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Publication numberUS1556078 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1925
Filing dateMay 23, 1921
Priority dateMay 23, 1921
Publication numberUS 1556078 A, US 1556078A, US-A-1556078, US1556078 A, US1556078A
InventorsClymer Charles L
Original AssigneeClymer Charles L
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Can-loading machine
US 1556078 A
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Oct. 6l 1925.

C. L. CLYMER GAN LOADING wmcunm Filed Hay 23, 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 nanars/Hot.: (M4/afs 64 VME/e,

Oct. 6, 1925. 1,556,078

C. L.. CLYMER CAN LOADING MACHINE Filed Hay 23 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 a m irl Inllllll i fi Miam.

ga-rticles deliveredv fromi -ticles in layers.l

delivering position, afymovable receiving, table adaptedJtO,movtheetcles intese@ gagenlenty .vith said holding' ineens; a movi-1, able delivery tablemadapted to receive lthev said holding means,-f means Afor deliveringv thev f articles adapted A to deliver the samev in layers', and meansf for moving said receiving and said deliv'er}'1l tables. f 6. In a can loading device, means adapted tograsp and hold a plurality o the articles, g means for moving said holding meansf to delivery position, and means operable-at ,t'heg deliveryV position adapted to deliver theI ,ar-

7.- .In a, can loading device,\,1neans. adapted to grasp and hold a plurality ofthe articles, means for moving said-fholding meansx to delivery position, and f means operable the; delivery position'. adapted to deliver for'iffY layer of articles upon another. y f

8. In a canloading device,.meansaadaptedl to grasp and hold a plurality of theartic'lesil means for moving said holding means to delivery position, and means operableat the deliverypositionand cooperating with said. holding meansada'pted to deliverthearticles; in layers; i i v f 9; In a can loading device, .means adaptedg to graspand hold va plurality of thev artieles,I means for moving said holding means, to de-Qy leiffooli ive has@ Highest-10min@ Pastoestapsaia, menons@ {retenes/1s@ lryered articles'. 'y


as, graspgaahtid a'piainay oiinegartilsi f hQlding' -,.1n'enS1'f.0Ll n atjthedenvery to cooperatev -yvith d' saidl delires @sentis-leslie yS11@- Pluralij f @he arti-1f 'Sewanee to' delivery restlnn 'endrleeelviug marient( the delivery! ,postoni'adantel livery of; thefarticle's'' ls'ucclessive layers.

l 12. In a -fcan .loading device,'lmea'ns adapte ed to grasp-and lioldfa pluralityf the arti' Cles, means. #fer mevmgiid Edding' means.

vfor cooperatlonzwith said yhfihilinifig means to this lthz'day of May1211921 of the ar'ticle'sg'in successive

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U.S. Classification414/792.7, 414/744.8, 53/245, 53/247
International ClassificationB65B35/30, B65B35/36
Cooperative ClassificationB65B35/36
European ClassificationB65B35/36