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Publication numberUS1566497 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1925
Filing dateSep 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1566497 A, US 1566497A, US-A-1566497, US1566497 A, US1566497A
InventorsPaul Meyexiln
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Paul meyexiln
US 1566497 A
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bec. 22, 1925. 1,566,497

P. MEYELIN SHAVING BRUSH Filed Sept. 12, 1924 j .,WUNITLED STATES Patented Dec. 22,1925.


`srrnvlna BRUsH.

Application filed September 12, .1324. Serial No.` 737,379.

To rall whom t mag/"concern: 1 Be it known that I, PAUL MEYELIN, a citi- Zen of the French Republic, and resident -of 54 Rue Cartier, Bresson, Pantin, Seine,

France, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shaving Brushes, of-

which the following isa specification.4

j Shaving brushes'of the ordinary descrip-v.

that the skin becomes scraped off or.

scratched by the razor, there is the danger of serious infectious diseases being transmitted Vfrom one person to another. i

The object of the present invention is to obvia-te this danger by pro-viding a shaving brush, in the case of which the fibrous or bristle portion can be renewed Vfor each customer. y

The brush constructed according to the invention comprises essentially a sleeve or holder portion and a brush portion in the strict sense of the term. The sleeve or equivalent part, which is of any t suitable material, is provided with means for holding or releasing, in a' simple and easy manner, the brush portion proper.

The brush portion may be made from natural libres or bristles, such as badger hair, textile or other material, to suitv requirements.

The brush portion is by preference previously treated with a soap solution and` then dried, so that it is only necessary to use plain water at the time .of shaving.

A safety band or the like may be stuck over the bristle portion. This may constitute a cap or pocket which wholly or partially covers the bristles, and which is so attached that it is necessary to tear or break it when the brush portion is to be used.

The accompanying drawing shows, by way of example, one constructional embodiment of the invention, but it is to be understood that any other forms or constructional embodiments depending upon the same-principle are included in the invention.V

In the drawings l f Fig lis a sectional elevation of the handle portion of the device.

Fig.V 2 is av bottom plan, with the fastening means inthe disengaged position. 1

Fig. 3 is apart sectionall view .ofllthe removable ring or holder.` F 1g. 4 1s a `corresponding plan.

Fig. 5 is a perspective viewillustrating the method of assembling the device. Y

l is a handle of any suitable rmaterial adapted to fit into the ring portion of thev bristle holder 2, by which the bristles 3 are carried. Y n

7 1s a bar carriedvby a rod 5 `rotatable in rATENT a longitudinal holein the handlel l. VIt

is held in position by a screw 4, the inner end of which screws into a hole in the rod 5;

The body of the screw 4 passes through an elongated slot 4', which enablesthe rod 5 to be rotated about its axis through a short 'i distance. 8 are diametrically opposite grooves or notches at the bottom of the handle, which in' one position of the bar 7 are clear of the endsthereof, as shown at Fig. 2, whilst in another position the 'Y ends of the bar 7 come over or beneath the notches for the purpose hereinafter explained. 6 is a spring which is so arranged that it tends normally to bring the bar 7 into the position with the ends thereof over orbelow the notches 8.

The upper portion 10 of the ring or holder 2 is provided with inwardly extending portions 9, which are of a size adapted to fit into the grooves or'notches 8, but which eX- tend downwards only .for a short distance, so that a lower step or edge 1l is formed as shown at Fig. 3.

The top ofthe bristle portion 3 is prot vided with a iliattened ,surface indicated, by 12, Fig. 3. n

The method of utilizing the device will be easily understood. The holder portion 2 may be supplied, with the bristlesin position, and the holder, which is of vcheap construction thrown away after each time of using; or the holder may be retained and the bristle portion before removalof the safety cap vbe inserted on each'occasion;

at Figs. 2 and 5. The ring of the holder is pushed intoposition With the projections 9 entering the-'grooves orlnotches 8, and When the parts have been pushed holne the screw 4: is released and ,under the influence of the spring 6 the bar Y7 turns so that its opposite ends lodge between theparts ll1 and l2, thus holding the bristle portion in position.

What Iv claim and desire to secure by Let- 'ters Patent of the `'United States of America 1s:- f In a shaving brush,the combination of a ih'andle .provided vWith a longitudinal hole, a spindle rotatable-in the lsaid hole and :provided =With 'a `bar .extending across the bottom:` of Tthe VVsaid handle, `means for rotatl'fin'g'lth'e 'said spindle through, a v'small are,

grooves at the edge of the handle adapted to be covered by the ends'of the bar in one position andfto be uncovered in another position thereof, a spring adapted to turn the bar into .the position Where the grooves are covered, a "cap like holder adapted to tit over the bottoin of the handle and yfurnished With a brush proper, the said holder being Aprovided 4with inwardly project-ing portions adapted to slide into the grooves in the bottom of the 'handle 'and so .formed .thatfthelbar carried by the handle isyadapt- 'ed :to engagethein under vthe yinfluence of the spring, 'substantiallyfas 'and for the purposesset'forth.

'In Witness whereof I aiiix :my `signature.


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U.S. Classification15/176.3
International ClassificationA46B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B15/00
European ClassificationA46B15/00