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Publication numberUS1560047 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1925
Filing dateOct 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1560047 A, US 1560047A, US-A-1560047, US1560047 A, US1560047A
InventorsJefferson P. Edwards
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Identification certificate
US 1560047 A
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Nov. 3,1925. 1,560,047


:rnrrnnson r. EDWARDS, or Axnoiv, OHIO.

PATENT OFF 1,5 0,047 ICE.


Application filed October 26, 1923. Serial No. 670,861.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JEFFERSON P. ED-

WARDS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Akron, in the county of Summit and State of Ohio, have invented new and useful Improvements in Identification Certificates, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to identification certificates and has particular relation to a new and improved finger print certificate adapted for use as a means vof identification. I

The particular object of the invention is to provide a convenient means for positively establishing personal identification. A'further object is to provide 'a finger print certificate having a new and improved arrangement of panels or spaces for the signature and finger printsof the person to be identified and having spaces wherein may be designated avalidator or validating organizatlon and having spaces or panels for the validatorsfinger print or. signature.

Another object is to provide an identification certificate of the class above indicated which is adapted to be usedin combination with a validating certificate which validating certificate is adapted to carry the finger print and signature of'a validatorythe identification certificate carrying the same validating print as is shown on the validating certificate.

The above objects are accomplished and additional ends are attained by the new and improved certificate herein described and by the arrangement and location of spaces and combinations herein described and illustrated in the accompanying drawing wherein I have shown practical means for carrying the invention into effect, it being understood that the invention is capable of various adaptations and that changes and modifications may be made which come within the scope of the claim hereunto appended.

In thedraiwings reference characters arev employed to designate parts, spaces and locations, as the same are referred to.

Figure l is a plan view showing. the face of an identification certificate constructed in accordance with this invention.

Figure 2 is a plan view showing the face of a validating certificate adapted to be used in connection with the identification oertificate.

My invention may be best described by illustrating its use by .avalidating orgamger print and signature.

zation to which a person desiring identification would apply for an identification certificate; the identifying organization after thoroughly convincing itself of the persons identity would issue to the person-an identification certificate which would bear the nameof the validating organization, the signature and finger print of the person connected with the validating. organization and herein referred to as the validator and the signature and finger print of the person to be identified. The validating organization would also issue numerous validating certificates, each bearing the validators fin- The validating certificates would be made up in large numbers and would be issued to banks, hotels or other organizations to which the person may desireto prove his identity.

A person possessing one of the identification certificates could present it at any bank,

or other organization possessing a validat-- ing certificate, whereupon the validators finger print and signature on the identification ccertificate could be readily compared with the finger print and signature on the validating certificate and it would only be necessary to produce a finger print of the person desiring identification and compare the same with the print on the identification certificate to positively establish the bearers identity. The validating certificate illustrated in Figure 2 is provided with a space 1 for the name of the validating organization and is provided in the upper right hand corner thereof with a space or panel 2 for characters designating the validator or the series and number of the validating print. The lower left hand corner is rovided with a space or panel 3 for the va idating print and a space 4 is provided for the validators signature.

The identification certificate is similarly index'number of the validating print and may also be used for the number of the identification certificate. The identification card is also provided in the upper left hand corner with space or panel 9 which is adapted to receive the finger print of the person the line or space for the signature of the desiring identification and is provided with with the of the validator.

the panel'9.- The Y finger priht'l tinthepanel' 7 and iis signaperson desiring identification. The iden; tificationcertificate is further provided on the lower left hand corner with the space or panel 7 which is adapted to receive the finger print of the validator and'is provided space or line 10 for the signature To illustrate the use to which im, proved invention may be'put, I have shown; a practical adaptation thereof and have shown finger pr'intsand signatures thereon.- The name of the vahdator 12 has been in-' lserted in the spacei'i-on the identification card and in the space. 1 on the validating,

card.- The validators signature 13 has been written onthe space 4, and the 'validator's fingerprint 14 has been impressed in the panel 3.' .Inasmuch as would, inmost cases, be necessary pany'to ter, number or 'other character is used todesignate the validation In the drawing the letter (a). has been inserted 'in' the. space 2,.

todesignateg the person acting as validator :tor' the validating compang. I j "In preparinganidenti cation card, the persori t'o be 'i entified places his signature 15 an the line-8 and his fingerprint 16 on validator'then laces his ture. 13 on the'jli'ne- 10. 'Ihevalidating innated organizations, the character, (a) in.

.dex character" (a) isjtheit placed inthe panel 6 and the number of'the identification card 250 is also placedin the panel6.

The'validatingcards are distributed to oer tai'n desi ated organization, such as, hotels throughout- "the; world.- When a erson' 'bearingone of the cards shown in igure 1 presents. it to any of these'desigbi'nation, with indicra for a validating" com-' have" a number of validators, a leta panel also occ'upying a of said certificate in a the panel 6 is validating card, is located, the si nature 13 and the-finger print 14 on the identification card are then compared with the.

signature 13 and the finger prlnt 14 on the validating card, to p prove the validity of the identification card;

first noted, whereupon the I bearing the character -;(a)-.

The bearers signature 8 and finger print/'9 are then taken and nature 8 and print 9 on compared with the sig the identification if.

card,-thus positively establishing the identi' ty of the bearer.

While I have illustrated and described" my invention as applied to an identificationit may be applied to various ways" and vto other certificates and documents of certificate,

any kind wherein it is necessary or desirable to establish personal identity, and .the inventionis not confined to the exact form and arrangement herein shown.

VVhat I ,laim as new and desire to secure .by Letters Patent is 2- In a cardsystem of identification, in coma validating certificate provided ganizati'on by which one or more of said certificates are issued to one or more depositaries thereof, and also bearing only a validators signature andfinger print to establish authentic porgin of the, certificate and no identification of the'bearer,'the said finger print disposed in -apanel occupying a portion of one end. of the certificate, and an identification bearers certificate provided with indicia corresponding with that of the validating certificate including the validators signature and finger print for comparison with those on the validating certificate, and also having thereon the bearers.

signature and finger print to be compared with-those of the bearer to:be submitted on demand, the validators finger print of the identification certificate being located in portion of one end osition corresponding to that of the valldators finger print 'upon the validating certificate so that when superposed upon the validating certificate the two aforesaid panels will be close together.

designating the validating or In testimony whereof have hereunto set my hand.


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