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Publication numberUS1560681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1925
Filing dateNov 4, 1921
Priority dateNov 4, 1921
Publication numberUS 1560681 A, US 1560681A, US-A-1560681, US1560681 A, US1560681A
InventorsCook Fisher Arthur
Original AssigneeCook Fisher Arthur
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Grease container
US 1560681 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 1o, 1925;

A. C. FISHER GREASE CONTAINER A Filed'Nov. 4, 1921 Z5' Fg. 6

Z7 f7.5 Z4 2f lllllllll Patented Nov. `10, 1925.



Application tiled November 4,'1921. Serial No. 512,838. y

`^North St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, have invented va new and useful Improvement in Grease Contamers, ofl which the following is a speclcation.

` container My invention relates to containers or packages for grease or other similar commodities and has for-:its object to provide a formed in detachable sections which may be removed to successively expose portlons of the contents of the container so that the same may be used as required. Y Y l Another object of the invention is to form .the container of paper of a tubular formation and to provide the same throughout its length with perforations or other forms of weakening by means of which sections formed by said perforations may be severed from the body of the container.

Another object' is to provide each ofthe sections with a tongue orV nger engaging portion which is yie dably connected to the body thereof so that when said fingerv engagmg portion is loosened from its point of lattachment the section of the container may be torn away along the line of weakening so that the same may be completely removed leaving the contents of the container exposed and intact.

The full objects and ,advantages of my invention will appear in connection with the detailed description thereof and are particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings', illustrating the application of my invention in one form:-

Fig. 1 is a side view of my improved con-4 tainer showing'the same closed.

Fig. 2 is al section taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the device shown in Figure 1 with two of the sections removed showing the contents exposed and with the finger en aging portion of the neck section loosened rom its point of attachment andthe said section partly severed along its line of connection with the body of the container. 4

Fig 4 is a developed view drawn to a vv'reduced scaleoa sheet of stock from which myc-,improved container is made.

'11; Fig. 5'is aviewsimilar to Figure 1 of er ormuof the invention.

Fig. 6 is a view similar to Figure 1 of a modified form ofthe invention.

In Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4, I have shown one form of the-invention which is formed out of a single sheet 9 of aper or other suitable stock which is provi ed with a Series of parallel perforations 10, 11, 12, etc., ex-` tending completely across the sheet. i These perforatioris are spaced equidistant from each other so that the sheetis divided up into a number ofnarrow strips 13, 14, 15, etc. The end of each of the Strips 13, le and 15 is formed with a tongue or finger engaging portion 16 which may be formed curved or which may be formed pointed as shown in the' figures. This', however, is immaterial to the operation of the device.

In forming my container the sheet 9 is rolled with one of its edges 17 positioned axially 'along a suitable mandreland the entire sheet rolled` up upon theL mandrel until a suitable tube 1s formed such as is clearly indicated in Figures 2 and 3. The r other end l18 of the sheet is then firmly secured to the `bod of the tube by means Vof a number of stap es 19 which are attached to' the individual strips 13, 14, 15` etc, near vthe ends of the same iny oxirnity to the ton es 16 so that the sai tongues are free at t eir ends as indicatedat 29 in Figure 2 f and so that the said tongues may be'readily grasped by the lingers. The tube is filled with the contents 1n an suitable manner and a pair of ca s 20 an 21 are secured to the'ends thereo to completely enclose the same within the container.

The use of the device when the samev is employed for containing grease or similar substance is as'jfollows. One of the caps 20 or 21 which simply fits snugly upon the end of the container is removed leaving the container open at thatv particular end. The

`rst of the stripsv 13 is.. then removed by graspin the tongue 16 attached to that strip and pul ing the same loose from the staple 19. After this has been accomplished the said =strip may be severed. along the line of perforatlon 10 until the strip is completely freed from .the container leaving a portion of the contents of the container intact andin exposed condition as shown at 22 in Figure 3. In this position it can readil be s eer that the grease is accessible an may be filled in the required grease cups without the necessity of employing a stick or other cumbersome means for getting the same out of was the usual container. Although have shown periorations for separating the strips 18, 14h, 15, etc, it can be readily understood that any 'form of weakening of the stock which Willcause the saine to separate along-the ref" u v A thesame are exposed vvlll he such that the quired lines will suce. 'When a'suiicient amount of grease has been used cap 21 may again he replaced thereby covering the .en posed end of the grease and causing the same to he kept clean and ready for use` when required.

l'n Figure 6, I have shovvn another tornoV of attaching the end18 of the stock to the lhody thereof. ln this form of the invention I apply small dabs of glue at 23 to each oita the strips 13, 14, 15, etc., at the same location to which the staples 19 are applied hin the other form of the'invention. Wheuthe talos are pulled the same are readily separat from the body of the container. so that the strips may 'be removed in the same vmanner as in they other `form of 'the invention. y c

:ln Figure 5 ll have shown still another form of the invention in which the end 18 oi' the stock of-the container is cut away v straight as indicated at 2t. Slightly in- Wardly from the e sive incisions on successive strips by means.

of which the extreme end 27 of the stock 9 is held attached to the body portion there-v et. In forming' the device the extreme vend meneer ineens et 'a stick or other expedient. The container can bemanufactured at a cost cone5 siderahly helow that of containers' now in use and the size of the same can he regulatedso that the diameter ot the contents when contents ma loe directly placed intothe def-1 ce vice in 'Whic they are to be used. en the container is made for grease the said container can be of a size such that it would just nt the grease cup in which it is to'be used or it can be made of such a size that it 65 can be inserted into a grease gun when the grease is applied in this manner..

accordance with the' patent statutes," have described the principles of opera-- tion of my invention together Withthe ap- .70 paratus which lt now ,consider to reresent the best' embodiment thereof7 but desire y to have it understood'that the construction shown isr only illustrativeja-nd that the inf vention'can he carried out by other means Ii5 and appliedv 'to uses other than those above :forth viiithin thefscope of the.following i cla I lurality di' so 1. A container comprising a 27 is glued as indicated at 28 along it's'entire length to the leodyvl portion ofthe contailler, When itiisdesired to use this form of the invention the linger: neil is inserted in any ci the incisions 25 and the tongue 23 lifted upwardly sirhilar to the tongues 16 and the saine severed from the hodyporf' tion ofthe container by rst tearing apart then portion 26 .holding the` parte together and then severing the, respectivey strip 'along its line oi weakening.

The advantages or my invention are manif a 'tuhular hody portion', 'stid "s`ections being spira'lly Wound and means tor securing the ends of said sections to the 'body thereof across only a portion of the width thereof. ,85 25.61 container comprising a plurality of sections' yieldably secured tether tojform a tubular body portion, said sections being spirallyvvound and means for securing the ends 'oir' said sections to the body .thereof 90 across onlyfa portion of theevidth thereof,

said securing means being placed outwardly trom theedges of said strips to provide engaging portions therefor.`

i3. A' container 'cornprisingve` nurnberdof-Q9', circumferentially Wound sectlons 'yieldably eoected to one another, said sections -consisting of superimposed layers having over lapping ends and means' for securingsaidy sejcnions together across only a port-ion ctw@ test` An 'extremely simple device is providyed `r-vleiciii eliminates the inconvenience or re moving the contents or the container hy the Width thereofsoas to yieldably attach the' seme to thehody thereof and Enger engaging ineens' itordon said sectionsVA i 'nfjtestiimony whereof 1 a, rey sia-

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