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Publication numberUS1562381 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1925
Filing dateJun 12, 1924
Priority dateJun 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1562381 A, US 1562381A, US-A-1562381, US1562381 A, US1562381A
InventorsStoyka Charlis W
Original AssigneeStoyka Charlis W
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Vending device
US 1562381 A
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C. W. STOYKA VENDING DEVICE Nov. 17, 1925. l 1,562,381

Filed June 12 1924 Patented Nov. 17, 1925.

l UNIT-151D.A STATES iare,NrI o'FiFlcE:



T ZZ whom t may concern.'

Be it known that'I, CHARLIs W. S'roYKA, a citizen of the United States, residingat Fayette City, in the county of Fayette and State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful Improvements in Vending Devices, of which the following is a specification. f Y

This invention relatesto vending devices and particularly to means for Acontaining candles or like -articles in a church or Vother similar place.

The primary object of the invention is toprovide simple and effective means for holding candles and analogous articles in a readily accessible position for withdrawal by purchasers, and also means for receiving money covering the cost of the candles to the purchaser, and further, to include in the device a record means whereby the amount of sale may be duly preserved without requiring the services of an attendant to make theY sale and receive the moneyas in ordinary sale transactions.

A further object of the invention is to provide means for containing and vending candles and other analogous articles in a church or similar places for convenience of individual purchasers and to embody in connection with the device means for raising and lowering the same and holding it at a desired elevation.

Vvlith these and other objects and advantages in view, the invention consists in the construction and arrangement of the several parts which will be more fully hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved vending device with a part of the suspending means broken through.

Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section through the improved vending device with the suspending means removed.

The improved vending device comprises a body generally designated by the numeral 5 and having a closed bottom 6 and sides 7 and a top 8 upon which is suitably held or secured a coin tray or receptacle 9. Thel opposite ends 10 of the body are open from the top to the bottom, and between the top and bottom of the body is a horizontal closed partition 11, with front and rear upwardly projecting guard flanges 12. Be-

p tween the top `8 and the partition 11 a plurality of vertical partitions .13 are arranged andfextend fully from the front to the rear end. These partitions 18 with the horizontalfpartition `11 provide cells or compartments 111, for, the purpose of lreceiving candles or analogous articles` 15. The

candles are held against irregular movementY 2 and accidental separation from the several compartmentsllt by the lower candles engaging the flanges 12, the compartments 14 being long enough to receive and retain the candles as. indicated .by dotted lines in `Fig. f

2. Between the horizontal partition 11 and, the bottom 6 a record-containing compartment 16 is provided for receiving a record or sales book or analogous` device 1,7 and also a writing device or pencil 18, which will be held in suitable means, as' at 19, onxvtlie inner side of one of the side wall s7,"as clearlyshownbyFig 1.v .Y A Suspen ding chainsv or analogous devices 2O are attached to thc corners of" the upper portions of the body 5 and converge towards a link 21 vhaving an adjustingchainor similar device, 22 secured thereto and movably engaging av spring-actuated automatically operating winding reel or spool 23, mounted in a hanger 24 secured to a ceiling or other support 25. The reelor spool 23, is provided with the usual pawl and ratchet v26 and operates to hold the improved vending device at any desired elevation relatively to a floor or platform so asY to dis-pose the body 5 within easy 'reaching distance `of purchasers. The reel or spool 23 may be of any approved type of device of this class known in the prior art and it is proposed to construct the same in such proportions and general dimensions as tov compensate forthe weightV of the body 5 and contents thereof.

The compartments '14k are preliminarily supplied with candles and the latter may be replenished as found necessary, and when a purchaser withdraws a candle or candles, he deposits the amount of cost of the withmay donate an amount in excess of the regular or prescribed cost, and in this eventithe donation will be recorded Lin the Sales book,

drawn candle or candles in the tray 9 and then records the sale in the sales book 17, v so that the device willserve as a complete llO At regular intervals the money deposited in the tray 9 may be taken out and counted and checked up with relation to the sales bool: 17, and by means of the improved device an economical vending device, particularly for religious purposes, is provided. It will', also be understood that the improved vending device may be used for articles other than candles and also that the compartments 14 and the general dimensions and proportions of? the entire device may be modified to increase or decrease the capacity of the several compartments 14. Instead of the recordf or sales book 17 it will also be obvious that sales sheets for certain periods of time may be used. Furthermore, the improved device may be modified in its general contour and ornamented or embellished; Metal will. be preferably used in the construction of the body to render the same durable, though the improved device is not confined to the use of metal'. The open structure of Athe improved device will also be advantaposed between the horizontal partition and the top of the body, the;V ends` of the horizontal partition being also provided with vertical guard flanges which project up wardly over the lower portions of the vertical partitions, the body below the horizontal partition being fully open from end to end to receive record means and the top ot the body provided with a fixed receptacle for the deposit of coin, and means for holding the device in operative position.

2. ln a vending device of the class specified, a body having closed sides and, fully open front. andv rear ends, the sides and ends ot" the rbody being vertically straight and the body intermediately separated by a horizontal partition extending fully. through from one open end to the other, vertical partitions in spaced relation being interposed between the horizontal partition and the top of the body, the ends o the horizontal partition being also provided with vertical guard langes which project upwardly over the lower portionsl of the vertical partitions, the body belowV the horizontal partition being fully open from end to endvto receive reco-rd means and the top of the body provided with a fixed receptacle for the deposit of coin, and suspending means for holding the device in elevated position.. v

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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