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Publication numberUS1570515 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1926
Filing dateApr 28, 1925
Priority dateApr 28, 1925
Publication numberUS 1570515 A, US 1570515A, US-A-1570515, US1570515 A, US1570515A
InventorsEllie Meltzer
Original AssigneeEllie Meltzer
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Hand bag
US 1570515 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

' Patented vJam. 19, 1926. j'

To all 'whom' it Amay conce-m:




c Application mea April za-1922s.'` serial ne. 26,457..

Be it known that I, ELLIEMELTZER, a citizen of Russia,van d a resident of. the city of New York, borough of Manhattan, in the county and State of New York, have invented a`new and Improved Hand Bag, f which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

. This invention relates to ladies hand bags and has for an vobject to provide an improved construction wherein the parts are so formed that they may be adjusted to convert the bag from a leather 4bag toa cloth bag and the reverse.

Another object of the invention is to provide a hand bag formed of at leasttwo different materials and provided with an arrangement' of flaps and4 associated parts which may be adjusted to present to view either of two covering materials sothat the bag will appear for instance, as a leather bag or a cloth covered bag.

In the accompanying drawing- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a bag disclosing an embodiment of the invention,

one of the flaps being shown partly un-v folded.

Figure 2 is a view with both of the iiaps turned over so as to occupy a position beneath the main body as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a sectional view through Figure 1, taken approximately on line 3-3, the covering lap being shown closed.

Figure 4 is a sectional view through the bag in its adjusted position, the same being taken on section 4 4 of Figure 2.

Referring tothe accompanying drawing by numerals, 1 indicates what may be termed a pocketbook structure, the same beingof any desired kind. This structure is provided with flanges or sections 2 and 3 extending to a position near the bottom of the main part of the pocketbook and at that point secured to side members 4 and 5 which form the outside members of the pocketbook 1 so as to complete the openings or pockets 6 and 7 while the main pocket 8 is closed by suitable fasteners 9. The side member 4, as shown in Figure 3, extends from the bottom of the pocket past the fasteners 9, across the top of the pocketbook where it presents a section l0 and down over the opposite side where it presents a Hap 11. yIn orming the side 4, the same may be made from two different materials,' as for instance, from a .strip of leather'12 and astri 13 of cloth which is preferably lSilk thouglh -it-4 could be \of otherrv material without departing :from

the spirit of the invention. i

As shown in Figure 3, the side member 5 is bent back on itself'at 14whereby it presents a covering flap 15 held inplace by a strap 16 stitched or otherwise secured at 17 to member '3 and also tothe side`.5. The free end'of the strap 16 is provided with a socket 18 adapted toreceive the stud 19, which stud is permanently connected with a covering flap 15,.-l The covering flap 15 is also provided with a socket 20 adapted to receive a vstud 21 permanently'secured to the flap 11. The strap 16 on one surface consists of cloth, as for instance, silk, and on the otherleather.

When the parts have been adjusted as shown in Figures 1 and 3, the bag appears to be a complete leather ba When the two iaps 11 and 15 are turned rom the position shown in Figures 1 and 3 to that shown in Figures 2 and 4, the leather members will be facing inwardly and the cloth portions outwardly so as to present what appears to be a silk bag. l/Vhen the parts are turned to the position just described, the socket 22 will be positioned to receive the stud 19 while the stud- 21 lits into the socket 18 of strap 16. It will, therefore, be noted that vby merely reversing or turning over flaps 11 and 15 from the position shown in Figure 1 to that shown in Figure 2 will in effect., convert the bag from a leather vhand bag to a cloth covered hand bag. l/Vhen the flaps are moved in a reverse direction, a leather 2. A ladys hand bag capable of being 100 adjusted to present a leather or a cloth covered structure, said bag comprising a pocketbook structure, a pair ofy side members therefor, each of the sidemembers being formed with a leather `facing and a .cloth facing, 105

each of said side members being also formed .with a flap, and'means capable of engaging either of said flaps for holding the .same againstv either of the sides of the pocketbook whereby when theA flaps are adjusted to `book, a pair of side members each ormed with a flap substantially as long as the side members, and means including a strap for holding either of said flaps against the resnap fasteners for'holding said closure memspective sides of said pocketbook.

4. A ladys hand bac, comprising a pocketbook structure providDed with a pair of side members, each of said side members being formed from a lpiece of leather on one face and cloth on t e opposite face, said side members bein substantially twice the width of the pocket ook structure, said side members being foldable on themselves sol as to act as a covering member, and means in'- cluding a strap acting to hold one of said side members folded upon itself while allowingthe other side member to act as a closure flap for the hand bag.

5. A ladys hand bag, comprising a ocketbook structur'e, .a cover therefor ormed twice as wide as the pocketbook structure and constructed of leather on one face and cloth on the opposite face, the extra width of said side members acting alternately as closure flaps and alternatelyT as a coveringv structure, means including a strap for holding said flaps in position as covering structures, and means for holding said flaps each of said side members having a facing of leather and a facing of cloth, a portion of said side members projecting beyond the Y pocketbook acting at one time as a closure ap and at'another as a covering member,

bers in a closed position, and a single strap connected with said pocketbookV adapted to be folded in either of two directions for holding the covering members folded and `agalinst the respective sides of the pocket- 7 A ladys hand bag, comprising a ocketbook structure, a cover therefor, sai cover including a pair of fla s as long as the pocketbook structure, eac of said flaps vbeing constructed of leather on one face and cloth on the o posite face, and means for securing said aps in position so as to expose either face to view whereby when arranged in one position the cloth will be exposed to View and the bag will appear as a cloth bag and when arranged in another position the leather face will appear and the bag will present the appearance of a leather bag.


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U.S. Classification150/105
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