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Publication numberUS1559521 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1925
Filing dateDec 30, 1924
Priority dateDec 30, 1924
Publication numberUS 1559521 A, US 1559521A, US-A-1559521, US1559521 A, US1559521A
InventorsLewis Ferruse
Original AssigneeLewis Ferruse
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Portable forge
US 1559521 A
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Oct- 27, 1925- Y L. FERRUSE PORTABLE FORGE Filed Dec. 30, 1924 2 Sheets-Shoot J.


wis ler'ruse aka: mg

Oct. 27,1925. 5 5 1,559,521

- L. FERRUSE Lewis irruse Patented Oct. 27, 1925.




Application filed December 30, 1924. Serial No. 758,950.

metal workers, and particularly to portable forges.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a forge which is very simple, which is relatively light, and can be readily transported. v V

A further object is to provide a forge 1n which there is an outer sheathing of metal and a bowl disposed within this sheathing or casing, this bowl being made of fire clay, earthenware or other sufficiently refractory initially plastic material to thereby do away with the necessity of packing the forge with the fine coal which is ordinarily necessary and which is expensive.

A still further object is to provide a forge of this character having such a bowl with means for discharging air uniformly upward through the coke with which the forge is charged.

Another object is to provide a construction of this character with preferably an air chamber forming thelower portion of the fire chamber below the same, this air chamber being separated from the fire -chamher by a perforated disk having upwardly air-discharging nipples, the space between the nipples being lined with asbestos to keep from burning or clinkering.

Other objects have to do with the details of construction as will appear more fully hereinafter.

My invention is illustrated in the accom panying drawings, wherein Figure 1 is a vertical sectional. view through a portable forge constructed in accordance with my invention;

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the air-distributing disk;

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the forge;

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the bowl;

Figure 5 shows a modified form of airdistributing head.

Referring to these drawings, 10 designates an outer metallic shell which is in the form of a downwardly tapering truncated cone and which is provided at oppositepoints with handles 11. A chain 12 having links at its ends may be engaged with these handles whereby the forge may be lifted and shifted. Legs 13 are'bolted' or otherwise connected to the lower portion of theshell 10 and preferably these legs are detachably connected thereto. A strap iron i l is used to brace the legs.

' Disposed within this shell 10' is preferably a bowl 15 of fire clay,earthenware' or other like material of a refractory nature, this bowl being preferably formed as a unitary piece and not as a mere liningfi This bowl is formed with a central aperture 16 and fits within the truncated shell 10 and disposed within this bowl 15 and resting upon the sides of the bowl'is a disk or septum 17 which may be formed of metal, earthenware or any other suitable refractory material, this disk being formed with a plurality of uniformly distributed apertures 18, each ofthese apertures extending upward through upwardly directed nipples 19. The space between these nipples is intended to be filled with asbestos 20-01- like refractory material so that only the upper ends of'the nipples with the openings therein are disclosed, and throughthe'se uniformly distributed apertures air is discharged into the coke which forms the charge for the forge. It will be seen that air will be discharged uniformly throughout the entire mass of coke and not merely through the center thereof.

Passing through an aperture in the bottom of the casing 10 and through the aperture 16 in the bowl is an air pipe 21, this air pipe being provided at'the end within the air chamber'22 of the bowl with a blower cap 23 perforated with a plurality of small holes so as to emit the air in all directions into the air chamber 22. This air pipe 21 is .provided with a valve 24 whereby the passage of air may be controlled and is connected by an air hose 25 to anysuitable source of compressed air as, for instance, to the ordinary or usual blower or bellows. This pipe 21 is supported by means of a pipe brace 26.

In Figure 5 I illustrate another form of blower cap consisting of a cruciform pipe 23 having quarter-inch holes through which the air is discharged into the air chamber I insuring a perfect combustion 22, the purpose being, as before stated, to secure an even distribution of the air within the air chamber.

The operation of this device will'be obvious from what has gone before. I have found in actual practice that the use of it from clinkering or burning. At the same time the fire is hot and the forge easy to clean. A forge of this character, I have found, does away with the necessity of using very fine coal, saves a large percentage of air, and it burns coke, is smokeless, safe particularly effective. In heating rivets I haveifonnd that it keeps the rivets at a soft and yellow heat without much effort on the part ofthe rivet heater and it will heat the rivets rapidly without burning them. The device is portable and is,

therefore, particularly convenient. for riveters. The bowl can be readily changed at any time in case it becomes broken or otherwise damaged.

I claim A forge of the character described comprising an outer shell in the form of a downwardly tapering truncated cone, a bowl of refractory earthenware adapted to fit within said shell and removable therefrom, the shell and bowl being perforated on the bottom, an air pipe entering the perforated lower end of'the bowl and shell, and means for distributing the air from said pipe uniformly upward through the upper portion of the'bowl comprising a disk of refractory material adapted to be removably seated within the bowl against the downwardly inclined side wall thereof in spaced relation tot'he bottom thereof and having upwardly projecting nipples formed with air passages, the space between-said nipples being adapted to be filled with refractory material.

In testimony whereof I hereunto affiX my signature.


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U.S. Classification110/195
International ClassificationB21J19/02, B21J19/00
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