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Publication numberUS1556680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1925
Filing dateSep 21, 1923
Priority dateSep 21, 1923
Publication numberUS 1556680 A, US 1556680A, US-A-1556680, US1556680 A, US1556680A
InventorsDorment Frank C
Original AssigneeDorment Frank C
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Combined air purifier and reflector
US 1556680 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct- 13, 1925- 'F. c. DORMENT COMBINED AIR PURIFIER, AND REFLECTOR F110;! Sept. 21. 1925 Purifiers and lowingis a full, clear, and exact description."

Patented Oct. 13,: 11525.


v c. murmur wmmsm, omo'.

oominmn am roan-ma m mamas.

Application and September- 21, ma. Serial ll'o. ceases;-

Wellington, in the county of Lorain and State of Ohio, have invented a certain new and useful Im 'rovement in Combined Air eflectors, of which the fol- This invention relates to a combined air purifier and reflector adapted to be applied to incandescent lamps, an

hasfor itso ject to prov de a vaporizlng 'devicefor convert.-

' ing various substances into a gaseous state for medicinal and other purposes, adapted to be mounted upon any standard size in candescent lamp bulb and to utilize the heat of said bulb to'vaporize or'volatilize the substance contained therein. r

A further object is to provide a .device requiring no special electrical;connections and adapted to be mounted upon the lamp fixtures'already in place.

A further object of the invention is to pro-- vide a simple,'efiicient and inexpensive device for disinfection and deodorization in a sick room, in publicgatheringlplaces'or in the home.

The present invention also furnishes a reliable means for the treatment and prevention of infections, respiratoryv diseases by the inhalation of air, medicated by vapors from volatile oils and other suitable substances.

' This invention alsoprovides an excellent meansfor maintainin the proper humidity in the air, or for supp ying perfumes to the air in theatres, stores and homes.

A further objectof the invention is to provide a vaporizing device whichis easy to assemble,- cheap to manufacture, easy. to fill, clean and re air.

v A further ob ect of the invention is to provide a vaporizing pan adapted to be mounted upon any standard size incandescent bulb and to form a reflector therefor. A further object is to provide a vaporizin device adapted to be mounted u on a stan 1 ard size incandescent lamp bul regardless of the angle at which the bulb is mounted, and adapted to be suspended on the bulb so that the contents will not spill.

A further object is to provide acne-piece va rizing pan which is made in one 1 ece rig requlres no screws or other attac g devices. A further object provide'a vaporizing device which is e-flicient in opera- -ploy'ed. Referring to the accompangmg drawings cation, Fig. 1'

tion, cheap to manufacture andeasly clean and attach. Other'objects wi 1 be apparent from the following description and accompanyling drawings.

The to owing description and accompanying drawings set forth in detail certain neans embod ing the invention, the dis- .closed'means, owe'ver, constituting but one of the various mechanical forms in which the princlple of the invention may be emfor1nin a part of this s'peci 1s a si e elevation of'the air urifying device mounted upon a lamp bulb, various positions of the lamp bulb being shown in dotted lines and a portion ofthe pan being broken away and shown in section; Fig 2 is a. perspective view of the device; and

is a side elevation showing the vaporizmg pan mounted upon an upwardly projecting bulb such asthe bulb of a pedestal lamp, the bulb being shown in dotted lines at an an le with respect to the vertical.

'ferring to the accom anying drawings, theair urifier consists'o a vaporizing. pan

. formed in one iece from sheet metal to provide an annu ar trough 10 to receive the fluid to be vaporized. The pain is provided with an outer cylindrical wal tom 12, and an inner annular wall 13, the upper portion 14'of whichQrcRects above the ugper' edge of the outer wa 11, and is curve inwardly converging to a central circular top opening 15. I

The 0 ning 15 is of a diameter less than the maximum diameter of a standard incandescent lamp bulb, but of eater diameter than the neck of the bu b, so that the neck of the bulb may be inserted through the o ening 15 from the bottom and screwed Fig. '1 of the drawing, the upper edge of the inner wall of thepan engaging-the bulb 1 16 between the neck portion thereofand the portion of maximum diameter. The inside of the inner wall 13 will be provided with .a reflecting surface so that the device serves as well as a va- 15 is of conas a reflector for the. lam porizer. Since the opemn as 11, a flat botsiderably greater diameter t n the neckof the bulb to which it is attached, the. bulb may be disposed at various "angles witlr res'pect tothe vertical, as shownm dotted hues at 16" in Fig. 1.

may be disposed at various angles the vertical, as'shown in dotted lines in Fig. 3.

The trough 10 of the pan may contain a suitable liquid or solution for supplying the desired ingredients to the atmosphere of the room in which the device is used. If it is desired to supply humidity to the air, water will be placed in the trough 10. For disinfection, itable fluid insecticides or germicides may be employed. For medicinal treatments, suitable medicinal substances such as bal'sams, tinctures, volatile oils, etc., may be employed. For air purifying purposes, suitable deodorants and disinfectants suitable for inhalation ma be employed.

An annular removable ller 17 of absorbent material may be placed within the trough 10 which is adapted to be saturated with the liquid which is to be vaporized. This filler is preferably of heat retaining material and a non-organic substance which will not be chemically acted upon by liquids which are to be vaporized. Asbestos has been found to serve very well for this purpose. This absorbent holder for the liquid serves to retain heat and causes the same to be more evenly distributed facilitating the vaporization and preventing overheating of the liquid adjacent the heated wall of the pan. Substances such as some of the volatile oils which are injuriously affected by light or excess heat are protected against deterioration. Additionally the absorbent prevents spilling of liquid should the pan be accidentally tipped. In case the pan when used becomes tilted so that its bottom is somewhat inclined to the horizontal the liquid will still be held by capillary attraction uniformly distributed throughout the filler.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. A vaporizing pan comprising an annular trough having an outer substantially circular wall and an inner wall concentric with the outer wall, said inner wall being rounded inwardly toward the top thereof to provide at the openin an edge portion engageable with an incan escent lamp bulb whereby the pan may be supported at different angles with respect to the axis of a bulb.

2. A vaporizing pan comprising an annular trough having an outer substantially circular wall and an inner wall concentric with the outer wall, the major portion of the inner wall being of a diameter materially greater than the enlarged portion of an electric light bulb and tapering inwardly adjacent its upper edge to an opening of less diameter than at the bottom whereby the upper edge portion of said wall forms a supporting seat engageable with a rounded portion of a lam bulb to support the pan therefrom at various angles with respect to the axis of the bulb.

3. A vaporizing pan comprising an annular trough having an outer substantially circular wall and an inner wall concentric with the outer wall, said inner wall being rounded inwardly toward the top thereof to form a seat for engagement with an incandescent lamp bulb, the inner wall being adapted to be supported out from the bulb andthe inner surface of said inner wall having a reflecting surface.

4. A vaporizing pan having a layer of absorbent material on the bottom thereof.

A vaporizing pan having a porous layer of asbestos on the bottom thereof.

6. A vaporizing pan comprising an annular trough having the inner wall thereof formed to rest upon an incandescent lamp bulb and a removable filler of absorbent material in the trough.

In testimony whereof, I hereunto ailix my signature.


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