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Publication numberUS1556951 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1925
Filing dateAug 1, 1923
Priority dateAug 1, 1923
Publication numberUS 1556951 A, US 1556951A, US-A-1556951, US1556951 A, US1556951A
InventorsMarshall James A
Original AssigneeMarshall James A
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Tobacco-moistening means
US 1556951 A
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J. A. MARSHALL TBACCO MISTNING MEANS mea 1min. 1923 l ttouxcq .rama ummm., or

irl-.Neo ruNcTroNromo.

' -f froacooflrorsmmemns.-

#Application l'ed Anruf '1. 1923; ,sei-'iai no; esima.,-

"To anw-1m. a Mpman;

Be it'knovvn that I, JAM 'A--M .l I

a specification,

This invent-ion relates tov specialrecep- -10 tacles and packagesof the type known as adapted for pocket and personal use,l and adapted for containing smoking tobacco or.

I i .tobacco when the top'of the wrapper open.

the like.

In all prior Aconstructions` or Ydevices. of- A -the a'bove kind,4of which I am aware, the

tobacco is vkept moist and fresh by means of a wax or'paraiiined paper wrapper which encloses lthe tobacco and-is placed witlhin a iiat can. With these prior devices, the wax or "pa'rafin' wrapper frequently opened,

thereby allowing the'moisture to evaporate so that-before the ,tobacco is entirely used, it

becomes very dry, losing its freshness and desired'smoking qualities.

The present inventionembraces the pro-v A .vision-'of a'inixture Aor compound -which is placed in the bottom of the tobacco can for vkee ing the tobacco moist and. fresh until entirely used. rI his compound can be placedv in any conventional form of 'pocket humidor or tobacco can without changing the size of l the same or reducing the quant-ity of tobacco placed therein. Also the compoundv or mix'- -ture does not harm or injure .the smoking or chewing qualities of the tobacco, or rust the can, or destroy the wax' or parain paper wrapper wihich encloses the tobacco.`- Furthermore, the compound .or mixture insteadl of' giving oil' moisture 'when the can. is opened, retains the moisture indefinitely because the air does not get to the same, due to the fact that ,it is protected by the4 wax or paraiin wrapper enclosing the tobacco and placed above'it.

pound or mixture and in the improved tobacco package hereinafter more fully described, shown inthe accompanying drawings and claimed. 1 A

vIn the drawings vwherein like reference A. characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views: ,y y

Figure 1 is a viewV partly in side elevation and partly in vertical section of'a tobacco package-constructed.inaocordance'with lthe ,sand are mixed together 'in the ro teriaL As before stated, the chemical action I The .invention consists 1n the novel compresent invention.

j Figure -2 showsv the moistureireeeiv' compound Y' and the absorbent sheet dis thereon. l

' .Referring more in detail to the .drawin`g,' 60

5 indicates an ordinary relatively fiat can 1n whlclh the tobacco 6 is placed, said tobacco being enclosed vvi'thiua wrapper 7 of. wax or 'par'ain paper, .and the vcan be' provlded with a cover 8, which is prefellvly of the hinged type, forpermittin'g access to the In accordance withV the present invention, a thin layer9 Aof moisture, retaining ma*-A terial is disposed upon the bottom vof the can 5, and. a moisture absorbing sheet 10 is disposed upon the layer 9 beneath the bottolnof the wrapper 7 as shown in Figure 1'.'

The compound or 'mixture 9 insuresenough moisture to keep-the tobacco fresh and moist .until entirely used, and is composed of ammonium acetate 1 part by weight,

and ordinary dry sand, Sparts by wei ht, I mixed or ground thoroughly together. his compound may be cheaply prepared and the moisture absorbing sheet/10 may consist of a piecev of'ordinary blotting paper. A

In practice the ammonium acetate and dry rtions stated, providinga comparative y ry mix- 85. ture to be spread into a layer von the lbottom ofthe can. In cases where the waxed paper packet is used, themoisture laden air finds its way into thepacket tlhrou h the cervices existing between the usual fo ds -on the bottom ofthe packet. Here, I might state that in all instances, the packet 4is not necessarily used, but the unwiapped tobacco is placed in the can directly on top of the blotting maand' moisture produced thereby'does not in v any ,Way affect the smokin qualities ofthe tobacco by producing an al aline reaction or tfhe. like. On the other hand, the 'smoking qualities of the tobacco will bedecidedly enhancedby the presence of .the additional moisture.

cos is entirely eliminated, so that an enjoymon dry sand, and a sheet of moisture ab-f able cool smoke is insured. sorbent material placed upon Asaid mixture.l

Having thus described my 1nventi`on,what 2. Tobagco moistening means embodying 10l I claim as new and desire to secure by Let- -a mixture of ammonium acetate and common ters Patent is: t dry sand'. i l

1. Tobacco moistening means embodying I'n testimonywhereof I ax my signature. a mixture of ammonium acetate and com- JAMES A. MARSHALL.

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U.S. Classification252/194, 312/31
International ClassificationA24F23/02, A24F23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F23/02
European ClassificationA24F23/02