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Publication numberUS1567248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1925
Filing dateApr 7, 1925
Priority dateApr 7, 1925
Publication numberUS 1567248 A, US 1567248A, US-A-1567248, US1567248 A, US1567248A
InventorsDahlman Joseph A
Original AssigneeDahlman Joseph A
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Golf club
US 1567248 A
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Dec. 29 1925.

' J. A. DAHLMAN 1567248 GOLF CLUB Filed April 7, 1925 Patented Dec. Z9, 19.25.



Application filed April 7, 1925. Serial No. 21,335.

receptacles for fillers for increasing their gravity, or for shifting their' centers of gravity to change the balance of the club head. -It has fora further object the establishing of the weights in the club head in such manner as to assure rigidity and permanence of their position therein against accidental displacement, but subject to convenient removal if desired. With these and other objects in view it consists of the following constructions, combinations and arrangement-s of parts. I In Athe drawings, Fig. 1 is a central vertical transverse section through a club head embodying my invention. -F ig. 2 is a central horizontal section of the same partly in elevation. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the front or striking face of said club head. Fig. 4: is a modified form of the hereinafter described Abolt head or striking head embodied in said invention. Fig. 5 is a rear, or yfollowing side elevation of said club head. Fig.A 6 is a modied form of the hereinafter described rear weight or insert. Fig. 7 is a top plan view partly in section of a modilied form of the hereinafter described bolt. In the drawings, 1 is the body portion of a golfclub of any suitable form or ma',

ject the provision of weights provided with of said members, and an externally threaded traction screw 5 extending through the other of said members into threaded e1igagenient with said internally threaded 6 screw, by means of which traction members the striking' head and the rear weight may be drawn toward each other and tightly into recesses provided for them in said body portion and be there retained. Said strikv ing head is preferably provided with a plurality of shoulders as 2, 21 and 2, of any desired member, whereby greater depth of solid metal may be secured at the striking center of the head than at the periphery, thus providing density where it is most required without making the entire head too heavy. Either or both of said shoulders 2b 2 may, if desired, be omitted within the spirit and scope of certain of my claims. A short space is preferably left opposite the free end of said internally threaded traction member to permit of taking up any play of said strikinghead or rear weight which might result from shrinking of the wood.

Further, the striking head and the following weight may have recesses formed in any suitable positions therein, as at 2d, 3a in the modified forms thereof (Figs. t and 6, respectively), to receive fillers of metal for correcting the balance. That is, when the recesses are empty, the weights may be balanced around their central axes, and if it is desired to have more weight on one side of the central axis, the recess on that side lmay be filled. If desired, said recesses may be filled with lead or other comparatively heavy material at opposite sides of the axis, merely to increase the weight without chang ing the balance. The internally threaded traction member mayl also be partly filled with. a greater or less volume of inserted weighting material beyond the inward end of the externally threaded traction member, as with solid lead or lead discs, 6, or shot held in position by a wad interposed, 7, between the said discs and the inward end of said externally threaded screw (Fig. T). Or if desired, the inward end of the bore of t-he internally threaded traction member may be plugged with cork or other light substance, followed by lead discs or other suitable weighting substance between said cork and the inward end of said externally Ul threaded screw, thus throwing the additional weight forward or backward in Said traethreaded tion member asdesired, it rbeing understood that variations in growing conditions,A age, and seasoning of the Wood bodies and slight variations in contours or dimensions of club heads made of the same variety ofWood and approximately of the same dimensions tends to produce variations in balance Which make compensating adjustments of the' Weights highly desirable. It appears further that by the long and very rapid swingof the club through the air any, slight defect in balance is accentuated in efect'b-y Vthe long and Yrapid svvingof the club through ythe air, in a inanner more orless similar to the effect on a vessel caused by faulty trim or1 a biased helm. [It is desirable that'the finervadjustments offsaid vveights 'sfhallbe' made, the

luser of the club, or by professional .club

makers afterfthe indiyidualclub V.has been tried outby its. owner. l'Lhe 'importance of the ,L adaptability of rny 'invention fon suoli Vadjustnrients' Vwill therefore be' obvious. VThe striking head and rear Weight may be of anysuitable or desired contonrs shapes respectively. 4It'vvill be further obvious that Said invention may bev 1ni''idified in various particulars Within the'spiritfand scope of, Certain ofiny claims.

Yl. In a golf club, the combination ofI a lclub headbody portion, a striking head member inserted in :,tlie' front face thereof, 'a

rearjveight inserted theI rearlfaee thereof, an internally threaded traction member atmember inserted tightly into' a coneentric '.Waflly dfeeted nee l trie" ,ledueed portier 'formedlthereo-nfa rear Weight tightlyunserted .in a cdncentric reee'ssgfo-rinedfinthe :iearxfface of body portion, internally threaded l traction member 4fatta che'd "to` one of said members and exvteiidiiigftovvai'd the other of said members, land t"an 'externally d traction' "member extending through `said other` of saidmeinbeisan in tjo engagement .ivit'h fsaid fhiteriially lthieaded member.

'8f In a golf club, the combination of a club head 'body y portion, `ai 'i striking Weight member inserted in the front vface `-tlie'ieot face of saidbody portion, an Tinternally threaded traction member attached at one end toI` one of said members and extending through said body portion toward said rear Weightmember, an externally threaded tracrear Weight inserted in the rear face of said body portion, and tractionineans for drawing saidweights toward each other, said recess beingjadapted to receive a load 1nsert Whereby'one side of said striking Weight may be made heavier than the other.

V5. 4Ina golf club, the Vc'zombination Witlra =club headbody portion, of a striking Weight, a',V load insertextending into the side of said weight, and means for` securing 'said ,strikingvveig'ht in said body portion. i

f6. In agolf club, the combination `with a club 'head body Y portion, o-f a weight rin- `sert ed` in the rear face[thereof, said Weight havinga ,recess formedin one of its Sides adapted to receivea load insert, and means for holdiii g said rearvvveight insaid body portion.

7. In a golf club, the combination of a elub' kheadjbody portion, a striking v Weight member, inserted in the 'front face thereof, a rear Weight inserted in the .rearface of said body portion,y traction means compris- Ving 'an internally threaded 'and A'an externally threaded `member'for drawing` said Weightii'iserted in said internally threaded member in advance of said externally threaded niemben 8.!'In a golf c lub, t l i e combination with a elub head body portion, of a striking iveightmernber inserted in the front .face

fthereofeafrear `v'veight member inserted in thefre'ar `face thereof, a tvvoparttraction "inenlib er extending through 'Bone of vsaid Weights and attached to the other of'said Weights,y and separateloading element inserted in one'of'said members."

9. In a golf club,'fthe combination with a club; head body portion, of ya striking Weight Ymember inserted in the front :face

thereof, a rear Weight inenjibei',inserted in theiear f ace ofsaid body portion, a tivopart ytraction 'inember lextending through 'o1i c. of said -AWeights ,and lattached 'to 'the 'other of `said Weights, and separ'ate loading elements' Iinserted in 4al 4plurality fof said members.

Weights towardl each other, and a separate

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