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Publication numberUS1566193 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1925
Filing dateJun 19, 1925
Priority dateJun 19, 1925
Publication numberUS 1566193 A, US 1566193A, US-A-1566193, US1566193 A, US1566193A
InventorsFoster William B, Manning Thomas E
Original AssigneeFoster William B, Manning Thomas E
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Sanitary paste-dispensing device
US 1566193 A
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Dec. 15,1925. 1,566,193

w. B. FOSTER ET AL SANITARY PASTE DISPENSING DEVICE Filed June 19, 1925 Patented Dec. 15,1925;


' v saniraar-rasrn-nmnxanwe nnvrcn. I i l Amt-team Jane 1033.1 sass. Y

- To all whom it may concern."- I Be it knownthat we, .WILLIAM'B. F

and THoMAs E. MANNING, citizens of the United States, residing, respectively, in Norwood and in Cincinnati, in the county of Hamilton and State ofOhio, have jointly tooth-paste, shaving paste .an I is exemplified as used in connection with" 715 jwhichlat-terz? device. -w Fig. 2 is a front view of the same, partly insectionra invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sanitary Paste-Dispensin Devices, of which the following'isa spec' cation. 10

Our invention relates to sanitary -paste dispensing devices for use in the home" or other places for dispensing the like, and

tooth-paste, it. being. understood. that the paste" is inclosed in tubes .of'usual form, so

arranged that the paste may be'exuded from the mouth of the tube by It is the object of our-mventionto pro-.-. videnovel means for su portin the paste-' squeezing the tube.

tube; further, to provi epnove means forsrueezing thetube in order to cause exuding O the paste therefrom; and, further, to pro vide novel means for supporting the paste tube and its mani ulating devices; and .the' invention willbe I rtherlreadily understood'f from the 'following'description and claims,

.. and from the accompanying' drawings, in

Fig; 3 is a sat is... (if a. same.'

Fig. 4 is a, horizontal section, taken on "the line 4-4 of Fig. 2. 'w g Fig, 5 is a vertical section, taken in the pla ne of.the-'1ine"5 ,-5 'ofFig. and Fig. 6isa vertical sectional d on the" line 6-6 of Fig. 2.

Our improved device comprises a pair of guides 11,-12, respectively;

etail, taken I 13, 14 and 15,16. These guides are shown as .hangers depending. from a supporting "plate 17-,- secured to said supporting plate by rivetin said rods thereto, as shown at 18.

. The ower ends of the rods are connected by a plate 21,?sh0wn riveted to said plate,

' as at 22. f- The plate 21 is arranged to support the paste-tube, shown at- 23. This paste-tube, as is usual, comprises a breast 24, from which a threaded neck' 25 extends.

The threaded neck has the mouth 26 of said tube at its outer end, the mouth being normall closed'by a cap 27, having an inner threade bore 28 received over said threaded paste, such. "as

said cap 27. A rotary causing theexudi view ofo'ur improved v F-Thm rota .clearl shown in Fig. 5.1- a

Guided pieces'47 are arranged to bu uideways 11, '12, and are ormed by rods" arm of rollers having .-an-- .for receiving the shanks or f berea ily grasped by the fingers, for screwmetal, as is usual, and the-end of the tube is closed b astifier metal U-shaped cli 32,

which is c amped over the end of they y buttend for the tube.

' The 'supporti (seek-{the end at the bore having a cu hionwasher'29 therein for closing said mouth.

The ca has an enlarged head 30, which may of the tube' in -usual mannerjor forming a ,plate' 21 'foi-"thetube is i prov ded with'a ownwardlydished-portion 33, in which the'breastofthe'tube is arranged to rest, said downwardly dished-por-u tion having a central opening 34, through whichthe'neck of the tube is received. This l l o mug is of less diameter than the head 30 o thecap 27 of the tube '50, that when the cap is on the tube, the tu isheld endwise in both directions by the wall of saidopening, 34 between the br'ea'st24 of and ueezbr '41" is rovi d ed which is arranged to be P of the squeezer, the tubewill'be ro led about the squeezer,- thereby squeezing the tube and ortha paste through them squeezer'is exemplified as formed out o a wire, the middle portion of the ,mouth of which-is bent in reverse directions for forming a handle 42, and forming arallel with each other, having a slot 44- shanks 43 tweenfthem which'is open at the end 45,

constituting the 'samea rota .forked shaft provided with a slot in whic the-butt-end I of the tube is arrangedtol be ,as

ceived in the shown in the nular grooves 48 in which the respective rods of the pairs of connectedj-with} the butt-end of the tube in such manner-that b rotation ide-rods are received, for guiding said rol ers, lengthwise of said rods,

and maintaining said rollers between the rods of the respective pairs of rods. These rollers are provided with openin? 49, 50,

ueezer. The-fork of the squeezeris arranged to be received endwise throu h one .of the rollers and at the respective sides of the butt end of the tube, and then into the other of the roller, for locating said butt-end between the p shanks and between said rollers, so that, upon rotation of the squeezer, the flexible metal of the tube will be rolled or wrapped about the rotary squeezer, for causing the. squeezing on the tube and the exuding of the paste-tube. Acup '55 is shown located above the sup orting plate, and is arranged to receivea drinking glass 56.

"The" guides are shown as supported by a v bracket '57. The guides, the supporting plate, the bracket and the cup are suitably rigidly secured together, which ma be accomplished by connecting the gui es, with the supporting plate in the manner hereinbefo're described by therive'ts l8, connect ""ing the supporting plate and the cup by rivets 58, and connecting the bracket and the cup by rivets 59.

" I The location of the cup places the dbihk ing glass ina convenient position for having the upper ends ofthe tooth-brushes arranged thereaboutin convenient manner, for

assembling. the articles employed in thecare of the teeth in close and convenient relation. When it is desired to use some of thepaste in'the tube, the cap 27 is unscrewed, and the squeezer 41 is rotated just sufiiciently to cause the exuding 'ofsufiicient -paste fromthe mouth of the tubefor the purpose .desired. *Ifthe paste is tooth-paste, the toothbrush maybe held' immediately" under the mouth of the tube, so that the-paste will a lodge upon the: bristlesof the'tooth-br'ush,

the paste being cut by-wiping'thebrush ]across the mouth of the paste-tube when sufficient paste has been lodged upon the brush, the cap being then again screwed upon the. threaded neck. Our improved device is of simple construction, and forms convenient means. by which the proper amount of paste maybe exuded by the individual using the same, in ready manner, andwithont waste of; and in such manner that the paste always in clean and sanitary 'conditionl It also provides ready and convenient and ti "used and that remaining in the tubes is com act means whereby the tube of paste is a ways ready in convenient position for use and readily accessible to the. user.

Having thus fully described our invention,

what we claimas new-,-and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. In a sanitary paste dispensing device,

the combination of a pair'of' spaced-apart guideways having 0 po sed guiding walls, rollers betweensai rollers provided with o nings in axial guiding walls, said alinement, a support at t e lower'ends of said guide'ways for the dispensing end of a paste-tube, a rotary squeezer comprising a 1 pair' of 'shanks having a slot therebetween open at one end, and a handle at the other end'of said shanks, said shanks at the open end-of said slot arranged to be received endwise through said openings in said rollers and about the butt-end of the paste-tube whereby said butt-end is held between said shanks and arranged in .rotative relation between said' shanks and 'between' said rollers, and, whereby the rotation of said v handle causes squeezing of. said tube and movement of said rollers lengthwise of and guiding walls.

2. In a sanitary paste dispensing device,

bracket for said rods, a plate connecting the lower ends of said rods, said plate provided with a central opening for the mouth of a' paste-tube and with a supporting wall for said paste-tube about said opening, rollers guided between the rods of said respective 'pairs of rods, said rollers provided with openings, a rotary squ'eezer comprising a pair of shanks having a slot ,therebe'tween open'atone end, and a handle at. the other end of said shanks, said shanks at the openthe combination of a pair of guideways, each 7 comprising a pair of rods, a supporting 7 end of said slot arranged to be received through said rollers and about the butt-end of the paste-tube whereby-said butt-end is arranged in rotative relation between saidshanks and between said rollers, and whereby the rotatlon of said handle causes squeeze ing of said tube and movement of said rollers Q lengthwise-of said rods. a

In testimony whereof, we havehereuntosigned our names.


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European ClassificationB65D35/34