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Publication numberUS1557179 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1925
Filing dateMay 6, 1921
Priority dateMay 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1557179 A, US 1557179A, US-A-1557179, US1557179 A, US1557179A
InventorsMasonick Joseph A
Original AssigneeJ A Masonick Company
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Dishwashing machine
US 1557179 A
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J. A. MASONICK DISHWASHING MACHINE Filed May a. 1921 s Sheets-Sheet 1 1 J. A. MASONICK DISHWASHING MACHINE Filed May 6. 1921' 3 Shuts-Sheet 2 Q x N lam /n50 J.- AQMASONICKV DISHWASHING MACHINE Filed llay 6. 1921 3 Sheets-'S heet- 5 rinser, but also as a sink in which pots, pans, etc. may be 'manually'scrubbed,

vantages 0 this invention should be readily withlthe accompanying drawings Patented Oct. l925.'

- UNITED STATES Josnrn; a. iusomcx, or mum snornnnmors, assrcxon an. a. mule: co!- rntr, or LAKE nnn'rr, rumors, a coarona'nonor mnr'or's.) f D I p n Application fled lay 0,1921. lsum'n. time).

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, Josnrn A, Mason cx,

a citizen of the United States residin .at Lake Bluff, in the county of Lake and tate 5 of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin,Dishwashing Machines, of which the following is a specification.v

This invention relates to dish washing machines and aims primarily to provide a machine which Wllllbfi simple 1n construction, eas to manipulate and eflicient and reliable in o ration. Another 0 ject of my invention is to provide a machine which shall be so constructed that a tray oi dishes may first be dis in a washing receptacle where the dishes are washed by a circulation of water": in the receptacle, then the tray may "slid longitudinally of the machine into a rinsing compartment where the dishes are "subjected to sprays of rinsing water delivered upwardly and downwardly in the chamber, and then the tray may he slid still further longitudi- 25 nally of the machineput from the rinsing chamber onto a drain board, where the dishes are permitted to drain and dry.

Another purpose of the invention is to provide a machine which can 'be entirely controlled and operated from onegside, thereof,

one in which all themanipulating devices. I are readily accessible to the operator and one in which the" various parts are so mounted as to*be'adequate ly protected, but

at the same time easily accessible .for purposes of repairs and the like.

Another object is to provide a machine which not onlyserves as a dish washer and and 111k and about which other operations customar ly. performed. in a kitchen sink may be eenducted.

Other ob'ects and many of the. inherent ad.-

appreciated as the same becomes better understood by reference to the following jde-' scription when considered in connection Referring to "the drawings-ma Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional '19 ofw view of a 111843111110 embodying1 my invention;

' I 7 -i l 2 is a transverseseetional'view thereof t on throughth receptacle;

primarily-fa' frame consisting of the end c m ds members'? and 8 which are connected by longitudinally extending members 9 form-'- poeedmg a table or support for the various mach-- amsms tobe later described. In the u per portion of this frame there is mounte an elongated horizontally extendingv tank 11 divided intermediate its ends by a transverse partition, 12 dividing the tank. into a washmg receptacle or sink 13 and a rinsing receptacle 14. While this tank'may be of my preferred shape in cross-section, the si e-walls thereof lfilreferably incline downwardly and inwa y, so that the bottoms of the receptacles are narrower than the tops; as will be apparent from Figs. 2 and 3.

At each side the .tank is'provided' near itstop with an inwardly extendin dish tray supporting ledge 15 upon whic a tray of dishes may be positioned and slid longitudinally of the machine from a positionover the washing receptacle tov a position .over' the rinsing receptacle.

Upon the table or support. '9 beneath the tank there is mounted an electric motor 16, the-longitudinall extending [drive shaft of whicth- 1s prefers. 1y directly connected with a ro a a screen 21 to exclude solid-matter from entering the pump.

.washingpum'p 18, theintake pipe ich communicates with the washing receptacle, preferably thm1igh,- the bottom thereof, and its intake end is, equipped with The delivery pipe :22

from this pump extendsupwardly into the tank and-terminates a longitudinally dies- 1 based OutletQBjtOl'll which-the water is de-' ,1"? livered in a longitudinal 'directioitiin ,th'e washing recept cle 1 It be apparent,

v thf'flbr at: $283111} withdrawing it from receptacle therefore, that by delivering through the pipe 19 a continuous circulation of washing water in this rece tacle is maintained so that the dishes carried b the tray 24 indicated in dotted lines in ig; 1, are 'su jected to the action of the circulating water. to remove the food particles, etc. ad

;hering thereto.

Above the'rinsing receptacle, I have provided a rinsing chamber 25 preferabl constructed of, sheet metal having soh slde walls and to the end walls, however, being upon the top of the 0 am r.

rinsing receptacle upon t 0 support 9 there formedby oors 26 and 27 adapted to slide vertically in suitable guidewa s 28 and 29 respectively, and to facilitate t e openmg of these doors-they are each counterbalanced 1 by a weight 31 adapted totra'vel vertically in the housing 32 at the back side of the machine,'these weights connected withtheir respective doors by. chains 33 which are trained over pulle s 34 and 35 mounted Beneath the is mounted a rinsing pump 36, the intake one or more u wardy discharging pipe 37 of which opens into the rinsing re-; cepta'cle through or near'the bottom thereof and this pump is equipped with two delive ipes 38 and 39 res ectively, through. w icii rinsing water isdelivered to the cham. ber 25. The pip: 39-is horizontally ex'tend-' ed as shown in ig'. 2 'and is equipped with nozzles 41 whic are adapted to de 'ver ,(sh rays 'of 'wat er upward] over the dishes sposed.m the tray 24 irectly over'these nozzles. The pi I 38 is continued up: -wardly at the'bac of the machine and provided with a horizontalextension {12 t0 which isconnected a'delivery pi 43 openchamber rough the e ing into]. the rinsing! of musing top. thereof. For t the water discharged from c pipe43 to be delivered .in .a plurality of or sprays,

I .have\mounted in the upper portion of the be; as shown in Fig. 1.'

huired, the pi rmsing'chamber a perforated tray 44 which is removabl carried upon a air ofsup- 45', or. if referred, one end thereo .ma' .be sup by: arms or brack-' ets 46 fix to the 32mframe of the 0hlll1-' or the of supply clean water to e rins ng receptac ;when. re-

42 is'extended across the topof the mac ine, as shown in Fig. 4, and' is then looped back and connects through 'asips 47.with theiie ty water supply pi in- V cated in Fig. by 48. A ban 've 49 able fromthe front'of the machine is opened water. will mg receptacle through the, pipe 43- and-also 11590995 in F116 and when this valve is deliver d to the wins"- thro h pipes 38 and 39 aswill be appar ent. iir the purpose ofsupplying the washing reee tacle with clean water a faucet 51' connected 2 .by a ipe 52-with the water pp 2 1 48 181ml! ovsrthe was;

tray is shown as consisti ing receptacle, as shown in Figs. land 4.

The receptacles are equipped with combined overflow and drain pipes 52 and 53 respectivel their upper ends being dispose the hiaximum desirable water level and their lower ends being loosely seated in the drain pipes 54 and .55 so that when the overflow pipes are lifted the receptacles may .be draine through their respective drain pipes which are both connected with a common drain delivery pipe 56 leading to the sewer.

. The washing pum plained, is prefera 1y directly connected with the motor drive shaft 17,. butthe rinsment wlth this shaft, is preferably connected thereto through the intermediary 18, as previously ex ing pump 36, while mounted in axial align ishes is being ably mounted at the top of the machine near the front side thereof, such a switch being indicated b 7 reference character 58', andthe wire to this switch is preferably disposed in a conduit 59 for purposes of safety and protection. In order that the water in the respective receptacles may be heated to any desired temperature, I provide beneath the washing receptacle one 'or more burners 61, the gas supply to which is nished through a pipe 62 from the usualsupply, and similarly beneath the rinsing receptacle there is mounted one "or moreburners .63. Obviously, by means of these burners 'any desired temperature of the f washing and rinsing waters may be pro-v duced. and maintained.

site to the washing receptacle 'therer'is At the side of the rinsing chamber oppomounted a drain board 64 inclined from its outer downwardly toward the rinsin ptac e into. which the water drains an, as will be evident from Fig. -1, the inner edge" of this is in substantial alignme t .with' the-i tra supporting ledges 15. so." thitf a' trays dishes may be sim ly -slid from the board when the door is opened withoutthentgeof lifting the tray. 'The tray itself may amberout onto 1: e drain? of any approved construction,

but I have found thatone convenient form. I

is that shqwn in 5 and 6, in which the structure .ha

transversely extending wooden rods 65,.th'e

vertical end fwallsibfithe tray beingeon-1 praferablyby a plurality of rows :of

of a ,.b0x-'like v inclined side connear their bottom byai- 'serieav of 0 ening the longitudinally extending wooden rods 66. The dishes may be positioned in this tray vertically, or preferably at an inclination 'to the vertical, so that their surfaces are more *fully; exposed to the action of the posited on the bottom of the tank, receptacle,

or sink as it may be termed in the claims, as shown in Fi res 1 and 3.

In the operation of my machine the 're quisite quantity of water may be suppliedto the washin and rinsing receptac es by is water may then be J brought to the requisite temperature by the burners 61 and 63 and' preferably a quantity of soap is the nozzles 41 an closed.

added to the water in the receptacle 13" to.

facilitate the washing. A traydoa'ded with dishes is now deposited inv the washing receptacle, as shown in Fig; 3, whereuponthe washing pump 18 is started by turmn caused to circulate around the dishes-so as to remove the food articles and the like adhering thereto. A er the washing oper'-' ation has proceeded .for the requisite length of time the tray is'lifted from the, washing receptacle, turned through an angle of 90 degrees to dispose itsends upon the supporting led recptacle,'t e doors o which are then The pump 36 is then started by-throyving in the clutch 57 through the medium of the lever 58 and the rinsing water withdrawn from the rinsing receptacle by the pump is dischargedupwardl against the'dishes from have been sufiiciently rinsed, the door 27 ie o ned .andthe tray isxpulled out of-the p amber onto the drain board 64, where it is permitted to stand untilthe dishes have thoroughly drained and, dried... In the be meantime, during the rinsingoperation an;- other tray load may be washed andthis load. is then moved into the rinsing chainb'erand another batch deposited in the washing reand a third dried all simultaneous] After the table dishes have been wa' ed, the

greasy pans, pots and othercookingmtensils may-be washed. and manually scrubbed in the sink in the same washihg water which is already heated. The "necessity of. heating aucet 51 and the valve 49.

downwardly over the dishes the tray 44. .When the dishes .the dishes may be slid from said chamber..

other water for this purpose and citesmirching anothersink with these utensils is therefore obviated. The sink may at any time be used as an ordinary kitchen sink.

that I have provided a machine which is simple in construction, efiicient and rapid in operation, one which can be easilf manipulated and which is durable and 're iable, and

It will be apparent from the foregoing while I have shown and described a pre- I ferred embodiment of my invention it will be obviousthat the various details are capable of .wide modification without departing from the spirit of the invention as d e-,8o

longitudinally of the receptacle to be submerged in ,the water therein and when d1s posed transversely to be slidably supported on said ledges, means for circulatmg the washing water in said receptacle around the submerged dishes in said tray, a rinsing chambar at one end of said receptacle into which on the motor 16 through the switch 58 The water in the washing receptacle is thus a tray of dishes maybe slid along'saidledges, a rinsing. receptacle beneath said chamber, means for delivering the llIlSlIlg which the dishes may be slid from said 15, and is thereupon pushed longitu mall of the same into the rinsing chamber. I Y.

2. In a dish washing machine, the comb1- nationof a receptacle, means for circulating water within said receptacle, a dish tray adapted wihen disposed longitudinally of the receptacle to be submerged in thewater therein and when disposed transversely0 to be slidably supported by the receptacle a ve for delivering rinsing water u wardlypand' ledges, a; dish tray adapted when disposed downwardl against the dishes in said chami ber, doors or closing the sides of said charm-- r, and a" drain board at the opposite side of the chamber from the receptacle onto whlch .3. In a dishwashing machin, the come bination of an elongated-tank, divided transceptacle, so that three batches ofdishes' may be progressively handled simultaneously-, one batch beings washed, another rinsed" the top thereof, a dish tray proportioned l to 'be positioned in said washing receptacle 7 when disposed longitudinally thereo and transversely thereof, a rinsing to rest upon said ledges .when disposed If clan'iber above said rinsing receptacle: including a door ilhlOLl h which said m may be slid along said edges from the washin receptacle mto'the rmsin chamber, an a drain board at the opposite side of said chamber adapted to receive the dishes from said chamber. r

4. A kitchen appliance comprising, a tank,

' and an article receptacle constructed and' arranged to be submerged beneath the level ofthe to of said tank when bodily disposed in one irection with respect thereto and to rest slidably upon fore and rear portions of the walls of said tank for horizontal movement thereon when disposed in a. direction at right angles to the first said direction, and an inclosed chamber adjacent said arranged of the top of said tank when dis tank and constructed and arranged to receive said receptacle when the latter ismoved horizontally along said edge .por-


5. A kitchen appliance comprising in combination, an'open tank portion to receive a closed chamber in conjunction with said.

tank,' const -rueted and arranged to receive said recelptacle when slid horizontally along said wal ortions. r

6. A kitchen appliance comprising, an

o pen tank portion to receive articles for prehminary washing and adapted to performthe functions of the usual itchen sink and the walls thereof roviding ways, an article receptacle adaptes. to be disposed in said tank and constructed and arran ed to be submerged beneath the level of t 0 top of said tank when disposed in one direction therein and to rest slidably upon fore and rear portions of thelwalls of said tank for horizontal movement'tlie'reon when disposed in a direction at right angles to the first said direction, a chamber having doors diametrically opposed in a direction parallel to said ways, and a drain board disposed ad jacent the opposite side of said chamber adapted to receive said receptacle therefrom.

7. In combination, a kitchen receptacle capablepof pfrforming the functions of a sink and dis washer compx ising a tank in which to preliminarily was dishes disposed therein, a normally closed rinsing chamber adjacent thereto, and common side walls for said tank and chamber lying in substantiall v the same horizontal plane, said side wal s constituting a means for slidably transfer rin dishes in bulk from said receptacle horizontally into said chamber.


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