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Publication numberUS1569942 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1926
Filing dateAug 20, 1925
Priority dateAug 20, 1925
Publication numberUS 1569942 A, US 1569942A, US-A-1569942, US1569942 A, US1569942A
InventorsJosephine M Barnhill
Original AssigneeFrederick A Brinkman
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Reversible hat
US 1569942 A
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Jan, 19 1926.

J. M. BARNHILL REVERS IBLE HAT Filed `August 20, 1925 W.. un".

attac/nag Patented J an.



To all whom it mag/'P0oncem: n

Be it known that I, J osEPHINE M.B`ARN yHILL,`a citizen of the United States, residing at', San Francisco, in the i county :of San Francisco and State of California, have invented 'certain new. and useful Improvements in Reversible Hats, of which the ollowing` is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings. l0

the general object of the invention being to f rovide va hat or cap which is capable of being reversed or ,turnedi inside out and l5 under ,these circumstances will be somewhat dierent from what it is when it is turnedthe other way andwhich has abrim so con- --structedvthat Vit may be changed ,in'manydifferent ways `to thereby secure' various n eects'.

A further object is' toy providev a hatJ with. a brim of two colors so arranged that the. bri'm may be adjusted so as to show one color of this character which is readily adjustable y arranged as tov show Va'brim having exteriorly the same color as the body o-the hat but A with a lining of a different color;

Figure 3 is a perspective View of the hat shown inFigure 2 and reversed so that the brim has an outer lining of a colorl distincf tive from the' body of the hat;

Referring to Figure 1, it will be seen that the hat consists of the body or crown 10, which is preferably made of soft and flexible material like light felt, and made in se ments 11 sewed together soy as toform t eA body; orrcrown of the hat. The lbrim 12fof the' hat is sewed t0 the lower edge of the segments along the. line 13-and this brim 12 may -be'of the same color as thebody of the This invention relates to hats Aand caps,` vand particularly toa convertible 'hat orcap,

accordance 'with my in.

I Application meaning/c 2o, i925. serial No. 51,483-

'i hat. The crown of the; hat-at a point adjacent thelower seam 13 `and\at' the rearof the hat 1s unsewed so as to'leave a V-shaped notch 14. The brim 12 'is` left-unsewed from the space 15, or inother words this brim is not stitched at one side of `the brim up to the edge of the margin of the notch 14.

The brim 12 is extended beyond this pord tion 14, as atl6, so as toform tabs of a width practically uniform with that of the` brim 'and sewed to one face of thebrim at the junction ofthe crownwith the vbrim is a second brim or lining 17,ftheouter edge,

however, being free from attachment to'fthe brim 12,- and this lining brim,17 has tabs-18 .which are, less in length than the tabs 16.

These tabs 18 may be ornamented by apertures .19.' vBoth the brim 12 and the brim 17 are Vtransversely slotted at'20 vso aslto form a relatively long slot extending transversely across 4 the brim andthe material of the brims 17 and12 slot, -as at 21.

f By having'jthe two brims 12 and `17 and having these brims unattached to each other for the vgreater portion of their length ex. cept. at the inner margins of the two brims are sewed all around thisv in Y vadjacent the crownof the hat, it is possible l .to separately manipulate these brims so as to have,l for instance, one brim turned up and the other brim turned down and thus some very odd and interestingeifects may be secured with-the hat, particularly where the two brims are made of different colored materials. It is to be noted that the segmental sections from which the crown ofthe hat is formed lprovide a plurality of radially extending seams which, when the brim of the hatis `contracted by the insertion of one tab through the slit 21, causes the crown of the hat't'otend to Ifold' on the line of these seams,

thus-'doing away with any -folding of thebody' ofthe 4crown whichwould seen' to be. accidental or would `marlthe symmetry of the hat. fIt will likewise be notedthat the tabs have a width greater than the length of the slot 21 so that the tab must be folded vin order to pass` through this slotand expands after lit 'is passed through thel slot, as

'shown in Figure 3, sojthat 4to some extent roo f this tab is anchored within the slot and will 'not pull out' and does not need any addiand then the tabs 16a and 18Il which constitute the otherend of the brim from the tabs 16 and 18 may be inserted through the aperture 2O and there will be presented a hat having, for instance, a gray body and a brim which on its inside' face is gray and on its outside face may be any contrasting color as, for instance, orange and there will be at the side of the hat what constitutes a bow formed by the insertion of the tabs 16a and 18" through the opening 20, this bow being formed by an orange facing lying Y upon a gray background. The hat may be turned so that this imitation bow may be eitherdisposed tothe side of the hat, at the front of the hat, or at the back of the hat, and it will be understood that the brim may be partially turned down, only showing the orange or vother colored facing 17 at one side or rear or at the front, or it may be turned up all the way round, as shown 1n Figure 2, so as to show the orange facing entirely around the brim.

In Figure 2, I have illustrated another manner of arranging the hat wherein the hat is turned inside out with reference to the'manner in which it is used in -Figure 3 and wherein the orange facing is disposed entirely upon the inside of the'trim and the brim turned upward all the way around but showing a gray bow with an oran e 1ining and the brim having an orange ining or facing. Here, again, the brim may be turned u on one side and down on the other side or t e hat may be shaped in various ways inasmuch as it is made of soft felt so that thehat is adapted to a large variety of styles. v l

It will be understood also that in certain circumstances the outer' brim might be turned down and the inner brim turned up around the body ofthe hat for a part of its length and thus diierent effects be secured. It will be seen that this hat, therefore, is capable of being formed into a large number of different shapes or styles so as to suit any particular person or character of face. Furthermore, by forming the notch 14 'as disclosed and having the tabs 16 and 18Il passing through the slot 20, it is possible to contract the run of the crown so as to make the hat tit small heads or to allow the rim of the crown to expand so that it will tit larger heads, and thus the hat is adjustable as to size.

The hat is particularly adapted for use where certain combinations of colors are regarded as the ofiicial colors of a convention, meeting, commencement orthe like, as whiley the hat may combine these colors it is at the same time changeable into a lar e number of different forms. I obviousl o not wish to be limited to the materials rom which the hat is made or to any special colors, nor to details of construction, as these might be changed in many ways without departing from the spirit of the invention' as defined in the appended claims. Thus I do not wish to be limited to the use of a crownmade of a plurality of segmental pieces stitched to each other' of segments 11. lThe crown might be made of a single piece. Furthermore, while under some c1rcumstances, as stated above, it is desirable to have the brim formed of'an outer ortion and an inner portion, either of w 'ch can be displayed, I/do not wish to be limited to this, as the brim might consist of merely one layer of'material having a member at one end formed with an opening to receive the extendedother end of the brim, or in other words abrim may be made of a single piece of material formed with tabs 16 and 16a having at one end an aperture formed therein or carried thereby through which the other tab might be passed; This would secure an adjustable crown and would permit the reversing of the hat.

1. A hat having a crown of soft and ilexible material and having a brim formed of two thicknesses of soft and iiexible material of different colors, thehat 'being reversible to bring either face of the brim outside, the

two thicknesses of the brim being unattached to each other except at the junction with the crown throughout nearly the entire extent of the brim to permit independent manipulation of these two thicknesses.

2. A hat having a brim 'of soft and ilexible material formed of two thicknesses of material free from attachment to each other except*` at the function with the crown throughout near y the entire extent of the brim each thickness ending at its opposite ends in tabs adapted to overlap the opposed tabs, the brim at one end'adjacent the base of one of the pairs of tabs being formed with a transversely extending slot through which the other pair of tabs may be inserted to thereby constitute the similitude of a bow.

3. A hat having a crown of soft and ilexible material formed of segmental sections stitched to each other from the center of the top of the crown downward to the margin thereof, the crown at one point in its margin having a V-shaped notch, the point of the V-sheped notch coinciding with one of the insertion therethrough of the other tab the seams between two of the segmental porwhereby the hat may' be drawn up to change tions of the crown, the brim of the hat'opits size. Y

posite said notch being separated from the In testimony whereof I hereunto aix my b crown and being extended to form two tabs, signature.

the brim et its junction with one of sai-d Y tabs being transversely lslotted to permit Y JOSEPHlNE M. BARNHILL..

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