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Publication numberUS1572456 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1926
Filing dateMay 15, 1924
Priority dateMay 15, 1924
Publication numberUS 1572456 A, US 1572456A, US-A-1572456, US1572456 A, US1572456A
InventorsWicke Charles E
Original AssigneeA C Wicke Mfg Company
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Display case
US 1572456 A
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Feb. 9 1926.

. 1,572,456 C. E. WICKE DISPLAY CASE Filed May 15, 1924 INVENTOR CHARLES E. W/CKE ATTORNEYS Patented Feb. 9, 1925.


DI SPLAY oesn.

Application filed May 15, 1924. Serial No. 713,393.

} ing is a specification.

This invention relates to display cases'and more particularly to glass-enclosed refrigerator types of cases.

An object of my invention is to provide a more sanitary and durable display case.

Another object of my invention is to simplify the construction of a display case and to increase the durability of such cases.

Another object of my invention is to improve the track portion of a display case so that such portion constitutes a cover plate to prevent the wooden base portion of the case from deteriorating.

A still further object of my invention is to provide a display case with a protection cover which is non-corrosive and which is adapted to furnisha support for one end of the removable trays.

A still further object of my invention is to provide a display case with a protection cover which functions to furnish trackage for the sliding doors, to prevent displacement of the said doors from their tracks, to support one end of the removable trays, and to protect the upper edge of the base support from decay.

Other objects of my invention will be apparent as the description proceeds.

Show cases as generally employed for the display of meats and other perishable products, are so constructed that the articles may readily be exhibited, this being accomplished by making the enclosing walls about the articles of glass. Access is had to the inside of the case by means of sliding doors which are movable on tracks secured to the lower wooden base structure of the case. Since a show case of the above type is located in a store where the surrounding atmosphere is more or less heated, it is necessary to provide the case with an ice compartment or other cooling means.

A prerequisite of show cases in which food products are kept is sanitation, and it has been found undesirable to expose any of the wooden structure of the case to the moisture which by reason of condensation accumulates within the case.

Considerable complaint and disadvantage has been experienced heretofore by reason of the constant deposits of moistureupon the wooden portions of the case structure between and around the tracks upon which the doors of the case slide.- It has been found that this exposed portion of woodwork became foul owing to the fine particles of food, such as meat or vegetables, accumulating thereon, which resulted in the wood work rotting and also offensive odors emanating therefrom, thus defeatmg one of the important purposes for which such show cases are primarily intended. 1

The present invention aims to prevent the above dlsadvantages by providing a cover plate for the heretofore exposed wood work and combines with the cover'plate one or more tracks upon which the doors may ride.

In addition to the combination of the cover plate and tracks, the invention also'provides a ledge or support which serves as one portion of a tray rest. The cover plate is'so designed as to also furnish a stop so as to prevent movement of the doors from their tracks. I

The present invention therefore not only promotes the sanitary conditions of the display case but serves mechanically as a smooth-running track for the doors. v

The cover plate and track is in accordance with my invention so constructed that it maybe produced in the form of a continuous strip of any desirable length as an article of manufacture and the strips may thus be sold in commerce to be out to sizeon the job where the strip is to be used.

When the present invention is incorporated in a show case the appearance of the structure is not onlyenhanced, but greater rigidity and general structural strength is added as well as the elimination of many corners and crevices which have heretofore served to collect dirt and moisture which give rise toobnoxious odors. For the purposes of further enhancing the usefulness of my strip or plate, I may makethe same of a material impervious to moisture and noncorrosive, as, for example, Monel metal and the like.

shown appliedto an ic'e-cooleddisplay case ilk having a display compartment 5 comprising glass walls 6 and a top 7, whichmay be held in the proper relation by the usual clamps 8 and provided with a frame 9 for doors 10 and 11. An ice compartment 12 is provided for the reception of a cooling medium such as a block of ice and trays 13 maybe suitably positioned to support articles for exhibition or storage purposes.

It is obvious that the show case may be made in a variety of designs and that the one shown'is merely-an. example of the application of the present invention which comprises a strip 1% suitably shaped to serve as a cover for the edge 15 of a wall 16 of the supporting structure 17.

The strip 14 may be of sheet metal shaped to provide one or more, rails or tracks 18 to slidably support the doors, 10 and 11. The doors may be provided with grooved edges 21- to. receive the tracks and when 'de sirable rollers 22 may be journaledon bearings suitably secured in the doors to facilitate their sliding action. I

The doors 10 and 11 when constantly used, as is the case when the display case is in a store, are subjected toconsiderable misdirected force to etiecttheir edgewise movement, which force results in a side thrust tending to derail the doors. The present invention, however, provides a ridge or stop 23 so positioned as to be in close proximity to the doors and to receive the side thrust, thus preventing the doors from leaving the rails.

The. invention further provides a ledge 2a which in conjunction with a ledge 0-11 the opposite side of. the compartment 12 serves to support the trays 13. F or the purpose of efiectivelycovering the edge 15. of the wall 16 of the wooden structure, the strip 14:

- may include flanges 25 and 26., The flange 26 being positioned to overlap the edge of a metalliclining 27 of the, compartment 12 permits any condensatewhich may accumulate upon the ledge to flowinto the compartment and drain off through the outlet pipe as commonly provided.

The present invention may, of course, be applied to many types of display cases where sliding doors are employed, and it hasbeen found to be of great advantage in may be manufactured as a separate article and that any desirablelengths may be supplied, it merely being necessary for the manufacturer of display cases to cut the strips to the desired lengths toadapt them to. cases of any special type or length. Furthermore, it is obvious that the older types 7 of cases may be remodeled to the extent of having the strips substituted for their present construction.

Although a preferred embodiment of m invention has been illustrated and describe it is obvious that those skilled in the art may modify the same, however such modifications as come within the terms of the appended claims are contemplated as falling within the scope of my invention.

What I claim is: I

1. In a display case, the combination with a display compartment, a supporting structure therefor, and sliding doors movable over a portion of said structure, of a cover plate consisting of an elongated strip of metal" having a flat body portion fitting the top of said portion of the structure, and two downwardly extending flanges engaging the sides of said portion of. the structure, whereby the said portion of the structure is sealed from moisture andthe like, said cover plate also having two longitudinal corrugations pressed outwardly from said flat.

body portion and serving to support said sliding doors, another longitudinal corrugation extending outwardly from adjacent the edge of said flat body portion and serving as a stop to prevent displacement of said doors, and a ledge extending outwardly from said last-mentioned corrugation for supporting a tray in saidcompartment.

2. A display case for perishable foods and the like, comprising a supporting structure consisting of front and rear walls, said walls being spaced apart to fornr a refrigerating compartment, a display compartment supported by said walls, and a cover plate for the upper edge of said rear wall, said plate consisting of a fiat strip of metalhaving down-turned flanges along its longitudinal edges to embracesaid wall and a plurality of longitudinal corrugations extending in the opposite direction from said flanges and disposed intermediate the same, some of said corrugations serving as tracks and another of said corrugations serving as a stop.

3. A display case for perishable foods and the like, comprising a supporting structure, a display compartment supported thereby, a plurality of sliding doors for said compartment, and a cover plate for said structure, said cover plate consisting of a fiat strip of metal fitting the upper edge of said sup porting structure, said strip of metal having corrugations pressed outwardly therefrom to v 1y from said strip of metal and disposed adjacent the inner edge of said strip to serve as a stop to prevent displacement of said doors, said strip also bein formed adjacent its inner edge to form a shelf for trays and the like.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name this 9th day of May, 1924.


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