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Publication numberUS1559451 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1925
Filing dateApr 18, 1924
Priority dateApr 18, 1924
Publication numberUS 1559451 A, US 1559451A, US-A-1559451, US1559451 A, US1559451A
InventorsParker Edward H
Original AssigneeParker Edward H
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Fireman's helmet-lamp combination
US 1559451 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct. 27, 1925. 1,559,451-

- E. H. PARKER FIREMAN S HELMET LAMP COMBINATION Filed April 18, 1924 fnventar' {UNITED -res Patented Oct. 27, 1925.

v is 1,559,451 P ,TENITOFFICEJY EDWARD Brennan; or BaITArN, oonNE'o'rIoUr.


App1icati0n fi1ed April 18, 1924. Serial no. 707,356.;

T OttZZ whom it may concern: Beit known that LEDWARD New Britain, in the county of l'lalftford and State of Connecticut, lltIYQil'lVEl'lliQd;

.certain new and useful Improvements in lamp is supported from the front portion of the brim of the helmet and the control switch is locatedvto one side and also is supported from the brim, the battery being housed within the body, and in. which lar the lamp and adjacent partsthat are genera'lly exposed are provided withfavp-rotect-r ing cap that serves as a water-shed.

In the accompanylng draw1ng:

1 Figure 1 is a front elevation. 0

Figure 2 is a side elevation of tl1e :same. F1gure3 1s aplan viewof the same.

Figure 4c is a fragmentary bottom view Figure'5 is a sectional view on. an ena u certain parts broken away.

Figure ,6 is a;.rear new of the lampunit with the protective casingremoved.

Figure 7 is a perspective view, of. the;

protective casing.

Figure 8 is a front elevation of the lamp.

unit. a

Figure 9 is a plan view of theblank for the holding ring.

My improved firemans helmet-lamp combination comprises a firemans helmet 10 that is equipped with an incandescent lamp 11 and means for operating and controlling the latter.

The lamp 11 is supported by means of a suitable holding and supporting structure that is designated as a whole by the character 12 and is mounted upon the upper face of the front end portion 13 of the brim M of the helmet 10.

A dry cell battery 15 is housed within the crown portion 16 of the helmet .10, at the top portion thereof, and is held in place by means of a strap 17. Conductors 18 Hi .a citizen of the UnitedStates, res ding at The body port1on. v has an opening 27 foradmitting the screwf my im vproved firemans helmet-lamp combination.

ed scale on the line '55' of Fig. 3, with.

terminals for theilamp; '11 and the other to lead from the battery 15 a-long theiinner f face of thefrontportion of the crown por 't1on 16 and arec onnectedone to oneof the the;control switch19. StiidSWitCh 19 is located on the under face ofthe brim 14;.-

and on the lee} side and; adjacent the front.

,Said switch-1'9 comprises-a1moving,mem-

ber 20 that adapted to; he, slid back and forth for limited movement along a slot 21 to eflect the closing and opening of the elec--- trio circuit for operating the lamp 11. fr om the battery 15.

. fllhev helmet body or 16 isjproyided with a perforation 22v for the conducting wires and the locationthereof isfback of,"

the shield structure 23. r Y r v The lamp supporting structure 12,, com-. prises a plate-like bFEtCkQt'f/j 24; that extendsupwardly .fromthe brim 14 and that ha s' at the lower: end a pair of forwardly}directed branches25 in theform of supp rti'ng feet that are secured tothebrim 1a.,

' 26 of the bracket 24 threaded base portion 28 of thelampl11 with the. lamp. .A screw 30 that is pro-.

vided with a, nut ,31 servesztohold the spring contact finger 29 in place, insulating :means of. ordinary form being probody:.26..

vided betweenth'ese' parts' and thei bracket' Said body 26 may alsopas shown, a

plu i y, 0 penings 3 or holding prongs .33'that are provided as integral projections on the annular support or base 34 for the lamp supporting shell 35.

Said annular base 34: is mounted on.the 1 front face of the body 26 and the shell 35 is secured to the periphery thereof. Said shell 35 is generally of cylindrical form, extends forwardly from the base 3 1, is formed of light sheet or tubular material, and the front portion 36 is shaped to provide a screwthread, as is common. The parts that cooperate with the shell 35 arealso ordinary. These comprise the lens 37 the exterior screw-threaded retaining sleeve38; and the interior reflector structure 39, the. latter also having the axially positioned screw-threaded nipple structure 40 for receiving the screw threaded lamp base 28. The reflector structure 39 is of cupped form; has an annular back wall 41 and the lamp-supporting nipple structure 40 is in the form of an integral rearwardly directed extension of said back Wall 41 and in assembled position the middle or end contact of the lamp 11 will andfinserting the lamp in place.

The lamp unit described is mounted on the .briinfol the helmet, as mentioned, and

is positioned in spaced relation to the crown structure 16. Also, the angle between the body 26 of the bracket 24 and the feet 25 Fin ay be made such as toudi rectthe raysof lightfrom the lamp in any particular'direc-' tion desired relatively to "the helmet structiire generally. v

I find. it desirable to provide for the spring contact 29 and adjacent parts a protective casing 42 that serves as a housing 25' and Water-she'd, being adapted to enclose and cover the same.

Said casing 42 is inade or sheet metal; has

the upper portion 43 of shell-like fori'nsuch as to. fit closely over the opposed portions of the shell and the supporting bracket body 26, has a closed near Wall 44,"and lias the side Walls extended downwardly in paralleh ism, and the lovver portions 45 ofsaid side Walls extend downwardlyalongside the side edges of the said bracket body 26. Also, said loivei' portions have the front edge portions 47 in each case s'eparated by a slit 48 ream the ripper side Wall 49 bent inwardly generally along the connectingline 5 0 so as "to provide integral holding wings or spring clips for removahly holding the casing 42 in place. Wings47 are oipposed to and cooperate with the front face of the supporting bracket body 2 6 and enga e by their upper edges 51 With the under side o f t'he lainp shell 35., A H

The structure described is adapted to be used with helmets that are of standard form and in common use, the main "metal parts are made of aluminumso as to provide a relativelylight structure as a Whole, the lamp is positioned so as to give an effective light over a limited zone immediately at the front of the helmet, and the direction of the beam of light With the helmet in the normal position is preferably appreciably inclined downwardly from the horizontal. Also, "to

reduce the Weight and si'ze of the battery one neglected to provide only for a few hours operation;

I claim as myin'vention v p 1.- In a fireinans helmet-lamp combination, 'a helmet having a body and a brim projected fori'vardly from said body; a supporting plate projected upwardly from and positioned in spaced relation to said body, a lamp housing and supporting structure comprising a barrel-like sidewall and a disciike base at the rear end thereof and having a threaded sleeve tor a lampba se adjacent said base, said base being in face-to-face contact with the front face'of said'pla-te, a contact-being positioned adj ilent said plate at the rear side thereof, and said plate and base having clearance openings line With said sleeve and contact for the free passage of a lamp-base engaged with said sleeve and coepei-ating With said "contact.

2. In, a fireinans' helmet lamp eombination, a helmet having a brim, a supporting plate projected upwardly from said brim; contact devices positioned at the rear of said plate and a lamp supporting device comprising a lamp shell that is projected forwardly from said plate and located in spaced relation to said brim, and a protecting casing for said contact devicesfsaid casing being of shell-like form, fittingover the opposed portions of said plate and shell, and having a pair of iving's that engage bytheir upper edges ivith the underside of "said lamp shell.


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