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Publication numberUS1566502 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1925
Filing dateApr 11, 1924
Publication numberUS 1566502 A, US 1566502A, US-A-1566502, US1566502 A, US1566502A
InventorsHazel E. Palmeb
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Natural-shell febftjme lamp
US 1566502 A
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."Dec. 22, 1925' H. E. PALMER NATURAL SHELL PERFUME LAMP Filed April ll, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet l II-VVENTOR. -Palmer ATTO EY.

Haze] E B'Y I Dec. 22,192.5"

1,566,502 H. E, PALMER NATURAL SHELL PERFUME LAMP Filed April 11, 1924 2 Sheets-sheet 2 INVENTOR.

Bfyazl EFal'mEr Acitizen of the United States, residing at HAZEL E. PALMER, OF


lxAtrUnAI.-SHELLA applicati@Y med April 1'1,

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, HAZEL E. PALME-R, a

Kansas City, in the county of Wyandotte and State of Kansas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Natural- Shell `Perfume Lamps, of which the following is a complete specification.

In general, the present invention relatesl to a new article of manufacture, which I have called, natural shell perfume'lamp, and includes among its many novel features a natural shell receptacle for liquid perfume or toilet water.

The primary obj ect of this invention is to provide a new and ornamental perfume lamp, composed entirely of natural shells and grouped about an incandescent electric liO'ht lamp in such a way as t0 resemble a large blossom. l

Another object of the invention is the provision of a novel `article of ornamentation, composed vin the main of natural shells and having the appearance ofva flower, which has a base andA supporting means formed'by the coiled stem of said flower.

A still further object of the present in-i vention is to provide a combination ornamental lamp and perfume burner, constructed of natural shells of di'erent shapes and tinted to lend harmony and blend with the n color of a particular light bulb which may be 'used to illuminate the creation and heat the perfume to a point of vaporization.

lVith these general objects in view, vas well as other objects which will appear in the course of the detailed specification, the invention will now be described with reference to the accompanyingdrawings illustrating but lone construction embodying the improvements, Yafter which the novel features of the same willbe set forth and defined in the appended claims.

In the drawings:

Figure' 1 is a front elevation of a perfume lamp Vconstructed in accordance withthis invention.

Fig. 2 is a top view of thesame.

Fig. 3 is a back view ofthe natural shell perfume lamp.

Fig. 4 is a vertical central section of a portion of the flower center, having parts broken away to clearly illustrate construction.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail view of the fiat shell unit; and

1924.* serial No. 765,9sa.

6 is fragmentary detail view of the` 2 center shell unit showing` lthe method4 of stringing.

Referring now Ato the drawings in detail, whereln similar' 'reference,characters refer to like parts throughout the several views,

these illustrate the construction of a natural shell'perfume lamp in one of its forms only, and it must ybe understood that natural sea or fresh water shells of any kind orrdescrip.-v

Lion may be .used to form the blossom proper whichy is supported by suitably coiling the' metal rod 7 to form a base 8 and stem 9.v l,

A smallelectric light socket 1() is attached by any suitable means or method to the up- PATENToFFIci-z.

per end of rod 7for thereception ofa lamp 11, colored to suit the desire of the'user and to harmonize with the coloring of the many shells grouped IaboutV it. Flower centers-12, bound tightly about theperipheryvof socket lOwby wire or other means 13, lie close to the base of lamp 11` to conceal socket 10 from view. RubberV and friction tape is further used to bind theV parts torod Tand socket 10.

One of thev most important features of this invention is the natural shell container 14, located adjacent lamp 11 wher'erliquid perfume (not here showin)- receivies heat and is vaporized. jIn this' particularvdesign', the shells used'are known as bleeding teeth shells and are supported' in contact witlrlamp 11, as shown in Fig. 4, by an ar'-A cuaterpliable vwire'or other suitable means 15, which .is used to adjust lthe container toward and away from thesource ofheat,

and thereby control the rapidity of evapora tion, land is bound toy rod 7 and socket 10A by tape or wire vas previously set forth.1 Y Twol of such containers are hereillustrated, ,but

any 'number may be used to suit the size and L design 0f the SheHWOfk, and by the. pliablefi wireI means of holding them,the containersv and amount of evaporation may be adjust? ed and controlled by removing or ,supplyingKA containers as desired.'

Arranged circurnferentially` around socket 10, are a plurality of shell units 16 comprising a number of spiral, cone-,shaped peri-` winkle or small conch univalvel shells .17, strung on wire 18 and bound to rod 7 to form an artistic flower center as shown in Fig. 1.

It has been found in practice, that these shells 17 may also be used to hold perfume either in a liquid state or on small tufts of tinting of all the shells.

v to be covered with glue before wrapping cotton. The lamp 11 will heat the same and cause evaporization when burning, and the same pleasing result is attained as by employing a special container. These units may be adjusted to cause the creation to assume different appearances resembling the different flowers, and to correspond to the particular kind of perfume being vaporized.

For leaves and the back of this shell flowfer, a number of bivalve cockel or similar semirflat shells 19 may be used, which are also grouped in units and haver from three to 4'live shells strung on wire 20 as illustrated in Fig. 4. These units are arranged around rod 7 and bound thereto by wire 21.

All the exposed wires 20, wires 1.5, and rod 7 are wrapped with green chenille 22, thus giving a more natural appearance to the creation.

`This naturalv effect is Vaugme-nted by the F or instance, the bivalve shells 19 are tinted green with suitable touches of blue or other color to give an artistic touch, While j the center periwinkle shells 17 are given other shades such as yellow, pink, purple or gold to resemble natural flower colors. All tinting and paint-T ing is done with glossy colors to give sparkle to the lamp.

As will be noticed from the drawings, the shells are drilled to provide means for Stringing them on the wires, and the units are preferably 'wrapped with ribbon or Achenille 22 before they are bound around the socket l10 and supporting rod 7. It has been found advisable to coat the wire or rod with the binding material.

Cotton Vcovered wire should be used in the case of the wire 18, which permits its being painted the same color as shells 17.

, VVVhile I have illustrated and described Vwhat now is deemed to constitute one ofthe preferred forms of embodiment Aof the invention, I desire to reserve the right to make all such formal changes or modifications as may fairly fall within the scope of the appended claims.

vHaving described the invention, what' I claim is: j

1. In a perfume lamp having means for heating and lighting said lamp, a plurality of natural shell containers for the liquid to be vapori'zed, veach of said nat-ural'shell containers being supported in contact with said heating and lighting means by an arcuate pliable connection, whereby the container may be adjusted toward and away from the center therefor having a lamp disposed at an angle andrigidly attached to the coiled support of said body and a perfume container carried in a horizontal Vplane with a portion only of its arcuate bottom in contact with said lamp. v

4. In a perfume lamp of the kind described, the combination with a blossom shaped body composed of natural shells and having a coiled support, of a center therefor having a lamp ydisposed at an angle and rigidly attached to the upper end of said coiled support, a natural shell perfume container having perforations therein, means engaging said perforations and'attached to said coiled support 'whereby the perfume container may be adjusted to the desired proximity to said lamp.

5. In a perfume lamp ofthe kind described, the combinationk with a blossom shaped body composed of natural shells and having acoiled support resembling a blossom stem, of a center therefor havinga lamp disposed at an angle and rigidly attached at the upper end of said coiled support, a perfume container having perforations in its side adjacent the rim, a -pliable wire support passing through sai-d perforations and twisted back upon itself to form an adjustable means for attaching said container to the coiled support, whereby said perfume container may be adjusted to the desired proX- formed about said heating and lighting lamp V to form an imitation blossom corresponding to the kind of perfume being vaporized by the `heat from said lamp. l

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand this ath day of April, 1924i.y


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