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Publication numberUS1560825 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1925
Filing dateMar 23, 1923
Priority dateMar 23, 1923
Publication numberUS 1560825 A, US 1560825A, US-A-1560825, US1560825 A, US1560825A
InventorsKelticka Ludwig
Original AssigneeKelticka Ludwig
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Protective device for knees, etc.
US 1560825 A
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Filed March 23, 1923 INVE/VTOB %a 12036 by Patents-d Nov. 10, 1925.


Application ,filed March 23, 1923.` Serial No. 627,069. i

To all whom z't may concem:

citizen of the Republic of Czechoslovakia.

residing at Sohles-Ostrau,' Czechoslovakia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Protective Devices for Knees, Eto., of which the following is a specification. i

The present invention relates to a protective device for the knee, etc., and consists in a frame for the support of the knee, the said frame being connected with' a bottom plate by means of elast-c devices in such a inanner that the knee when kneeling down rests upon an elastic support.

The object of the invention 'is diagram matically represented in the drawings,`the elast-ic devices being composed of springs. Fig. 1 represents a cross view of the protective device, Fig. 2 permits a view in perspective of the device when in use and Fig. 3 represents a view of the device itself.

Underneath a :Erame l eonsisting of material of greatest elasticity a co-rrespondingly bentflat spring 2 has been provided which is connected with a spiral spring 3.

This spiral spring is shaped in such a mane ner and the coils are arranged in a way that one coil fits `Ento the, next lower one when the spring is pressed together. This spring 3 is fitted at its lower free end with a bottom plate 4:. The frame 1 is furthermore connected with a spiral spring 5 which is gradually tapering towards the bottom plate and forms a support for a cover 6 preferably consisting of leather, iinen, wire net-!sings or the like surrounding the whole device.

The fiat spring 2 on that side turned towards the franie 1 is equipped with an attachment 7 of elastic material, as for instance rubber or the like. this cap for-med by the frame 1 and'the spring 2 is also lined with a protective 'cver 8, made of leather, etc., and between he external cover 6 and the internal cover 5 a stufling has been provided co-nsisting of liorsehair seaweed 'or the like.

The inside of V The bot-tom plate 4 at its lower side has Be it known that I, LUDWIG KELTIKA, a turthermore been equipped with an additional plate ll of soft material, as for instan-ce rubber, heel leather, Wood, etc., and p ional purpose of clamping r the cover 6 to the plate 4. As this plate is held by a counter-sunk screw it can easily serves the e addit be interchanged; The frame 1 i nection 9 which serves to hold this protective device having the shape of a protective cap` to the knee, as illustrated in Fig. 2. 'This protective device can be used not only for the knee but, in .larger sizes, also for the h-ips joints, etc., 'and' is especially destined' for miners who do most of their work in a kneel ing position.

The device may, howeveiybe, used for all similar kinds of work, as for instance p av- Having now described 'my 'invention and' how the same may be performed what I claim and desire to secure by Letters 'Pat ent is:-

1. A resilient protective device for the knee comprising an outer elasticcovering, a support for the knee, a remova-ble bottom plate, anda pair 'of spiral springs of conieal; convolutions within said bodyand between said support and said bottom' plate, said springs being telescoped one within the other and each forming substantially a frusto-conical heliX. i

2. A resilient protec'tive device as embodied in claim 1, and having one of said said springs. T 3. A resilient bodied in claim protective device as em- 1, wherein said springs are so arranged that they occupy a substantally common plane under maximum compression.

In testnnony signature.

whereof I have afi'ixed my LUDWIG KELTIKVVA."

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U.S. Classification2/24
International ClassificationA41D13/06
Cooperative ClassificationA41D13/065, A41D13/0568
European ClassificationA41D13/05P2C, A41D13/06B