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Publication numberUS1559481 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1925
Filing dateJun 29, 1920
Priority dateJun 29, 1920
Publication numberUS 1559481 A, US 1559481A, US-A-1559481, US1559481 A, US1559481A
InventorsLee J Voorhees
Original AssigneeNat Carbon Co Inc
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Flash light
US 1559481 A
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Patented Oct. 27, 1925.


'PATENT oFFics. 1



Application led June 29, 1920, Seriall No. 392,708. Renewed January 10, 1925.

To all whom it may concern -Be it known that I, linie J. -Vooiiiii:iis, a citizen of 'the United States, residing at New York, in the county ol New York and 5 State of New York, have invented certain,

new4 and usefulo Improvements in Flash Lights, of which the following is a speci.

iication. l

This invention relates to flashlights and more particularly-to an ,attachment for a pocket flashlight whereby one or more spare miniature incandescent lamps for the flashany. of the essential parts ot' such standard l flashlights and without materially increasing the size or length of the casing thereof. i

In the illustrated embodiment, the objects and desirable results are obtained by providing a compartment at the rear end of the well known type of flashlight, which coimpartment is formed by an extension applied to the end of the 'casing and serves as a receptacle for one or more spare lamps for the flashlight. o

The above and other objects and the novel features of the invention will be' apparent from the following description taken in conv i nection with theaccompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a View, partly in side elevation and partly in section, showing a flashlight .45 carrying a lamp holder' attachment embodying the present invention, and Figs 2 and 3 are, respectively, side and Vplan views lof the mounting means for supportingthe lamp or lamps 1n the shell of the lamp holder attachment.

Referrin to the drawing, F designates the'tubularfiber or metal casing of a well known-"type oflashlightwhch at-its forward end Vis provided with the usual means for carrying a miniature incandescent lamp, retlector, lens and removable screw cap.

lhe rear end or the casing F is open and Aadapted to .permit the removal and i'cplacey nient of a battery l); which furnishes the current for lighting the lamp at the iront end of the casing. The open end of the casing F is normally closed in the usual manner by means of a! cap C which isidetachably connected to the casing l" in any suitable manner, and' -desirably by a threaded 'portion -15 on the cap C that intertits with a corresponding threaded portion 16 on the exterior of and adjacent the open end of the casing F, such threaded portion lbeing either formed inthe wall of the casing or by means of' a threaded fel-rule secured to the casing.

The battery B is yieldingly held in'A place by suitable meansk such .as a spiral spring S lwhich at one end bears against the rear end ofthe battery and at its other'end has a coil that is adapted to fit in a groove 17 1n the cap C, such cap when attached to the' casing pressing the inner end of the spring against the battery B. The spring holds the battery in operative position iii the casing and is a conductive portion of a lighting circuit including the battery. rap C has a knurled portion.v 18 whereby it may be gripped to readily attach or detach 1 The foregoing features arewell known elements of the usual pocket flashlight and require no additional explanation.

In accordance with the objects and principles of the present invention, I provide an attachment for the above described type lblt' flashlight which may be readily applied i thereto without altering any of the elements -of the flashlight now on the market `and without materially or objectionably increasing `the s ize or length' of such flashlight. These objects are most readiliyl1 obtained jby providing a compartment at t le rear eri/d of the flashlight casing which serves as a receptacle for one or more extra lamps. In the present advantageous arrangement .these desirable results are most readily obtained by providing a lamp holder attachment or carriei-` that is adapted to be 'inserted between the rear end ofthe flashlight casing and the cap thereof and detachably connected to lboth rthe flashlight casing and the cap. Such extension of the flashlight casing is obtained by means of the tubular member or shell T which is made of metal or other suitable material and is provided adjacent its opposite ends with means whereby it may be- `thread 20 adjacent Vone end of the shell T adapted to lit the thread 16 on 'the casing and a threaded-portion 21 adjacent the other opposed ben end of the shell T, to which the threaded portionl 15 of the cap C mayl be detachably connected. A knurled bead 2 2 is provided intermediate the ends of the shell T to facilitate the connection and disconnection of `the shell T to the casing and cap.

The shell T constitutes the receptacle for carrying the spare lamps and may be provided with suitable means therein for supporting such lamps so that they will not be readily damaged by jars or otherwise. The simple arrangement herein illustrated comprises amounting plate or diaphragm P of thin sheet brass or other suitable material, and of substantially the same dialneter'as theinterior of the shell T. The marginal edge portion of the mounting plate P fits into the interior groove 23 formed. by the bead 22 and against the shoulder 24 thereat and may be held against such-shoulder by the end coil of the spring S which is also fitted in the groove 23, and when the attachment is in place on the casingF, the cornpression of s ald spring serves yto securely old the Aplate P and the battery B in position. A

plate P for removably holding one or more eXtra lamps, and vas herein shown, such means comprises- U-shape lspring clips having their bases 25 secured to the `outer face of the mounting, plate by suitable means, such as rivets or'eyelts 26. The upstan'ding spaced spri-n4 lingers 27 are provided with gs or A depressions 28 :adapting themr to yieldingly grip the base 29 of a miniature incandescentl'amp L and-securelyv hold the same. Thespring i'gers 27 of each clip are arranged to receive the bases of the lamps, which may be readilyinserted and removed therefrom at will. The spring clips extend into the spare .part or lamp receptacle or compartment A formed between the top of the cap C and the plate orwall -P and may be arranged in, any suitable manner Yupon the outer'face of the plate P., but in order to economize space and only slightly increase the length of the ordinary flashlight casing, such clips are arranged so vthat they support the lamps or bulbs 4inposition With their axes parallel to the plane of the plate P. Furthermore, it Willbe noted that.y the buitablev means maybe provided on the .carried by said member.

clips Vare arranged vso that the'bulbs supported thereby are in such position that the bulb and base o f one lamp are respectively opposite 'the base and bulb of the other lamp,

. thereby holding the bulbs at a-distance from the Wall of the. shell T and preventing breakage of the bulbs.

The application ofthe attachment to an ordinary flashlight will be readily understood from the drawing and the foregoing descri tion.

plate carrying lamps is in position in thev shell T and it is desired to apply the attach-` ment to an ordinary liashlight, it is merely,

necessary-to detach the usual cap at the rear end of the ashlight, remove the usual spiral spring therein and insert the end' of the coil Assuming that a mounting of such'spring in the groove-23 of the at-tach- -the'compartment A it fis, of course, merely necessary to detach the-cap C, and. inl order to removeor replacea battery it is merely necessary to detach the shell T, the cap and shell being removable as a unit.' l

While 'I have shown land described the invention in detail, it will be Vunderstood that the principlesof the invention may be.

applied in other Ways and that various changes maybe made in the structure herein disclosed without departing from the spirit of the invention'or sacrificing any ofv the-advantages thereof.

I claim:

1. A sparey lamp-holder {for flashlights comprising a threaded shell removably attachable to'y a flashlight casing, a wall intermediate the ends of lsaid shell providing a spare 'lamp compartment, lamp' holding means carried by said wall, and a removiable cap closingsaid compartment.

2. A spare lamp holder for ashlights comprising a-tubular member' threaded adjacent its opposite ends to .respectively fit a threade'dportion of a flashlight casing and a threaded portion of a cap for s'uch casing, and spare lamp carrying means within said member.

3l An attachment for holding spare lamps 'A for 'flashlights comprising, in combination, a member havinglneans whereby one ypart thercofmay be connected to allashlight casing and whereby the' cover Iof such casing may be connected to another' part of said member, and spare lamp supporting --means 4. A combined end vcap and spare lamp holder for flashlights comprising, in combination, a shell having means for coupling to a flashlight casing,'spare lamp holdingil means in said shellmeans in `said shell ar# ranged to bear against the bottom of a battery in said casing, and a cover for said shell. Y

5. A spare lamp holder for flashlights '.comprising, in combination, a shell having conductive means" secured in said shell and arranged to engage the bottom-of a battery in said casing whereby said means is iiiy circuit with said shell and battery and bears against the latter to hold it in place.A

6.V An attachmenty for flashlights compris; ing a tubular member` having means whereby one end'thereof may be detachably connected to a flashlight casing, a cap detachf yably connected to the other end thereof, the arrangement being such that said vcap andl member may be detached i om said casing as a unit and said cap in y be detached from the assemblage Without detaching said member from said casing, and a Wall inter' mediate the ends of said tubular member adapted to formka spare-part-receiving lcomf partment between said wall and said cap.

7. The combination with a flashlight casing open at the rear endl thereof for the insertion and removal of a battery, and a cap normally attachable to said casing and adapted to closesucli open end, of receptacle means for a spare partoi vthe like'compiising a tubular shell having means at its opposite ends whereby itmay-be interposed between the rear end of said casing and said .cap, and means within said shell and inter-v mediatel the ends thereof for supporting l such spare parts or the like.

8. Arpocket flashlight comprising the conibinatioir with the usual flashlightcasing openat the rear endrthereof for'th'e insertion and removal of. a""battery, the-*springl adapted to retain the battery in placev and the ca lnormally attachabley to' said casing and a apted to close such open end and co` operate with said 'spring of receptacle means for one or more spare lamps or the like, comprising a tubular shell 4hafvingan exteriorly knurled portion, 'an y`interior shoulder, and threaded at its opposite ends wherebyit may be interposed between and detachably secured to saidcap` andtothe rear end of said'casing, -a mounting plate fitting looselyT in said shell and heldv against said interior shoulder by saidsprin Y and adapted to cooperatewith said cap 'an shell to form a compartment, and springclips` secured to said mountingv plate and'projectv ling'in'tov said `compartment andv arranged to carry one or more spare lamps or the Alike in a positionvvith the axes thereof substantially parallel to the plane of saidplate.

9. A Spare lamp holder forv flashlights comprising a threaded shell adapted to -be removably coupled t`o a fiashlightcasing,

- Asaid casing. threads -for coupling it to a flashlight casing, zspare lamp holdiifg means in said shell, and

Vtained in said recess.

. casing.

spare lamp holding means comprising La' spare lamp carrier mounted in/said shell and conductive means engaging said lamp 'ried by said shell, and means in said shell for retaining said lamp'holding means in place and adapted to bear against the bottom of a battery to retain it in place in said v'12.1A spare lamp holder forflashlights 'Comprising la threaded shell removably at tachable to a flashlight casing and having a groove, lamp holding means in sa1d shell, and means engaging in sa1d groove to retain said' lamp holding means in place and adafted to bear against and retain -a battery in p ace in said casing.

13. spare lamp holder for flashlights comprising a shell having vmeans at one end ,for 'detachably coupling it to a flashlight casing, said shell having an interior groove, s are lamp holding means comprising a 'p ate having a portion fitting in sa1d groove,

and a spring bearing against said lamp holding means and adapted to bear against the bottom of a battery in said casing.

'111. A spare lamp holder. for flashlights comprising a threadedshell adapted tobe `.detachably coupled to a flashlight casing,

saidfshell having .an interior groove, a mounting plate having .a portion fitting in saidl groove, and lamp holding means secured to lsaid plate. 15. spare lamp holder for flashlights comprising aA shell lhaving means at one end .for detachably coupling it to aflashlight casing, said shell having a groove, amounting device having a portion fitting in said groove, lamp holdingv means-'carried by said device, and a removable rc'ap cooperating with said device to vform a lamp enclosing compartment.


- 16. The combination- .with a vflashli ht .comprising a battery and a casing there 01",- `of aspare lamp holder comprising a shell attachable to said casing,spare `lamp holding means in said shell, andV means bearing against said lamp holding means -an vagainst the' bottom or` said battery'to hold the latter-in place.

'17. The combination .with a flashli ht comprising la battery and a casing there or, of'a spare lamp holder comprising a shell attachableto said casing,lspare lamp hold- .of a spare lamp holder -comprising a shell.'

attachable tos'aid casi-ng, spare lamp .holding -means in said shell, and a spring bearing against said lamp holding means and against the bottom of said battery.

19. A spare lamp holder for flashlights comprising a n'late fitting Within a flashlight' and U-'shap'e spring clip means carried by said plate.-

20. The combination with ,a flashlight, ot' a 'spare lamp holder therein comprising a plate disposed substantially coaxial with said flashlight, and resilient spare lamp [holding meansvcarried by said plate.

Q1. In a flashlight, the combination with a battery and an electric .lamp in circuity therewith', of a flashlight casing housing the battery, and a sparelamp carrier in the casing comprising a supporting member, and j two spare lamp holders mounted on the supporting member at oppositesides ofthe cas ing Cand arranged to hold two spare lamps side by sidewith their axes extending in opposite directions and at opposite sides of the casing axis, whereby the base and bulb ottone lamp are located opposite the bulb and base, respectively, ofthe other.

In testimony whereof, I aiX mysignature.

LEE lJ. VOORninas.V I

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