over the surface of the paper cl upon which the map, drawing, or design is to be reproduced. A suitable stop 7' may be provided in conjunction with the roller to co-operate with the handle 0, so as to prevent the cylinder from further rotating and thereby duplicating the map or other design when completed. The said stop f may also serve as a zeroizing stop when it is shown passed through a slot in a springcontrolled disc or drum 9 mounted to turn on the handle and co-axially at the end of the drum a1. Thus the spring ensures that the drum a will be automatically returned to its initial or starting position. If desired the stop f or some other member may be used manually to position or return the drum to its zero or starting position. In the arrangement shown an additional stop it may be provided on the spring drum to prevent it over-running when the roller a and its stop f are removed. Conveniently, in a slightly modified arrangement the handle 0 itself may be formed of'wood or of bent or twisted wire having prongs adapted could be made up into an outer case or con-- tainer holding a plurality of detachable maps representing a group of subjects.

In a further slightly modified construe tion a segment could be employed in place of a complete roller a, and then a separate handle could be dispensed with, as will be readily understood. 5 i

If desired, the frame may be constructed to receive rollers of various sizes; for instance thearms of the frame may be of telescopic construction or they may be otherwise made adjustable. Further, an inking pad may be attached to the frame and "adapted to ink the, roller during its movement whereby the device will be rendered selfin-king. 7,

What we claim is I.

1. An appliance for printing or reproducing maps, comprising a roller or drum, a design to be reproduced arranged on the surface of tl1e"drum,"a frame in which the roller is removably mounted, means carried by the frame for holding the roller against disconnection therefrom, a spring operated disc carried by'the frame, and a projection from the roller engaging an edge notch in f's'aid disc to tension the spring in the operation of the roller.

2. An appliance for printing or reproducing maps, comprising a roller or drum carrying a design to be reproduced, a handle frame in Which the roller is removably mounted, spring roller return means carried 'mounted, spring roller return means carried by the handle "fra'xne'and including a disc, and a pin carried "by the drum to *seat in a notch in said disc, said pin cooperating with the handle frame to mainta'in the roller in normal position through the tension of said spring means and further cooperating with the handle frame to limit the operative rolling movement of the roller in said frame.

In testimony whereof wehav'e hereunto signed our names.


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U.S. Classification101/375
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