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Publication numberUS1559046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1925
Filing dateOct 16, 1924
Priority dateOct 16, 1924
Publication numberUS 1559046 A, US 1559046A, US-A-1559046, US1559046 A, US1559046A
InventorsMcleran George R
Original AssigneeMcleran George R
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Bundle carrier
US 1559046 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct. 27, 1925.

G. R. McLERAN ammns cmuuun nud out. 1e, 1m

l 77%???07 cayflclefwf Jeff@ Patented 0st. Z7, i925.



Application filed October 16, 1924. Serial No. 743,885.

To all whom z5 may concern.'

Be it known that I, GEORGE R. MOL'E'RAN, a citizen of theA United States, residing at Hinsdale, in the county vof Du Page and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bundle Carriers, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a bundle carrier so designed that it will serve for the transport of goods or articles of many sorts and sizes. In short, it is so designed that it will readily serve for the carrying of objects of such diverse character as firewood and vegetables or the like, making it an article of general utility in the household. Y

It is further so designed as to dispe-nse with any form of rigid frame work either of wood or metal, so that it may readily be laundered as occasion may require, or may be rolled up and packed into a very small compass when not in use.

Further objects and characteristics will appear from a detailed description of the invention which consists in the features of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings:

. Figure l is a plan view of the carrier in open or extended condition with a plurality of lire logs laid withinit;

Fig. '2 is a side elevation with the flaps lifted up in position for carrying; and

Fig. 3 is a view showing the carrier partly open for the reception of apples, vegetables or like small articles.

The carrier is formed of canvas or other strong and durable fabric and comprisesv a body portion A formed from a blank of rectangular shape having the corner sections B turned in and secured to the body section by lines of stitching C. The corner sections along the folding line, embrace the ends of a strip D which protrudes from the space between the overlaps or folds to afford a loop E which constitutes a handle grip. Across the center of the body on the inside is exten-ded a pocket flap F, theends 0f which are stitched under the lapped over binding edges G of the body section. The pocket flap is otherwise unattached, being free along its side edges to permit it tol be lifted awayfrom the body for the packing of objects or articles beneath it, as indicatedv in Fig. 3.

When the carrier is used for the transport of large or bulky objects like sticks vof fire upwardly which will bring them into Contact e with the edges of the pocket flap on each side so as to afford a full and complete enclosure for the articles thus packed andfhoused, so that the same may be readily transported without permitting rdisplacement'.

In cases where a large number of articles, such, as, for instance, a quantity of apples or potatoes are being thus transported` the packing of the articles under the flap will lift or bulge the same upwardly thereby drawing in slightly on the ends of the pocket flap Which has a tendency to bend up the side edges of the body section, so that the carrier as a whole tends to assume the botV toni formation of a shallow basket, and this tendency further prevents the contents of the carrier from falling or rolling out.

The `device is so formed that it permits the articles to be readily positioned wit-hin the carrier and transported and discharged without the slightest difficulty, since the mere act of lifting up the ends of the carrier by the handle grips will serve to bring the several parts into enclosing relation to one another, and the mere act of releasing the handle grips will cause the'carrier to open up in position to permit discharge of its contents.

The carrier will be found particularly serviceable in marketing in that the user is enabled to o-pen and spread the carrier tial on a market or grocery table and load into it a miscellaneous assortment of groceries or the like, and thereafter readily carry t-he 2 remedie present its unsecured edges for Contact with the proximate portions of the body when the ends of the body are flexed upwardly to bring the handle grips into close relation to one another, substantially as described.'

2. A bundle carrier comprising a body of ilexible. material or' elongated 'formation and having its corners folded inwardlyl and secured to the face of the body. a handle grip secured toeach end of Jthe body at the center and a. pocket flap extending across the iniddle of the body on the inner side thereofand secured at its ends to the side edges of the body, the side edges oi the pocket flap being unsecured to the body and adapted to be lifted therefrom to permit the packing of articles between the body and the pocket flap, the arrangement being such as to afford contact between the unsecured edges of the pocket Hap and theproxiinate portion of the body when the ends ofthe body are lifted to bring the handle grips into close relation to one another, substantially as described.


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