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Publication numberUS1563816 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1925
Filing dateJul 21, 1922
Priority dateJul 21, 1922
Publication numberUS 1563816 A, US 1563816A, US-A-1563816, US1563816 A, US1563816A
InventorsWorthington Charles C
Original AssigneeWorthington Charles C
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Golf bag
US 1563816 A
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Dec. 1, 1925.

C. C. WORTHINGTON GOLF BAG Filed July 21 1922 2'Sheets-Sheet 1 Dec. 1, 1925. 1,563,816 v C. C. WORTHINGTON GOLF am Fiied July 21, 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 .1 l 18 i U121 ,1 N VliN TOR a-mc /-/ s A Y'TORNE Y5 BY I/i A W' Patented Dec. 1, 1925.



-, Application filed July 21, 1922. .Serial No. 576,419.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, CHARLES C. WORTH- INGTON, a citizen of the United States, re-

sition by siding in Dunfield', Warren County, in the State of New Jersey, and whose post-oflice address is Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pennsylvania, have invented the following-ole scribed Improvements in Golf Bags.

My invention relates to golf bags and is designed to secure the advantages of durability, reduced size, light weight, cleanliness, convenience in transportation and of protecting the golf clubs from the injurious effect of rubbing and knocking contact with each other. I

The golf bag herein described is made up of a number of tubes of light material, each of which is preferably adapted to hold but a single club and all of which maybe secured together flexibly and separably so that they may assume for convenience in travel ling either a flat rolled u when carried by hand. The number of these tubes may be'readily increased or diminished so that. the total,num'ber need not at any time be greater than the desired number of clubs. In transporting this bag, ifthe tubes are spread out flat they can be conveniently packed, in a trunk or they can be folded or rolled up in the circular form usual in the ordinary golf,bag of commerce.

The bag contains practically no waste space. The diameter of none of the tubes need be greater than is required to properly accommodate the club. If each club is in a tube by itself itwill not be subjected to the rubbing and knocking of one club a ainst another that always takes place w here more than one club is carried in one compartment. This rubbing and knocking chi s, dents and wears the grips of the clubs an their shafts.

The tubes are inexmnsive, They are preferably made of aluminum or some.. other light, stiif and durable material. They can be readily cleaned and ,kept sanitary andare of attractive and neat appearance.

Reference is made to the two sheets of drawings wherein- Fig. 1 is a perspective view .of the bag with the tubes which compose it shown in one plane being held in proper relative poa strap forming one kind of flexible fastening;

Fig 2 is a detail perspective showing a form of strap fastening for the handle;

formation or be folded ,or

Fig. 3 is a vertical. section through the bag showing one of the forms of flexible fasteners and its position on the tubes;

Fig, 4 is a detail elevation partly in sectlon of one of the tubes broken away in the middle;

Fig.,5 is a vertical section as in Fig. 3 but showing a riveted hinged connection;

Fig. 6 is an elevation of tubes connected as in Fig. 5, the tubes being broken away in the middle and only two lugs being shown on each tube;

Fig. 7 is a section of the tubes connected as in Fig. 5 folded or rolled into circular form; r

Fig. 8 is a detail elevation partly in section showing another form of flexible fastener consisting of a sliding ring permitting, except .as to endwise movement, the same relative motion of the tubes when connected by it as the connection of Fig. 1;

--Fig. 9 is a perspective view of one of the rings in Fig. 8;

Fig. 10 is a section of a bag, whose tubesare connected as in Fig. 8, rolled into circu-- lar form and enclosing a larger tube, and

Fig. 11 is a perspective view corresponding to Fig. 10 but on a smaller scale.

The individual duplicate tubes 1 are flexibly and separably secured together in any desired number by any suitable means as in F igs.- l, 5 and- 8. In Fig. 1 they are illustrated as held by the two straps 2 which interlace thetubes, passing alternately on opposite sides of successive is provided with an opening 5 for drainage I 105- of such dirt or water as may enter. A handle 6 is shownsecured to a tube by a strap 7, passing around the same and taking- -through a keeper 8 in one end of the handle tubes through the keepers 3 with which each tube is pro- 6, and by a special handle strap 9 taking through the keeper 10, as illustrated in F ig. 2. Another method of fastening the handle is illustrated in Fig. 1. A shoulder strapll is also shown connected to the uppermost tube b its buckles 12, being most conveniently buckled at one end to the strap 2 adjacent the closed ends of the tubes and at the other through a: slot 13 in the upturned forward end of the handle 6. It will be apparent that the tubes being flexibly con nected will either hang in the same planeone above the other-when the handle 6 or the shoulder strap 11 is used for their support, or when rolled into the relation shown in Figs. 7, 10 and 11 may be carried by the same handle 6 or shoulden strap 11.

The tubes'when strung together as in Fig. 1 will hang in the same plane one directly above the other as shown in the said figure, the strap-lacing connection being not only flexible but loose enough to permit the skew ing necessary to enable the tubes to assume position in the same plane with their open ends in line vertically.

In the arrangement of tube fastening illustrated in Figs. 5, 6 and 7, each tube is provided with two fasteners 14 at each end either riveted or soldered to the tube in the same circumferential plane and 180 apart.

These may be placed in the same location with reference to the extreme ends of the tube as the keepers 3 in Fig. 1. The tubes may be joined flexibly together by means of these fasteners by inserting loose pins 15 in the holes 16 of the fasteners 14 and holding the said pins in place with a split pin or other obvious means. With this form of fastener the tubes may be arranged in flat or circular formation at will as shown in Fig-st.1 5 and 7.

other form of fastener is shown in Figs. 8, 9, 10 and 11. The fastener is made in the form of a collar 17 encircling the tube and having a projection or lug 18 pierced by a hole 19. Two of these collars 17 are placed injuxtaposition at or near each end of each tube as in the case of the fasteners 14 in Fig. 5 and are held in position by external circular ribs 20 spun on the tube or formed in any other suitable manner. The collars 17 fit loosely on the tube so as to enable the projecting lugs 18 when jointed by a pin 21 throughthe hole. 19 with a corresponding lug on the collar of an adjoining tube, to move to any position on the circumference of the tube that may be required in arranging the bag in flat or circular shape. It will be observed that the collars are shown as identical, those of each pair being reversed with respect to each other.

It is obvious that a separate tube large enough to hold golf balls or other larger articles may be joined to the club tubes either as one of theseries or separately. In Figs. 10 and 11 such a storage tube 22 having if desired a removable cap 23, which may be held on by a bayonet joint, is shown component part of the bag, beingremovably secured thereto by any suitable means as a pair of straps 24, one at each end of the bag, passing through keepers 25 and around club tubes 1 and respectivelybelow and above. the upper and the lower set of collar lugs 18 (or fasteners 14 where these are used).

While it is obviously not necessary that the component club tubes, their lugs, collars or other connecting means should be identical, it is desirable since it facilitates interchangeability and gives the bag a neat appearance.


1. 4k golf bag of variable capacity made up of separate tubes each tube being adapted to hold but a single club and means for connecting said tubes flexibly and separably, said tubes forming a series the members of which may be in the same plane or which may be rolled up in circular or other forma tion and means secured to the series for carrying the bag.

2. A golf bag made up of separately made tubes of rigid material so as to be self-supporting and maintain a substantially cylindrical shape, each tube being ada ted to hold but a single club, and means or connecting said tubes flexibly, said tubes forming a series the members of which may be in the sameplane or which may be rolled up in circular or other formation and means secured to the series for carrying the bag.

3. As an article of manufacture, a golf bag comprising a set of separately made tubes with open upper ends and closed bottoms, each tube being formed of rigid material so as to be self-supporting and maintain a substantially cylindrical shape, and two separate means near the opposite ends of said tubes disconnected from each other save by the tubes and uniting them in parallel grouped relation.

4..A golf bag consisting of a set of separately made tubes of rigid material whereby separately made, detachably connected tubes of rigid material whereby they are adapted to be self-supporting, each tube forming a receptacle for a single golf club, and means for connecting said tubes in a closed structure of a size variable by changing the numencircled by the club tubes and forming a ber of the tubes. Y

ll b blb l. As a new article of manufacture, a golf bag comprising a set of separately made tubes, each tube being formed of rigid 'rnaterial so as to maintain a substantially cylindrical shape and each tube having an open end and being adapted to hold but a single club, and means for uniting said tubes in group relation.

8. As a new article of manufacture, a golf bag consisting of a set of separately made metal tubes united adjacent their opposite ends by spaced uniting means,

9. As a new article of manufacture, a golf bag consisting of a set of separately made metal tubes having a rounded edge at their open ends and having a closed bottom united adjacent their tops and bottoms by-I spaced united means.

10. As a new artlcle of manufacture, a

golf bag consisting of a set of separately made metal tubes having a rounded edge at their open ends and havin a closed bottom, and flexible means uniting them.

-11. A golf bag comprisin a series of metal tubes each having its ottom closed 4 and its other end open and having a protecting edge at its open end and a rainage them against. longitudinal displacement, and

means or separably connect-mg said collars to adjacent tubes, whereby the shape of the golf bag may be altered and its; ca, acity changed by varying the number of tu es. 14:. A golf ba 'consisting of a plurality of parallel clubolding tubes flexibly'connected, a relatively larger tube suitable for other articles and means for securing it to the club-holding tubes within the enclosing structure formed thereby. I

In testimony whereof, I have signed this specification.


consisting of a plurality

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U.S. Classification206/315.2
International ClassificationA63B55/00, A63B55/10
Cooperative ClassificationA63B55/10
European ClassificationA63B55/10