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Publication numberUS1558921 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1925
Filing dateNov 12, 1924
Priority dateNov 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1558921 A, US 1558921A, US-A-1558921, US1558921 A, US1558921A
InventorsReichle Frederick J
Original AssigneeBrown & Bigelow
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Letter case and wallet
US 1558921 A
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Oct. Z7, 1925.

1,558,921 F. J. REICHLE LETTER CASE AND WALLET Filed NOV. 12 1924 "ipartment Patented ct. 27, 19,25.

UNITED STATES I 1,558,921' PATENT oFFlcE. 'l




Application led November 12,1924. Serial No. 749,416.

To all whom 'it mag/concern.'

Be it known thatl I.' FRnDEmCK J. REICHLE, a citizen of the United States, residing at St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, have invented new.

and useful Improvements in vLetter Cases and Wallets, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relate@ to letter cases and wallets wherein compartments are larranged in an accessible position relative to the use of a billfold so that it can be carriedin the coat pocket t'o take'the place of a wallet to hold bills, letters and cards which are easily accessible when desired.

A feature of my invention is in providing a case made of leather or other suitable material so as to provide an attractive Wallet like holder of a simple construction and having the compartments of the same arranged in co-relation with each other so as to give access to `letters on' one side of the case, bills on the other side. of the case and calling or business cards held separately in a compartment associated with the letter holding compartment and accessible Withont disturbing the letters in the letter com- It is desirable to wherein letters, car s, and bills may'be carried, each in a flat state without folding and while cases have been madebefore for letters, also for bills', they have been each separate wallet members and have not included a simple construction Where the two are arranged together1 and provided with a card compartment as I have designed and arranged in my wallet case.

These features together with the simplicity of construction and arrangement of the parts will be more clearly and fully set forth in the specification and claims.

In the drawings forming a part of these specifications l Figure 1 is a perspective view of the inside of my letter case and wallet.

Figure 2 is a section on the vline 2-2 of L Figure 1.

y Figure 3 1s a section yonv the line 3-'3 lof Figure 1. v

Figure Ltis a detail portion of my letter case and wallet illustrating an alternative formation' thereof. t

The drawings illustrate my case or wallet A', which i?.aformed of leather'in the ordif free corner 19 of the flap 13 istfolded nary, well-known manner, having 'its outer facey formed of an art or mission leather finish while the inner Hap and p-arts are formed of leather orv other material suitably blended in color and inish'to match the outer finish of the Wallet case, all of ordi,- nary construction and not shown in detail in the drawings because it is obvious that l detail of construction as -to the filling or stifl'ening material within the case or wallet 65 can be eliminated in relation to the material used- :is-the covering,by reason of the fact that different thicknesses of leather can be readily adapted to make up my case. Where my ease is made of heavy leather it isnot necessary that it have any stiening or i'iller within the same and in fact it does not even need a lining to make up the necessary body to the side Walls. All of this construction is of ordinary, well-knowndetail and this is not illustrated' or pointed out. in the drawings.

My case A 1s provided Withfside Walls 10 and 11 which are formed from the same piece of material and folded together along the central portion of line 12 so that the walls 10 and 11 fold together and are of approximately uniform size. rovide a wallet case When folded the case A forms alrectangular wallet case which is of a. size adapted to fit within theinside coat pocket conveniently in a manner to hold letters, bills and cards protected within the case, but very accessible.

' 'lhe side wall 10 is provided with an integral flap 13 which is folded along the edge 14 and is'stitchedat 15 along the bottom edgel of the case A. 'The flap 13 folds, over onto the insidel of the wall 10 and is provided withan angularlydisposed downwardly inclined edge 17, which provides a cut-away. portion to thelRP 13. so

ythat letters held 'within the compartment 18, formed by the flap 13 folding onto the side 10, permits the' letters to be easily loo turned over at the corner, when the u per Back so that any` letter can be removed individually from the compartment 18. The stitching of the walllO and the flap 1 3 at the line 15 closes the same so that the case is closed at the end 16 of the same and holdsl the letters fromv slipping out from this end of the compartment.

" 'Within the compartment 18y is'provided a 110 a simple construction for the letter and card compartments which are compactly arranged together to take up a small amount of space.

Within the wall 11 is provided a compartment 22 for paper bills, by stitching the flap 23' at 24 along the bottom 16 and at 25 along the longitudinal edge 26 of the wall 11. In this'manner the Hap 23 is provided With a free upper corner 27 which can be folded back as illustrated in Figure 1 to give free l access to the bills Within the compartment 22.

The flap 23 is shorter in length than the Wall 11 so-that the upper edge 28 of the same is spaced from the upper edge 29 of the case or Wallet A, and stitched to the end 29 at 30 is a second lap- 31 to form a cover flap over the edge 28 and corner 27 of the flap 23.

The flap 31 is provided with angularly extending and downwardly depending edges 32 and 33 which come together to form a depending pointed portion 34 extending below the side edges 35 of the Hap 31. This pointed portion 34 forms a protruding portion which has a tendency to lock the free edge 28 beneath the flap 31 and to provide a shoulder at 34 .which can be engaged by the thumb or finger to raise the flap 31 slightly. The inclined'faces 32 and 33 engage against the edge 28 of the flap 23 when the flap 23 is turned back as illustrated in Figure 1 to remove the corner 27 from beneath the flap 31 and the angular inclination of the sides 32 and 33 together with the shoulder at 34 having a tendency toresist the opening of the flap 23.

The shortness of the flap 31 increases the resistance ofthe same agalnst the edge 28 to hold the same under this flap 31 and the inclined edge 33 permits the flap 23 to be partially opened p'at the shoulder or pointed end 34 so that paper bills can be removed from the compartment 22 Without opening this compartment to the extent of removing the corner 27 as illustrated in Figure l. When the compartment 22 is opened in this manner the flap 31 bears against the edge 28 to cause the same to be readily moved into closed position by any slight pressure on the iap 31 to overcome the frictional engagement by the edges 28 and 33. Moreover the edge 33 has a tendency to force against the edge 28 to form a cam action which is inclined to move the flap 23 into closed position.

The short length of the flap 31 together with the angularly disposed edges 32 and 33 form an important feature of my case and provides a very effective compartment for holding` bills inx conjunction with the other comparments 18 and 20 for letters and cards respectively so that the user of my case can have all of these advantages in carrying my wallet case.

It is essential to provide a leather case which is wear resisting and made up of mission or art leather so as to provide an attractive holder for letters, cards and bills. Business men desire to have their letters of importance, business cards, and bills in readiness for use at any time and yet held togetherin one case so that they can be removed 'from the pocket collectively and held accessible for immediate use from any of the compartments. This is' accomplished in my case and thus I have provided a holder for letters, cards and bills which business men drawings illustrate a particular formationl of the same, I desire to have it understood that these are onlv illustrative and that the invention can be carried out by other means and applied'to uses other than those above set forth or within the scope of the following claims.

I claim:

' 1. A letter case and Wallet including a body portion adapted to form two uniform side walls connected together in a manner to fold onto each other, a letter compartment within one Wall, a bill compartment within the other of said walls, and a card compartment attached to the innervwall of said letter compartment.

2. A letter case and Wallet comprising side walls of a uniform size adapted to fold onto each other, a flap formed integral with the -side Walls and folded in a manner to extend over the inside of one of said walls and stitched along one end of said wallet to forni a letter compartment within one of said side Walls, a flap secured to the inner side of the other side Wall stitched along the bottom and longitudinal side of said wallet, having one end thereof spaced away from the end of the wallet and a short flap adapt'- ed to cover the space on the inside of the wallet, from .which the -end of said second Hap is spaced, in a manner to overlap the spaced end t0 form a bill compartment closed at one end and accessible at the other end by raising the sho-rt flap by engagement with the end of the flap covered by said short flap.

3. A letter case and wallet including a pair of side Walls having a uniform size and adapted to fold onto each other, one end of said wallet forming the bottom and the other end forming the top,llaps extending over the inside of said side walls and closed along the bottom and longitudinal side edges of said wallet to form two adjacent com )artments with the adjacent inner edges o the flaps spaced from each other and free to be turned back to open the compartments along the inner and upper edges of said compartments respectively, a short flap secured along the upper edge of one of said side walls to cover the flap secured on -tha-t side of the wallet, adapted to form a guard for the 'upper end of that compartment whereb1 the bills may be concealed Within that compartment and a card case compartment ccncealed within said other compartment on the. wall adjacent the bill compartment. 4. A Wallet including a book fold formation, a letter case compartment on one side of said Wallet, a bill compartment on the other side of said wallet' and a card case compartment within and concealed by said letter case compartment. 5. A letter case and Wallet comprising a vbody portion adapted to be folded to form 'v two side walls of uniform size, a portion in'- tegral with one of said sigles folded to form a flap on the inside thereof to provide a letterl pocket,fa card pocket -concealed withinv said letter pocketand a ypair of flaps secured to the side opposite said letter pocket adapt,- ed to fold over each other in a mannerto form a pocket adapted to concealbills Within the same. i

6. A letter case and wallet including pair of side Walls of uniform size adapted to fold onto each other, a Aflap .formed in.- tegral with oneof said side walls folded over onto the inside of said side Wall and stitched along the end thereof to form a let'- terI compartment, the end opposite said stitched end of said flap extending at an in-- wardly inclined angle toward the stitched end to providean open corner on the inside of said letter compartiment, a card pocket concealed beneath said letter compartment flap and having the open end thereof 4inclined with the same angular position that said letter compartment flap has,

. a pair of flaps secured to'the side Wall adjacent said letter compartment, one' of said flaps vhaving a rectangulam formation and stitched along* two sides thereof to the bottom and outer longitudinal edge of said Wal# inner edge thereof formed with angularlydisposed portions extending inwardly to form a polnted end at the juncture of said inclined edges and adapted', to overlap the free end of the other flapv in a manner to form a bill compartment 'which'is adapted l to conceal bills within the same, which when opened permits the free endof the bill flap to engage with the angularly disposed edges of the flap secured at the upper end of said wallet. 4 l

7. A letter case and Wallet including uniform vside walls adapted 't/ fold onto each other, a lettern pocket formed on the insideof one of said wallsand a bill receiving pocket formed on the inside of the other ofsaid walls, a pair of overlapping flaps adapted to close the bill compartment to conceal the bills therein, and a card pocket concealed within said letter pocket, each of said pockets havingthe freeo enedges thereof positioned at the center o cent each other. i

8."A pocket piece including a letter cornpartment, a bill compartment oppositelT disposed tothe letter compartment, locking flap .for the free edge of the bill compartment said flap being formed with a depending shoulder like portion which is adapted to depend over thefreeedge of the flap of the bill compartment to hold the :same in closed position.

9. A Wallet including two oppositely disposed compartments 4and a cardl compartmentsecured to the back wall of one of said compartments Within the ,same in a manner to-conceal the card compartment back of the articles carried in the compartment in which the card compartment is placed.

105A pocket wallet including a pair of compartments having closure flaps with free/ly disposed corners, a cover flap adapted to extend overthe free edge of one of said compartments, said cover. flap being formed with inclined faces oppositely disposed forming a depending shoulder extending over thefree edge of the flap covered thereby to form a lockingmeans for holding the. free edge of the ap in oper or`closed position.


Wallet adja-F p so

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