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Publication numberUS1573514 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1926
Filing dateApr 2, 1925
Priority dateApr 2, 1925
Publication numberUS 1573514 A, US 1573514A, US-A-1573514, US1573514 A, US1573514A
InventorsHamilton Earl R
Original AssigneeHamilton Earl R
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US 1573514 A
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Feb. 16 1926. 1,573,514y

l E. R. HAMILTON l APPLIGATQR Filed April 2 1925 @l 4L 3.3 i 2 EINE Patented Feb. 16, 1926.



Application led April 2, 1925. -Serial No. 20,213.

To all whomlt may concem:

Be it known that I, EARL R. HAMILTON,

a citizen of the United States, residing at.

Pekin, in the county of Tashington and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Applicators; and I do declare the following to be `a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to improvements in applicators for applying various substances, for example metal polish, and one object of i' the inventon is to provide an applicator which is supplied with the substance to be used from an internal, compressible tube of the type commonly found upon the market to contain tooth paste, shaving cream, cold cream, grease, ete.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device of the class described which may readily be stored or carried from place to place without danger of leakage.

Further objects are to provide unique means for compressing the tube of the substance to be applied, so as to discharge such substance; and to rovide a novel form of applicator head Whlch receives the substance discharged from the tube, unique provision be'ng made for effectively clamping a piece of cloth, chamois or other material over said head to provide for the efficient spreading of the substance used, the construction being such that whenever one piece of cloth or the like is badly worn, it may be easily removed and another substituted.

A still further object is to provide a device of the class described which is ex-` carries it, the means for clamping a piece of cloth or the like to such head being swung.

outwardly from the latter. In the drawings above briefly described,

lwhich may be considered as disclosing the preferred form of construction, the numeral 1 des'gnates an elongated tube which is preferably formed of metal, said tube being provided at its upper end with a permanent stationary closure. 2, while a removable closure 3 is provided for its lower end. This removable closure is preferably stamped from sheet metal, insubstantia-lly the form of a cup, and the upper or inner portion of the continuous side wall 4, of said closure, is receivable removably in the lower end of the casing 1, any desired quick detachable connection being provided between the two.- Preferably, the wall 4 is 'formed with headed studs 5 and bayonet slots 6 are provided in the casing wall to engage 'said studs. Between its upper and lower ends, the wall 4 is provided with an outwardly stamped, externally serrated portion 7 constituting a rib which may readily be gripped when the closure 3 is to be either removed or applied. When in o erative positon, this rib of the closure 3, a uts the lower end ofthe tubular casing 1.

In the construction shown, the bottom portion of the closure 3 is formed with an openingV and with an annular depending flange 8 around the -same. Within this flange, the upper end of a tubular dischar e neck 9 is secured in any desired manner, t e' upper end of said neck .being internally threaded as at 10 for engagement with the usual discharge neck 11 of a compressible tube receivable in the casing 1. The lower end of the neck `9 is provided Iwith a unique applicator head 13 which is obliquely disposed with respect to the neck and is preferably provided wfth a convex lower side. The head 13 is provided with preferably parallel, opposite sides 14 and these sides are provided with oblique, outwardly prof jecting ribs 15 whose lower sides constitute shoulders, the latter being preferably parallel withor concentric to the lower side of the head. This had'is also formed with a forwardly projecting nose 16 whiclfis disposed below the front ends of the ribs 15.

'A continuous band 17 preferably formed of spring wire, is provided to' surround the head 13, with its side members disposed under the ribs and its front end portion located over the nose 16, the rear end of this band bein preferably bent outwardly into lsubstantia ly U-shape, to provide a handle 18 by means of which the band may be applied to or removed from the head. In front of this head, is a vertical sheet metal plate or link 19v whose lower end is pivoted to the front portion of the band 17, by being bent around the same as indicated at 20. Over this plate, an open link 21, preferably formed of wire has been shown, the upper end of the plate being pivoted to the lower end o-f this link by bending it around.

the same, as indicated at 22. The upper end of the link is suitably pivoted to a lug 2 3 which projects laterally from the neck S).

When the band 17 and the parts 19 and 21 are swung outwardly from the head, as indicated for instance in Fig. 3, a piece of cloth, chamois or other desired material 24 may be placed over said head as indicated in Figs. 1 and 2. Then, when the parts 17, 19 and 21 are returned to the position disclosed in Figs. 1 and 2, the flexible material will be tightly clamped in place, providing effective means for applying the substance discharged through the neck 9, the'head being provided with a discharge port 25 registering with the interior of the neck. When the device is not in use, a suitable-pin 26 may be passed through the material 24 and port 25, to prevent possible leakage of any substance therethrough.

To normally cover the applicator head and associated parts, thus eectively protecting them against dust and the like and also protecting soiling of. articles by coming in contact with the cloth or the like 24, I have provided a cap 35 to enclose these parts.

This cap lits frictionally over the lower end portion of the annular side wall 4 of the` closure 3 and abuts the lower side of the rib 7.

The reference characters 27 toll designate subject matter not now claimed, due to requirement for division.

v Excellent results are obtainable from the details disclosed, and they are therefore preferably followed. However, within the scope of the invention as claimed, modifications may of course be made.

I claim:

1. An applicator comprising a tubular casing adapted to contain a compressible tube, 'a closure for one end of said casing having an annular side wall having the inner portion of its width removably received in said one end of the casing and having a knurled external rib abutting the same, said closure having a discharge neck, an applicator carried solely by the outer end of said neck, the inner end of said neck being internally threaded for engagement with the usual threaded neck of the collapsible tube, and a protecting cap for covering the applicator' and neck, said cap fitting removably over the outer portion of the aforesaid sido wall and abutting the aforesaid rib.

2. An applicator comprising a body having an oblique head'at its lower end, the opposite sides of said head having outwardly extending shoulders and the front end of said head being provided with a nose which projects forwardly and is located below said shoulders, a band adapted to surround the head under said shoulders, a vertical link at the front end of the head over said nose and pivotallj7 connected at its lower end to the front portion of said band, and a loose pivotal connection between the upper end of said link and said body.

3. An applicator comprising a body having an oblique head at its lower end, the opposite sides of said head havingI outwardly extending shoulders and the front end of said head being rovided with a nose which projects forward y and is located below said shoulders, a band adapted to surround the head under said`l shoulders, a vertical sheet metal' plate at'the front end of the head over the aforesaid nose and having its lower en d bent around the front portion of said band to pivotally connect the two, and an open link over said plate pivoted at its upper end to the body, the upper en d of said plate bein@ bent around the lower portion `of said lirili to pivotally connect said plate and link.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my signature.


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