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Publication numberUS1568167 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1926
Filing dateApr 6, 1925
Priority dateApr 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1568167 A, US 1568167A, US-A-1568167, US1568167 A, US1568167A
InventorsJoseph Kunkle
Original AssigneeJoseph Kunkle
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Ironing board
US 1568167 A
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J. KUNKLE Jan. 5, 1926.

IRONI NG BOARD Filed April G, 1925 y /4 (Z K5 E nuemoz Jose/'Uh Kun/fle Patented Jan. 5, 1926.




To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, JOSEPH KUNKLE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Indianapolis, in the county of Marion and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ironing construction, rigid and durable in use and which may be quickly folded so as to occupy only a small space.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, which are made a part hereof and on which similar reference characters indicate similar parts,

Figure 1 is a perspective of my device in open position,

Figure 2, a vertical longitudinal section,

Figure 3, a similar section of the device in folded position, and

Figure 4f, a detail of parts shown in the other figures.

In the drawings reference character 1() indicates what may for convenience be referred to as the table section on which are spread the clothes to be ironed. This table is secured by one or more hinges 11 to a cross bar 12 fixed at its ends to posts 13 which rest on the floor and are secured together at their lower ends by means of a cross bar 14;.

A hinge 15 is attached to the lower part of the cross-bar 12 and serves to secure a brace 16 in pivoted relation to the hinge. A pair of braces 17 are pivotally secured at their upper ends to table 10 by means of hinges 18 and have openingsapproximately midway of their length registering with an opening at 19 in the brace 16 to receive a pin or bolt 20 by means of which the braces are held against collapsing. The parts adjacent the opening are reenforced in conventional manner by means of strips of sheet metal or other suitable material, as indicated at 21. At their lower ends the braces 17 are connected by a U-shaped strip of metal 22 which has its extremities bent at an obtuse angle so as to lie flat upon the cross bar 14. A plurality of pins or lugs 23 extend upward through orifices in the bent parts of the member 22 and these pins are provided with registering apertures t0 Application med' April 6, 1925. serial No. 21,189.

receive a pin 241 which extends over the .member 22 and holds the lower end of braces 17 in place on the cross-bar 14.

The brace 16 is provided at 25 with a staple or analogous holding device to which a rod 26 is pivotally connected. At its free end the rod has an eye fitting over the middle one of lugs 23, the pin 2-1 passing above said eye and holding the rod 26 in place at that end whereby the rod provides bracing means for holding the members 14 and 16 in correct relative position. An apertured `tug 27 at the upper end of the brace 16 serves to receive the eye when the board is in folded position and a pin is located in the aperture to prevent disengagement of the eye of said rod 26.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various changes may be made in my device withoutdeparting from the spirit of the invention and therefore I do not limit myself to what is shown in the drawings and described in the specification but only as indicated in the appended claims.

Having thus fully described my said invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A folding ironing board comprising a table section, a pair of posts for supporting the same, cross-bars connecting said posts at their upper and lower ends, pivotal connections between the upper cross-bar and the rear end of the board, a. pair of braces pivotally connected to the board, a U-shaped metallic strip connecting said braces near their free ends and having its extremities bent to rest on the lower cross-bar, apertured lugs on the cross-bar adapted to enter orifices in said extremities, a pin passing` through the apertures in such lugs for hold ing the braces in position, a brace pivotally connected to the upper cross-bar and eXtending forward underneath the ironing board said brace crossing the first-named braces, and a rod pivotally connected to the lastname-d brace adjacent its forward end said rod having an eye at its free end, an apertured lug in line with said first-named lugs on the lower crossbar to receive said eye said pin passing through said aperture above said eye on the rod, substantially as set forth.

2. A folding ironing board comprising a. table section, a support adjacent one end thereof pivotally connectedL 'to the table to fold up underneath the same, a brace pivot* ally connected to the table and detuchably connected to said support adjacent its lower end, an :Lpertured lug on the support engitging an aperture in said brace, e lug on said support having an aperture in line With that of the first-named lug, a brace pivoted adjacent one end of the table and cooperating with the first-named brace for supporting the table, a rod connected to the last-named brace said rod having an eye embracing Jdie last-nzuned lug, and u pin passing through the apertures in said lugs for securing the rod and the iirst-named bruce in the open position of the table, substantially as set forth.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Indianapolis, Indiana, this 1st day of April, A. D. nineteen hundred and tWenty-ve.

his JOSEPH KUNKLE. [n s] mark

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U.S. Classification108/121
International ClassificationD06F81/00, D06F81/02
Cooperative ClassificationD06F81/02
European ClassificationD06F81/02