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Publication numberUS1567169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1925
Filing dateDec 29, 1924
Priority dateDec 29, 1924
Publication numberUS 1567169 A, US 1567169A, US-A-1567169, US1567169 A, US1567169A
InventorsPatterson Ralph R
Original AssigneePatterson Ralph R
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Rear-view mirror
US 1567169 A
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Dec. 29, 1925' 1,567,3 5

. R. R. PATTERSQN REAR VIEW MIRROR Filed Dec. 29, 1924 ,z NVENI'OR PMLPH E. PATTE may hatented Dec. 2%, ihiffi.

nnivsn srnrassarnnr orsics.



Application filed December 29, 1924. Serial No. 758,612.

To all whom it may concern: my glass member 8, the apertures 9 and 10 Be it known that I, RALPH Rflnsmnnson, therein being positioned to register with the a citizen'ot' the United States, and a resident screw holes into which the screws originally or the city of Alameda, in the countyof securing the stop in position projected, therea Alameda, State of California, have invented by avolding the necessity for drilling new certain new and useful Improvements in holes in the body of the vehicle and render- Rear-View M rnrs, of which the following ing my device easy and simple to position is a. specification. for use.

My invention relates primarily to devices In substituting my device for the usual to by means of which the driver of an auto window stop, not shown, the screws '11, vehicle, more particularly 'auto vehicles which originally held the usual stop posi- ""equipped with closed bodies, may obtain a tioned at each end, are passed through the view'oit the roadway at the rear of his own washers l2 and the apertures 9 and 10 and vehicle, and the object thereof is to provide are then, by means of a screw driver, a cheap, simple and efiicient device for this tightened, and the device is ready for use.


purpose which may be positioned for use The position of the mirror, relative to the without any alteration in the vehicle body car-body, adapts it to reflect images of oband which may be easily and quickly sejects located rearwardly and received along cured in its place of use.- the side of the body of the car. In descend- Other objects and advantages will aping from the car the driver may, by looking pear hereinafter and, while I have shown into my device, have a view of the traflic I and will describe the preferred form. of my approaching from the rear at all times. Due invention, I wish it understood that I do to the fact that the device ispositioned subnot limit myself to such preferred form, but stantially parallel with the windshield, he that various changes and adaptations may may 'when rlriving observe traffic approachbe madetherein without departing from the ing from the rear without removing his spirit of my invention. attention from the road ahead, thereby In the drawings accompanying and formavoiding any possibility of accident. ing a part hereof: Having described my invention, what I ig. 1 is a fragmentary perspective View claim is:

of a vehicieequip'ped with a closed body 1. The combination with a vehicle-body showing my device positioned for use. and'a window thereof, of a rear view mirror Fig. 2 is a perspective view of my device comprising. a --strip of reflective material detached'fromits place of use. mounted within said window and constitut- Fig. 3.. is a section on the line 3-3 of ing astop therefor. Fig. 2, also showing the method of securing 2. The combination with a closed vehiclemy device in position for use. body and a window thereof, of a rear'view I Referring to the drawings, 5 indicates thexmirror comprising a strip of reflective mafiont door of a closed vehicle body, 6 the terial mounted within said window, ad- 40 window opening-therein. and 7 the glass jacent the windshield, and constitutii'igone i forming the window, which is shown in its of the stops therefor and so positioned as lowered position within the recess formed to reflect images of objects locatedrearwardwithin the door for its reception. lv and received along the side of the vehicle My device comprises a strip of glass 8, in a direction permitting said images to be 45 the-rear side of which is silvered to form a viewed by said vehicles driver.

'mirror. Strip 8 is provided with holes 9 3. The combination with a closed vehicleand 10, one at cachend thereof through body and a windowthereofiof a rear view which are passed the screws 11. lVashers mirror comprising a strip of reflective ma- 12 are mounted on the outer side of strip 8 terial mounted within the window-opening 59 and receive the head of the screws 1-]. adjacent to and substantially parallel with In positioning my device I prefer to rethe windshield of said vehicle, as. and for more the usual window stop at the front thepurpose specified. side of the Window and substitute therefor i. The combination with a closed vehicle mamw bifly ant a Window and window-frame to reflect images of rarwardly appruacisthereai", 0f 1% rear View mirror comprising a, ing irafic rearward strips? reflective material nmunted' within In Witness that I claim the; fmegoing, 1 the Window-frame adjacent th wimishield have hereunto set my hand hi5 23rd day 0;? said vehicles and constituting one of the of December, 192%.

sops for the guidance of sa-M windcw, in

mising and Flowering, and. so posiiiofied as RALPH PATTERSQN.

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U.S. Classification359/871, 296/200, 296/152
International ClassificationB60R1/04, B60R1/02
Cooperative ClassificationB60R1/04
European ClassificationB60R1/04