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Publication numberUS1564606 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1925
Filing dateJul 15, 1925
Priority dateJul 15, 1925
Publication numberUS 1564606 A, US 1564606A, US-A-1564606, US1564606 A, US1564606A
InventorsCharles A Mealy
Original AssigneeHadley Company
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Wrist-watch strap
US 1564606 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. s, 1925. 1,564,606

C. A. MEALY WRIST WATCH STRAP Filed July l5. 1925 "Ptetedpec, 8,' 1925,'


c iIAnLns; LMEALY., on PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, nssIGNon rro THE RADLEY and the primary object thereof is toy pro-f vide'novel and improved means for-l enabling I COMPANY, 0F PROVIDENCE, RHoDE ISLAND.


applicati@ mee July-15,

To all whom z't mayer/neem.' Beit known tha t I,G nARLns A. Mmm", a citizen -of the. United-States, residing at Providenge, inthe county of Providence' and State offRhode Island, have invented new Straps, of which the ication'. 4.

Thisinventionrelat'es to certain'new and'.

useful improvements in' wrist watch straps fellowing is a `specithe strap tolloe lengthened so as to permit of disengagement thereof from the wrist without disconnecting the ends of thestrap from' thewatch.. I A further object ofi-'the' inventionis to- 'provide means for enabling the strap to be easily and'quicklyadjusted as .-to length so as to fit wrists of diderent sizes and to also enable'the strap to 'be likewise connected to. and removed from the connecting means.

A further object of the invention is to provide novel Imeans for 'lfatchi'ng the'con- .nectingmeans 1n the 4drawingsz-f.- l Figure 1 is a top plan Viewof the invena tion' 'i igure 2 4is aside elevation; -1

with loops Sand/lu 1 gure Sis a view similar vt'ofFig. 2 but y.

19245. Serial No. 43,796.

thatach strap section may be easily and and useful, Improvements.. inf Wrist-Watch quickly applied to and removed from the connector. 1 The sides 7 of the connector section 5 are further formed 'with outwardly struck keepers lOginto which the spring tensioned ends '12 of the pin 11 snap, whereby to latch `the connector sections together. This pin l1 .functions in Aa dual capacity that it.

:connects the strap to one connector section v,and the. latter to the other connector section.

l-'ll.`he connector sections preferably are apertured to lighten same and to afford ventilation. .'l`he strap section lis further held byand between the sides 7 of connector section 5.

j From the foregoing it will be seen that inl a order toexpand or lengthen the strap it is merely necessary, to pull outwardly on the section '6 to disengage .its pin from the Vkeepers 10 whereupon the connector sections are swung apart about hinge 7', thus lexpanding or 'lengthening the strap, and enabling the' saine 'to be easily removed from the Wrist.

.Having thus described my invention what lclaim -as new and desire to secure by' Let ters 'Patent is 1. In a wrist watch strap, apair of straps having loops at their inner ends, a pair of hingedly-connected connector sections, pins passed through the strap loops and having spring tensioned ends removably disposed 1n perforations providedltherefor in the connector sectlons, each connector section hav- :ing sides, thel strap of onesection being re- .'lihe innerV ends of the straps are spacedly -ceivedbetween thesides of the latter and the connected byxa connector' composed of sec.-A tions 5 and 6 hinged together at their ends at 7 ,Section 6 has sides between'which the Section5 is received, and section 5 fur-l ther has a series of alined openings 8 in its'- sides'7.

'A pin 9 having depressible 4spring tensionedends 10. is projected through 1oops'3 'and its end sare receivable in aselected pair ef the alined openings 8 so as', to enable the 4section l'to be adjustably connected to the f connector section 5 at various points along 'the length of the latter section. A similar -its strap between its sides and the latterl section -being yreceived between the sides of the other section, and means to latch the sections together including keepers on the to the respective straps at their outer ends, sides ofone section, and a pin securing the keepers on one section and a pin securing strap of the other section thereto and formed the strap of the other section thereto and l0 to have its ends snap into the keepers. formed to snap into the keepers.

5 3. In a Wrist Watch strap, a pair of In testimony whereof I have signed-my straps, a, pair of connector sections hinged nameto this specication. together at their inner ends and connected CHARLES A. MEALY.

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U.S. Classification24/71.00J, 63/5.1, 224/176
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European ClassificationA44C5/24S