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Publication numberUS1563829 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1925
Filing dateJun 15, 1923
Priority dateJun 15, 1923
Publication numberUS 1563829 A, US 1563829A, US-A-1563829, US1563829 A, US1563829A
InventorsGeorge Brown Frederick
Original AssigneeF G Brown Mfg Co
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Floor polisher
US 1563829 A
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Dee. 1, 1925. 1,563,829

F. G. BROWN FLOOR POLISHER Filed June 15, 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet l Dec. 1,1925. 1.563.829

F. G. BROWN FLOOR POLISHBR Filed June 15. "1923 SSheets-Sheet 2 F. G. BROWN FLOOR POLISHER Filed June 15. 1 25 Dec. 1, 1925- 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Patented Dec. 1, 1925. I g UNITED STATES PATENT" GFFICE.




Application filed June 15, 1923. Serial No. 645,674.

mitted to a point at or near the centre of the head and, the latter being rigid, that the surface of the operative medium bears evenly on the floor surface.

My invention also consists ina device as hereinhcfore set forth, in which the polish applying medium is constituted by a brush.

My invention also consists in a device having means for releasably securing a polishing cloth over that surface of the head re mote from the polishing applying medium; and also in cloth holding means which constitute a resilient buffer about the periphery of the head.

My invention still further consists in other details as hereinafter described with reference to the accompanying drawings which depict a device in accordance with my said invention and in which To all who-m it may concern.

Be it known that I, Fnnnniuci; Gnonen Brown, a subject of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, and resident of Higgs 0 Street, Googee, in the State of New South Vales, Con'nnonwealth of Australia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Floor Polishers for which I have filed applications in Australia, No. 11,163, on the 19th February, 1923; No. 11,247 on the 27th February, 1923; and No. 11,792 on the 29th March, 1923), of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to the application of wax, cream, paste and other analogous polishing and preserving substances or preparations to floors and smooth surfaced floor coverings such as linoleum, and to the pol ishing of same by friction; and the object of the invention is to provide a single device whereby the dual operation of applying the preparation and subsequently polishing the same may be performed without necessitating kneeling or stooping on the part of the operator. A further object of the invention is to provide a device which, in addition to the above mentioned function, is especially useful as a sweeper or duster, it being particularly adapted for use under or behind furniture.

My invention consists'in a device comprising a flat head of suitable contour having on one face thereof a polislrapplying medium and on the other a polishing medium, in combination with a long handle and means flexibly attaching the latter to the head in such manner that said head may be inverted to bring either the polish applying medium or the polishing medium into operative position, while permitting the handle to move in relation to the head from a position in alignment with the plane of the latter to an angle on either side of said plane, said attachment means being designed to transmit to the head, manual pressure applied to the handle.

My invention also consists in a device as above set forth, further characterized in that the handle is flexibly attached to the head at a point or points adjacent to the centre thereof, said head being slotted from said point to its edge to permit the handle to assume the required angular position on either side. This construction ensures that the pressure applied to the handle is trans in use as a polish applying means, the polishing cloth and fastening means being removed,


Fig. 3 a similar view to Fig. 1 with polishing cloth and fastening means included,

Fig. 4; a sectional elevation,

Fig. 5 a plan view partly in section,

ing a particular type of cloth-fastening means,

7 a similar view to Fig. 1 showing a different configuration of head,

Fig. 8 a perspective view showing a further modification in the configuration of the head and in the attachment of the handle, and

Fig. 9 a part sectional struction shown in Fig. 8.

The head of the device is composed ofa piece of rigid material 1 preferably wood, on one surface of which is affixed a brush 2 composed of stiff bristles, while on the other side is a resilient pad 3 preferably of felt. This pad may itself constitute a polishing medium but is liable to become hard and glazed, while the brush constitutes a polish applying medium.

The handle 4 is attached to the head in such manner that it may lie or be caused to lie in a position parallel to the plane of the head, and may also be deflected to an angle on either side of the head, so that by merely rotating the handle axially through 180 the plan :of the con- Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the device Fig. 2 a similar view with the head in- Fi-g. 6 a detail showing a method of holdface of the head other thanthat previously in use may be brought into operative position parallel to the floor-surface and the handle. deflected to the desired angular operative position. In the embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawings the head (including the brush 2 and pad 3) is slotted as shown at 5 and spanning said slot is a pivot-pin 6 inserted through a hole 7 (shown in dotted lines in Fig. 5) and screwed in to the opposite wall of the slot. To this pivot pin the handle 4 is attached, said handle being fitted to a socket 8 having a terminal eye 9 which engages the pin. The'location of the pin 6 is at or as near as is convenient to the centre of the head so that pressure applied to the handle results in practically.

even pressure on the whole area of the surface of the brush or pad on the floor.

In Figs. 7 and 8 the socket 8 is formed integrally with a yoke-member 10 the arms of which register respectively with two slots 5 and terminally engage two pivot pins 6. In Fig. 8 the head is shown as having a configuration approximating to that of an ordinary flat iron, while in Figs. 1 to 6 in elusive it is circular, and in Fig. 7 pear shaped. These are mere modifications one of the other, and the more pointed forms shown in Figs. 7 and 8' are devised with the object of penetrating further into angles than is possible with a circular head. My invention also includes a substantially rectangular and a triangular heat.

For the purpose of securing apolishing cloth 11 over the pad 3 (see Fig. 8) a groove 12 is formed around the periphery of the head, said groove accommodating a spring or elastic band which overlying the edge of the cloth presses the latter into the groove where it is held by the forcible contact of the band against the head. It is not necessary that this cloth should be tightly held and sufficient slip is allowed to. permit it to be pulled upwardly by the handle and socket as shown at 13 in Fig. 3.

The band in its preferred form is constituted by a rubber tube 15 as shown in Figs. 3 to 6 inclusive and Figs. 8 and 9. In each end of such tube is fitted a plug 16 of wood or hard rubber, and the ends thereof with contained plugs are pressed respectively into holes 17 bored inwardly from the edge of the head and located on either side of the slot 5. The elastic nature of the band permits of it being readily stretched to release it from the groove 12 to release the cloth 11 and as readily replaced. The means described of securing the ends of the tube permit its easy removal as a whole from, and attachment to, the device, the operation being performed by merely extracting or inserting the plugged ends as the case may be.

The diameter of the tube-band is such that it projects beyond the'periphery of the head and thus consitutes a resilient buffer protecting furniture and skirtings from contact with the hard edge of the head.

It will be observed that as the handle may be set at any angle between 180 and 90 with the head, the device is particularly well adapted for use under low set furniture such as divans and couchesand maybe used as polishing means or merely for sweeping and dusting in such confined spaces.

hat I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. In a reversible floor polishing device having a double-faced head, means for releasably securing a polishing cloth over one face of said head, said means comprising a soft, resilient band exerting pressure on the periphery of said head and overlying the edges of said cloth, said band also projecting beyond the periphery of the head to serve as a bumper.

2. In a reversible floor polishing device having a double-faced head with a peripheral groove, means for securing a polishing cloth over one face of said head,

said means consisting of a length of rubber tubing, passing around the head and registering with said groove and having its ends secured to the head at adjacent points.

3. In a reversible floor polishing device having a'double-faced head, means for securing a polishing cloth over one face of said head, said means consisting of a length of rubber tubing passed around the periphery of the head and having plugged ends inserted in holes bored in the head.

Signed at Sydney, N. S. VV., this twenty fourth day of April, A. 1)., 1923.


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