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Publication numberUS1574226 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1926
Filing dateMay 5, 1925
Priority dateMay 5, 1925
Publication numberUS 1574226 A, US 1574226A, US-A-1574226, US1574226 A, US1574226A
InventorsAlois R Ackermann
Original AssigneeAlois R Ackermann
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US 1574226 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 23 1926.

A. R. ACKERMAN BASSINET' Filed May 5,-125

i. l llllllllllllllllllllllll Q\N ivvn grwcnl'at Hlois R. Hckermann Patented Feb., 23, l9in .i -iss;


Application filed May 5, 1955. Serial No. 28,1%;

TO all 10720712] Til' may conccm. p

Be it'knownthat I, ALors R.ACKERI\1AI-IN, a citizen of Switzerland, residing at Spohane, in Spokane County and' State ol* W ashington, have inventedcertain new and useful ,improvements inlassinets, et Which the following; is a Specification;

The present invention relates to an iniproved hassinet or'ChilCPs Crib and is designed. for the purpose of providing an article O this type Which n'iay With facility he eon erted :for use in various ways in Caring; l'or a child.

The inyention Conteinplates the use of a supporting or suspending tt 'aine :ter the hassinet in Which the latt-er n'iay be suspended in l'ixed stationary position, readily Converted for swingingor rocking movement, or the hassinet Inay be hodily removed if desired and hecon'ie a portahle Carrier for the child.

The invention consists in.certain novel conihinations and arrangenients o't parts for Carrying Out the above indicated purposes and the deViCe inVOlVes features O'f construction hy means of 'Which the finished article may he produced at comparatively low cost of production, as Will hereinafter he more fully pointed Out.

In the acoinpanaying drawings I have illustrated one Complete exaniple of the physical einhodiinent of iny invention Wherein the parts are coinbined and arranged in accord With the principles of iny invention.

Figure 1 is a perspective viev. of a hassi' net einhodying iny invention.

Figure 2 is an enlarged Vertical central sectional View partly broken away for Cn venience of illustration.

Figure is a detail sectional view, enlarged O't the support at the head of the hassinet.

'Fi :ure l is a sectional detail View enlarged et the support at the foot of the has sinet.

In Carrying out iny invention I preferahly use a suspending franie lnade up of tuhular metal pieces or pipe lengths Which are ornamented as desired, and the frame includes a base portion coinprising a pair of transyersely arranged, parallel tubular hers l und 2 spaced the required distance apart, and provided With ends bent to Vertical position and equipped With castors 3 by means of which the'device' as a whole n'iay readily perpendieiiilar to the base. 'fraine and madeup of pipes or: tuhular lengths."

At the upper end o't' the head post 5 I provide a' coupling head 7 inthe' forn] of a holiow castingscrewed on the upper threaded end' of the'post; and this head* is fashioned with an internully threaded flange' projecting laterally from the head. The fia'nged head carries a screW bar 9 preferahly fashioned With a hand Wheel 10.

At the upper end of the foot post I arrange a liXed angular head 11 Which forms a. trunnion alined With the screw bar at the opposite end of the suspending franie of the hassinet indicated by the numeral 12.

The hassinet is of suitable construction and lined or padded as usual. It is capahle of being fixed in the fraine, adapted to be converted to a si'vinging Or rocking motion in the frame, or the hassinet may be detached and hodily removed from the fraine to he used as a Carrier for the child.

The hassinet is provided with a supporting fraine in the form of horizontal central metal plates Or straps as 18, 14; and 13' and 14 at the respective .ends of the basket and Which are secured thereto in suitable 1nanner* ;For supporting the basket.

The fraine section 13 is provided With a' hracket 15 secul'ed thereto at the top edge of the hasket and this bracket .isfashioned with a threaded cup or nut 16 for* the short end 17 of the sorew har 9 Which is used to couple the hasket to the head post.

At the' foot of the basket and attached to the fraine section -13' is a compleinentary hraeket plate 18 having a hearing; Cup 19 alined With the nut 16 at the head end of the hasket. As seen inFignre 2 this bearing Cup is designed to receive the smooth portion 11 of the angle head 11 that forms a supporting trunnion for the foot end of the bassinet, and a cotter pin 20 may be passed through registering holes in the cup 19 and trunnion ll of the head 11 to secure the basket or bassinet in stationary position in its suspending frame. The ootter pin is carried at the end of a retaining chain 21 fixed to the bassinet to insure against loss of the pin.

- From the above description it Will be seen that the basket is supported at its opposite ends by means of the soreW bar 9--17 and its connections and the trunnion 11 and bearing cup 19, With the Cotter pin holding the bassnet in stationary position. If it is desired to oonvert the basket for a rocking or swinging motion, the pin is removed and the basket may be sWung on its threaded and smooth trunnions.

With the cotter pn removed, 'for the purpose of bodly removing the b'LlSlEt from its 'rame, the basket may be detached hy turning 'the hand Wheel 10 to screw the har 9 into the long flange or nut 8 and out of the shorter flange or cup 16, and then the cups 9 and 16 'may he grasped as handles and the bassinet carried to its destination.

The bassinet may be replaced and again suspended in its frame by first slipping the cup 9 over its trunnion 11, and then running the screW bar into the threaded cup 16.

For convenience in lighting or illuminating the crilo when attending to the Occupant, and for supporting a CanOpy over the bassinet, I use an adjustable rod 22, preferably hollow, and inserted in the tubular head post, Where it may be olamped in adjusted position by the set screw 23.

A lamp and shade 24 may be supported at the end of this bend rod, and Wires 25 may lead to the lamp through the tubular post and adjustable rod.v

Having thus fully described my invention What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is r ,l

The combination with a supporting frame Comprising a head post having a SCI'eW bar and hand Wheel thereon and a foot post having a perforated trunnion thereon, of a bassinet having frame sections attached thereto, a bracket on one frame section having a nut to receive said screW bar, a braoket on the other frame section having a bearing Cup for said trunnion, said bearing cup having a perforation therethrough, and a cotter pin for'securing said cup and trunnion.

In testimony whereof I afix my signature.


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International ClassificationA47D9/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S5/905, A47D9/00
European ClassificationA47D9/00