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Publication numberUS1571335 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1926
Filing dateMay 23, 1925
Priority dateMay 23, 1925
Publication numberUS 1571335 A, US 1571335A, US-A-1571335, US1571335 A, US1571335A
InventorsJarvis Roger E
Original AssigneeE J Blake
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Covering for plumbing fixtures and the like
US 1571335 A
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Patented Feb. 2, 192e. i l 1,571,335 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.




Application filed.v May 23, 1925. Serial No. 32,311.

To all whom t may concern.' Figure 2, is a cross sectional view of the 55 Be it known that I, Room: E. JARvis, a same. citizen of the United States, resldlng at St. Figure 3, is a sectional perspective vieuv Louis, State of Missouri, have invented cerof a tub with the covering in position.

tain new and useful Improvements in a Figure 4 is an enlarged detail sectional Covering for Plumbing Fixtures and the View of the insert end of a fixture will e." like, of which the following is a specificathe covering in position.

' tion. Figure 5, is a perspective view of the cov- This invention relates to improvements ering with parts brokenaway and in sccin a protector for plumbing fixtures and tion.

the like and has for its object a covering Figure G, is a detail sectional view of composed of a material sufficiently soft and a portion of a fixture showing the covering pliable to protect the surface of the fixture passing over the faucet for protecting thc from outer contact and to preserve the fixfitting.

ture during the construction of the building Figure 7, is a detail edge view of the covin Which the fixture is installed. ering material. During the erection of a building and `Figure 8, is a detail edge view of the particular in equipping a bath room with covering as constructed of corrugated ma'- the necessary fixtures, and especially Where terial. Y

20 the fixtures are what is termed a built in In the general construction of my invenfixture, such fixture must be set in place tion I provide a protector for plumbing fix* before the interior of the room is finished, tures in the form of a covering 9 composed and it has been found from vast experience 0f a sufficiently soft material yet of such that the outer surface of the fixture has been Consistency as to retain its shape when 25 marred and mutilated by the Workmen by pressed into form.

throwing material and tools in the fixtures This Covering is shaped to conform to and scratching and chipping the enamel the shape of the fixture and is placed in pothus causing a dispute as to whom Should sition4 when the fixture is set in position in stand the' damage done which necessitates the room during the erection of the buil l- 30 lthe removal and replacement of such daming, and in the illustration I show for exaged fixture. ample a bath tub which is the most im- In order to avoid this I have conceived portant as tubs of this kind must be set in the idea of making a covering which correposition while the room is in the rough with spends with the shape ofthe fixture complete- One edge 10 0f the tub projecting into the 35 ly-covering the outer surface, and after the Will] 11 gob has been completed the covering can be When the tub is so set the covering 9 is 90 readily and easily removed and the fixture alSO Placed in pOSitOIl With its one edge Wi11bein perfect Condition, l2 also extending into the Wall, this vedge This material may be composed of a heavy 1s of very thin construction so that the same paper which will retain its shape when in can be Cut It the POH indicated bv the pressed formation, 0f a, ber, or of corfuarrow after the Wall has been finished. 95 gated construction 0r 0f any material other Tile essential feature Of my invention' is than solid metal, but such material must t0 provide a covering to conform t0 the retain sufficient softness as to protect the Shape of the fixture, and to protect the Outer r Hmsblof the @muren finished surface thereof, and to keep the This eovermg is especially desirable for fixture perfectly clean and unscratched vor '100 protecting built in bath tubs, lavatories, Chipped f sinks and miscellaneous plumbing fixtures As a practical plumber I have found from and the covering 1s made to conform with experience that Workmen Iof the buildjno the shape of the 1ndividual article. trades are very careless so far as protecting Referring. to the drawings, veryA costly and highly finished especially Figure 1 1s a perspective view of a'built enameled fixtures. During the construction in bath tub/showing the application of my of the room after the fixture has been set, p inventlon. all kinds of material, tools, sand, tile and the like is thrown into the fixture and the workmen with their heavy work shoes stand in the fixtures thereby scratching the s'urface and in many instances chip the enamel, consequently the owner will not accept the fixture and it necessitates removing the same and anew one, replaced with much loss to the plumbing contractor.

On this account many disputes have arisen as to who damaged the fixture finally ending with no satisfactory result.

With a covering as herein disciosed I l avoid all difficulties as the material is of strength and durability as Ato stand such handling and removes all disputes.

In Figures 7 and 8 I show edge views of the material of which the covering is formed, it may be of a heavy paper formation, of a fibrous formation or of corrugated formation and so treated as to retain its shape when pressed to conform with the shape of the desired fixture. The covering is sufficiently soft so as not to scratch the surface of the fixture when pressure is applied on the outside of the covering by material or contact with the feet.

Having fully described my invention what I claim is:

1. A protector for plumbing fixtures comprising a covering shaped to conform to the contour of the fixture and of sufficiently soft material as to protect the surface of the fixture, said covering having its one edge embedded in the wall for supporting the same in position and for protection to' the fixture while finishing the interior of the room. l

2. A protector for plumbing fixtures comprising a covering of non-metallic material shaped to conform to the outer contour of a fixture, a feather edge formed on that portion which contacts with the Wall of a room, said edge embedded in the wall with the edge of the fixture and to be cut off when .the room is completed, said covering protecting the surface of the fixture from outer contact during the finishing of the room in-v terior substantially as specified.

In witness whereof I hereunto set 'my hand.


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