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Publication numberUS1562367 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1925
Filing dateNov 28, 1924
Priority dateNov 28, 1924
Publication numberUS 1562367 A, US 1562367A, US-A-1562367, US1562367 A, US1562367A
InventorsSanders William E
Original AssigneeSanders William E
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Combination velocipede and wagon
US 1562367 A
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Nov. 17, 1925.

l l l l l a I Patented Nov. 17, i925;



Application filed November 28, 1924. Serial No; 752,605. W

the two forks. The post ibis joinedrigid- To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that WILLIAM E. SANDERS, a

citizen of the United .States, residing at.

San Francisco,-in the county of San Francisco and State of California, has invented certainlnew and useful Improvements in Combination Velocipedes and Wagons, of which the following is a specification.

This invention is in the nature of a combined velocipede and wagon or convertible toy vehicle, and the object is to provide a combination of'this character which maybe used by children either driven by foot-power, or as a wagon drawn v by hand.

In the drawing- Figure 1 is a side bination, showing in tion of the steering elevationof the comdotted lines the posipost and handle bar when lowered horizontally to enable the vehicle to be drawn by hand, and showing in solid lines the normal elevated or vertical position of the handle bar and steering post, when the vehicle is to be used as a velocipede;

' Figure 2 is a top or plan view of the representations shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a front elevation, the steering post and handle bar being raised;

Figure 4 is a detail of the steering. post latch for holding the post in its vertical position.

The invention consists of a velocipede 1' having a wagon box 2 mounted at the rear thereof, for this purpose the frame or chassis of the vehicle being lengthened backwardly and being formed angularly at its medial 4 portion as shown at 3, so as to neatly hold the box 2 which is r'ivited or otherwise so- I cured to the frame. In the construction of the steering post 4 an inner wheel fork 5 is mounted verticallyand permanently in place over the front Wheel 6 which is ournaled in the fork in' usual manner, the fork 4 being pivotally journaled in the frame at the points 7. An outer adjustable steering fork 8 is then mounted over the fork 5 and is pivotal'ly attached thereto by means of bolts 9 passed through the lower ends of as a velocipede ly to the upper end of the adjustable fork 8 and extended up vertically, and the transverse handle bar 11 isthen ri idly attached to the end of the post 10, all. m'usual form. A thumb latch 12 is pivoted at 13 in the fork 8, immediately under the post 10, and is formed with a hook 14 bent downwardly and adapted to releasably engage the upper' part of the inner fork 5 in such manner that while this latch serves to hold the outer fork 8 in vertical position when it is desired to use the vehicle as a velocipede, by simply releasing this latch the said fork 8 and handle bar 11 may be lowered when it is desired to draw the vehicle as a wagon, the fork 8 then serving as a tongue.

It will be noted, therefore, that this combination'of wagon and velocipede affords an attractive one for the use and diversion of children, and, it is thought to possess many points of practical advantage.

While I have herein described a certain specific manner and method of constructing and assembling the elements of my invention, it is understood that I may vary from the same in minor details, not departing from the spirit of my invention, so as best to construct a practical device for the purpose intended, as defined in the appended claim.

I claim:'

A convertible toy vehicle, comprising a velocipede having an inner wheel fork Vertically journaled at the front of the chassis; and outer steering fork and attached handle bar mounted over the inner wheel fork, the two forks being pivotally connected at their adjustable to either a vertical or a horizontal position; and means for releasably locking the outer steering fork in its vertical position, said means including a thumb latch lower ends and the outer'fork being thereby

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U.S. Classification280/7.17, D12/112, 280/202
International ClassificationB62K9/02, B62K9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB62K9/02
European ClassificationB62K9/02