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Publication numberUS1571937 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1926
Filing dateNov 16, 1923
Priority dateNov 16, 1923
Publication numberUS 1571937 A, US 1571937A, US-A-1571937, US1571937 A, US1571937A
InventorsFrye Whitney M
Original AssigneeFrye Whitney M
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US 1571937 A
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Feb. 9 1926. 1,571,937

Y w. M. -FRYE CARDv Filed Nov. 16, 1923 lll/0 ll/11114 4, y 4 y a y v 4 Patented Feb. 9, 1926.



Application filed November 16, 1923. Serial No. 675,223.

To all whom t may concern.-

Be it known that I, WHITNEY M. FRYE, a citizen of the United States, residing at IVilton, county of Hillsborough, State of New Hampshire, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Cards, of which the following is a speciication, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

My invention relates to'cards, and especially, although not exclusively, to hand cards for use in carding animals, and has for one of its objects the provision of a hand card which has exceptional strength, and one in which the handle and bacl will consequently not be readily broken when sub-iegted to rough usage. My hand card is also adapt-able for use in hand stripping cards fortextile mills.

In the past, great difliculty has been encountered i'n theuse of hard cards due to the fact that the handles which are attached to the back of the cards 'frequently split or cause the back of the card to split. yThis difficulty has been largely due to the manner of attaching the handle to the back and other weaknesses in the construction of the cards. In the construction of my hand card, the end of the handle, which is attached vto the back of the card, is sawed so as to provide an inclined surface which extends nearly across the back of the card. I provide a tongue on the handle which'is adapted to enter a curved slot in the back of the card. The tongue, due to its engagement in the slot, firmly supports the' handle and, together with the screws or nails, which secure the inclined surface of thehandle to the back, provides a construction whichwill not break and which will ontlast any of the similar articles previously made.

Another advantage of my construction of the back and handle is that both of these parts can be made very cheaply, requiring a minimum of labor. The inclined surface which is secured to the back of the card, and the tongue, can be made in one operation by means of three concentric circular saws one of which cuts the inclined surface of the handle and the upper surface of the tongue which is parallel thereto; another cuts away the wood the proper amount so as to leave the tongue, and the third cuts the lower surface of the tongue making it also parallel to the inclined surface of the handle.

Apart from the improved construction of proved card clothing which is attached to the back of the card and carriesthe teeth..

The card clothing which constitutes a part of my invention may be madein sheets of any size and used as the cai-ding elements in carding machines, such as those used in ina-king textile products. Heretofore ithas frequently been necessary to discontinue usingI a hand card due to the fact that the teeth would become bent so that they would no longer effectively do the work. In order to support the teethagainst bending, I punch the clothing so as to provide buris on one side. These burrs project from the surface of theY clothing and .brace the teeth against movement in the opposite direction from whichthe card'is drawn in use.

My invention will be fully understood lfrom the following description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings and the novel features thereof will be pointed out and clearly defined in the claims at the close of this specification.

In said drawings: V

Fig. 1 is aside elevation', partly in section.` taken in the plane indicated by the line 1--1, Fig. 2, showing the mannerof attaching the handle to the back of the card.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary plan view the card.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the handle, part of which is broken away.

Fig 4 is an enlarged fragmentary section taken on the line 4 4, Fig. 5.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary plan View `of a portion of the card clothing.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary section of the card taken on the line 6-6, Fig. 1.

Referring now to Fig. 1, at 11 is shown my improved handle attached to the back 12 of the card. -Card clothing 13 `is secured, as by tacks 14, to the lower face of the back and 1s provided with teeth 15 projecting downwardly therefrom. The handle 11 is sawed in the manner described above so as to pro-vide the inclined surface 16 which is secured to tl e Lxack 12 by nails or screws 1?. The handle 11 isfpositioned midway of the back 12 and is also provided with a tongue portion 18. The tongue portion 18 is cut so as to have upper and lower surfaces 19 and 20 which are parallel to the inclined surface 16. In the sawing operation, due to the fact that circular saws are used, the end 21 of the tongue portion 18 is left in the vlioini o'lE a curvo. Tho l :ic-li l2 is provided with :i cuii'otl slot 22 in one sido which znluptoil to icooivo lho tonguo portion 1S ot' tho hunillo l1. lllhon the luuullo 1l is :iftf-onililoil with tho luul; "i2, tho tong-uo poitiou 1S Qutois tho slot until it@` oiuls i3?, zuo iu onglzigjmnont with the` i'oul' mill of tho Slot. Tho` nails li' uro thou driven through tho lizinillo ll und hook 1Q.

.lho maling inatolinl 13` which Suppoits tho tooth 15, muy ho ol" leather, liliife., o1' any lzu'niuzitiul nuitm'inl which will poi-init tho luuis 2l to lio peinclioil up thoi'eti'iun. Vln tho construction of tho oarclng material, I punch i'owf; ot stu." lionl holes through the nuilii'iul oy uioffius which punch zi poi'tion ot' tho uuitoifiul ug troni tho Surizuo 9o zu; lo 'loiui tho luu'i's 'E-l. 'llio huliS l un) souiiwii'cnlin' und niojvift 'troni on@ sui'liuo ol tho mii-(ling nuitoi'iul. 'tho tooth l5 uw uuulo in paura znul :nto lient :uljucout thon' @nilo iu tho ilii'oction in which tho liiuul mobil .if-i to lio novell iu iso. The lun'l'f; 24 oxtonil up tho lizu-l; ol tho tooth l5 :1nd im@ vont tho tooth ti'oin howlingv lzul into u position in which they would no louojoif lio o llfoiftivo.

Hoving thus ilOH-lilioil my invention, wluit l clziiln irs:

l. ln :i lmlnl cuifl, tho ooinliinolion 'with i luuk luii'iup; outil clothing on ono llico unil provided with :i closiofl Slot u1 ono oligo thoroo'l, of zi hunillo sooui'icl to Suul buck unil exten-ming Substantially the whole, (listzuuouol-oss `the Suino,f11icl luuullo having :i tongue poi-tion Yl'oi' l'ocoption in i-:ziill Closol Slot.

ln :i luunl czii'll. tho Combination with :i hook hzivingr u1-il vlotliin-g on ono` liico :nul providod with :in :noiulto olosoil slot iu on@` los lhoi'oo, ot :i luuullo Sociuofl to sziirl liuoli unal oxtoniling sulistuntizilly tho Whole distance zwi-oss tho suino, void liunillo hoving' u tong-uo portion pi'ojooling into suifl Slot, the 01u! ol" suiil tongue poi-tion boing' opliooiloly oui-toil troni Suhl slot.

:3. ln :i luuifl czu'il, tho oonihiimtion with u liz'ufli having); un :nfuzito oloSo-:l slot in ono oilgfo thor-Coll ot' :i liuncllo sooui'oil tlioi'oto oxtonilingl sul4 initially tho whole -zlstunco tlioi'ouciosfu ou@ ond ot Suid houille boing Snwofl to provide :1u incliuoil sur'liuto for :ittzu'hniont to the hack, unil :i tongnie portion niojiiting; iu tho cliiiotion olf ,Quill ii'ulinocl Surface :nul mitoneliug; inl'o Suid, Slot, tho Hulot-i olf .Qu-:l tonfguo portion boing pzuullol lo Suid invlinoil ruilaco.

in ostiuiouy whoi'ool l zilix my signotui'o.


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