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Publication numberUS1557853 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1925
Filing dateApr 7, 1925
Priority dateApr 7, 1925
Publication numberUS 1557853 A, US 1557853A, US-A-1557853, US1557853 A, US1557853A
InventorsAbraham B Lipscomb
Original AssigneeW C Lipscomb
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Tool handle
US 1557853 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Oct. 20, 1925 ABRAHAM B. LIPsooMB, or WH'EIQING, .wE'sT'vmeinI assionoabi ONE-.naniro w V1W., c. LIrsooMB, or's'r.` GEORGE, wnsr vmefnvra,l y


Application filed April 7, 1925.` Serial No. 21,292.

forms of hand tools having shanks or stem portons, which handle is adapted for use interchangeably with a variety of difierent forms of tools and also with various sizes of such tools.

A further object is to provide a handle which is readily applicable to and removable from the shanks or stem's of numerous tools, thus to provide for the employment of a variety of such tools in connection with a single handle, with the ultimate end in view to measureably reduce the initial cost, or purchase price, by eliminating the need for a handle on each such tool.

In describing the invention in detail, reference is herein had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a side elevation of the invention applied to the shank of a screw driver;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal section of the same; and- Figure 3 is an inner end elevation of the cap.

Referring to said drawings, 1 indicates generally the main body portion of the handle, preferably made of wood, the same having therein an axle bore 2l for the reception of the metal shank or stem 3a of a tool 3, which may be any of various hand tools, or may be any of various sizes of said tools. Fitted stationarily upon the outer end of ""saidhandle 1 is a metal cap 4; of which the base member 4a carries centrally of its inner face an integral forwardly projecting cone 5 which is received in a counterbore 6 provided therefor inl the outer end of said handle 1. Said cone has therein a central tapered socket 7 of square or other noncircular form adapted for the reception of a correspondinglyl shaped end portion 3b formed on the end of l the shanka of the tool. The cone has its open end provided With a plurality of short longitudinal slits 8 which divide said end into a plurality of fingers 9 which are more or less resilient and which, in introducing the tapered end 3b of the tool in the socket, tend to spring outward to a slight extent, thus not only providing for yielding, gripping, 01' binding engagement between the fingers and the tool, but also between said fingers and the walls of the conical counterbore adj acent to the inner end of the latter. VSaid fingers preferably have the inner faces of their terminal portons beveled, as shown at 10.

From the foregoing it will be understood that screw drivers of various sizes, as well as other forms of tools, all having shanks or stem portons 3** of cylindrical or roundrod form of a size to snugly fit the bore 2 of the handle and having tapered ends 3b adapted to snugly fit the socket 7 of the cone 5, may be used interchangeably with a single handle having the structure hereinafter described.

What is claimed ist 1. A tool handle comprising a body having therein an axle bore for the reception of a tool shank of round-rod form and provided at its outer end with a counterbore, a metal cap mounted upon the outer end of said body and having an integral cone extending into said counterbore, said cone having therein a central tapered socket ofe .whereby rotation of said shank is prevented.

2. A tol'handle comprising a body having therein an axle bore for the reception of a tool shank of round-rod form and provided at its outer end with a counterbore of conical form, a metal cap fixed on the'outer end of said body and having an integral cone fitted in said counterbore, said cone having an axial socket of tapered non-circular form for the reception of a correspondingly shaped end of the tool shank and having a pluralityv of slits in its inner end whereby is formed a plurality of resilient fingers adapted to be sprung outward'into binding relation to the body.

3. A tool handle designed for use interchangeably with a plurality of tools' having shanks of round-rod form, said handle comprising a body having an axle bore for the reception of such shanks and having a tion of said cap and Within said counte-- bore, said member having a 1:a,}3eredb non.-

oircul'ar 'socket therenfor the rec'ep'ton of the correspondingly 'shaped' I'e'ai' end'of the tool sha-nk, said member being sl'itted to form reslent fingers adapted, to be sprung o outWazro by: szud' end into' bindin'g: relation to the tapered porton of said shank.

In testimony' whereof, I aflix my signature.VV o


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U.S. Classification81/492
International ClassificationB25G1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25G1/00
European ClassificationB25G1/00