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Publication numberUS1562990 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1925
Filing dateDec 19, 1922
Priority dateDec 19, 1922
Publication numberUS 1562990 A, US 1562990A, US-A-1562990, US1562990 A, US1562990A
InventorsMax Rappaport
Original AssigneeMax Rappaport
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US 1562990 A
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Nov. 24, 1925- 0 M. RAPPAPORT SWEATBAND Filed Dec. 19, 1922 INVENTOR.


Patented Nov. 24, 1925. g V v.




Application filed December 19, 1922. Serial No. 607,783.

To all whom it may concern: in band which may be square as at 16, 50

Be it known that I, MAX RArrAroRr, a round as at 18, elongated as at 17 triangucitizen of Russia, residing at New York, lar as at 19, or star-shaped as at 20, or have county of New York, and State of New any other desired shape or form.

6 York, have invented certain new and use- The bottoms of these depressions are colful Improvements n Sweatbands, of which cred as for instance green for the square dethe following is a specification. presslon 16, purple for the round and elon- This invention relates to improvements gated depression 18, 17 blue for the trianin sweat bands, and it is the principal obgular depressions 19, and red forthe star- 10 ject of the invention to provide a sweat band shaped depressions 20. It will be clear that of the character described in my copending the colors indicated by the shading in the 60 application, Serial No. 525,686, filed Decemdrawing are only illustrating an example ber 29, 1921, with depressions having variof coloring the bottom parts of the deprescolored bottoms in order to simulate the sions and that any other color may be used.

holes and colored bands used heretofore on The bands or blanks are also provided sweat bands for hats and caps, thus achievwith a central depression 21, square or other- 65 ing the novel, useful and important result wise shaped and bearing any desired legend. of saving material, time and labor. It will be clear that the sweat bands made Another object of the invention is to proaccording to the present invention are ready vide sweat bands with depressions of square, for sewing and that the making of the de triangular, multicornered, starlike or other pressions can be done quickly and the time contours, the bottom parts of which are and labor consumed for punching holes, colored or multi-colored. drawing the bands through the holes and A further object of the invention is the for pasting the ends of the bands to the maprocess of making the sweat bands. terial is saved so that an important step These and other objects of my invention forward in the art is effected as the savwill become more fully known as the deing of time and labor is considerable and scription thereof proceeds, and will then be a great advantage in the manufacture of more specifically pointed out in the append these bands.

ed claim. As stated above, I have illustrated in the In the accompanying drawing, forming drawing the preferred forms of my inven 80 a material part of this disclosure. tion only as an example, and it will be clear Figure 1 is a top plan view of a sweat that changes may be made in the general band constructed according to the present construction as well as in the arrangement invention. of the minor details without departing Figure 2 is a similar view of a modified from the scope and spirit of my invention. 5

form of my invention. lVhat I claim as new and desire to secure Figure 3 is a top plan view of another by Letters Patent is: modified form of my device, and A sweat band or the like, having the ma- 40 Figure 1 is a similar view of a still furterial thereof depressed at regular spaced ther modification of my invention. intervals longitudinally of the band with The body portion 10 of the band or blank the depressions of uniform width, the botis provided withacurved line 11 along which toms of the depressions being colored to the flap is formed and its upper and lower thereby simulate a colored strip loosely 5 edges are cut as at 12 and 13 so that after woven through the band.

the flap 14 has been formed along line 11, In testimony whereof I have aflixed my the band will be ready for attachment to signature. a hat or cap.

A plurality of depressions 15 is formed MAX RAPPAPORT.

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U.S. Classification40/329, 2/181
International ClassificationA42C5/02, A42C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA42C5/02
European ClassificationA42C5/02