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Publication numberUS1558228 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1925
Filing dateApr 3, 1923
Priority dateApr 3, 1923
Publication numberUS 1558228 A, US 1558228A, US-A-1558228, US1558228 A, US1558228A
InventorsAbraham Botkin
Original AssigneeAbraham Botkin
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Vest belt
US 1558228 A
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Oct. 20, 1925.

A. BOTKIN' VESTVBELT Filed April 3. 1923 abbot wat,



` preferredl Patented Oct. 20, 1925. x



Application tiled April 3S,

--which the following is aspeciication.

This invention relates to vest-belts, and more particularly to a vest which is of such construction that it may be used with a maximum degree of comfort without sacriiicing its attractive ap carence.

@ne of the objects o this invention is to construct such a vest which will provide ample pockets for receiving money, papers, etc.

Another object of this linvention is to provide such a vest which will replace the use of belts or suspenders, etc.

Further and still other objects of this invention will appear from the more detailed description set forth below wherein there is represented by way of illustration, in Fig. 1 of the drawing, a vest-belt constructed in accordance with this invention; in Fig. 2, a detail partly in section of such a belt showing concealed pockets; in Fig. 3, a sectiony on line 3-3 of Fig. 2;` and in Fig. 4, a section on line 4--4 of Fig. 1.

As set forth more particularly by way of example in these figures, there is shown a belt 1, made preferably double with two contiguous band members, attached alongtheir upper edges, so that there is a front side 2, and a rear side 3. The belt is preferably made from a single piece of material as illustrated' folded over so as to produce two side or band members, a front and a back one, contiguous to each otherl although yit might be made of two separate portions stitched together along the edge 4. The contiguous band members obviouslyhave a space be tween them. Conventlonally, there are shown buttons 5, with corresponding button holes 6, for fastening the vest-belt in position. In this way there is obtained `a`belt open along its lower edge to provide a space within which secret or concealed pockets may be placed. Inasr'nuch as this belt is designed to replace a vest, pockets 7 and 8 are provided with their openings 9 and V10, respectively available from the outside. In addition to these pockets there are also provided in the form, additional pockets 11 and 12 which in their normal position are inverted and lie between the sides 2- and 3 1923. Serial No. 629,650.

of the belt and within it in a concealed position. rllhese pockets 11 and 12 are formed 1n the usual way and are stitched to the side 3 ot the belt as shown at 13. lllfhis stitching forms a joint about which the pocket may be swung into its operative or into its closed positions. rJlhis cornes about because as just pointed out these concealed pockets stitched as shown at 13 may be swung up into the space between the band members or sides 2 and 3 when they are to remain concealed; whereas when it is desired to use them they may be swung from within this space so that their contents may be reached; 1nas much as these pockets 11 and 12 will usually lie inverted, t e are preferablyprovided with flaps 14 an 15 and buttons 16 and 17 respectively, to keep ythem closed and to preventV their contents from falling out. While the construction described is the preferred form, the aps 14 and 15may obviously be omitted, and buttons 16 and 17 used with button holes' formed in the outer faces of the pockets themselves.

To assist the veste-belt in performing obviously desirable functions, other features are also preferably provided. For example, belt straps 18, 18 are shown witlin which a belt 19 for supporting trousers may be inserted.. When so used', theebelt straps on the trousersvwill be inserted about the belt 19 and these belt straps, will fall somewhere in'between the belt strapsr 18, 18, the latter bemg spaced apart` for this purpose. Amon still other features are shown two sets o straps or tabs, 'numbered 20, 2O andl 21, 21, respectively. The tabs 20, 20 are used to take the place of Suspenders and are therefore preferably six in number, spaced apart at intervalscorresponding to the conventional suspender buttons on the trousers, these tabs 20, 20 being provided with button holes 22 22 to receive the suspender buttons just referred to. The tabs or straps 21, 21 are similar to the tabs 20, 20 and are provided with button holes 23, 23, but are `usually only two in number, since they are designed to receive the loops of undergarmentsk such as drawers. In use, such loops` are passed over the tabs 21, 21, and then these tabs are buttoned to buttons sewed or .otherwise attached to the belt, adjacent to the button holes 23 23.

In its preferred form, there are also provided stiening members 24, 24 to assist in preserving the shape of the belt.

From the more detailed description given above, it will be obvious tothose skilled in the art, to make changes 1n form, design, o! .other details without departing from the 5 spirit or the scope of the invention set forth. 1Having thus set forth my invention I A vest belt comprising a plurality of band members secured together in superposed rclation, and free from each other at a longitudinal edge, pockets between said members, each pocket secured to a free edge of one only of said members.


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European ClassificationA41F9/00B