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Publication numberUS1574843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1926
Filing dateJan 24, 1925
Priority dateJan 24, 1925
Publication numberUS 1574843 A, US 1574843A, US-A-1574843, US1574843 A, US1574843A
InventorsWilliam C Johnson, Joseph A Nowak
Original AssigneeWilliam C Johnson, Joseph A Nowak
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US 1574843 A
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March 2 1926.

J. A. NOWAK ET'AL VELOCIPEDE Original Filed Jan. 24, 1925 INVENTOR JOSEPH A. NOWAK \AglLlAM C. d NSON Patented Mar. 2,1926.




Application filed January 24, 1925, Serial No. 4,385. Renewed January 6-, 1926.

To (1 ie/tom i! may c /Lccr/i: Be it known that J osnrii A. NowAn and dViLLiAM 'C. JoiiNsoN, citizens of the United.

States, residing at Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Velocipedes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to velocipedes for children, and. the main object is to provide a simple, practical and attractive device, in which. a miniature horse or other animal figure is :tiltably mounted upon a wheeled frame, and in which the animal figure is provided with oscillating pedal members which are operatively connected with the ground wheels, as is also the figure itself, in such a manner that when the child sits on the figure and operates the pedals, he will propel the device forward (or backward) and will also impart a rocking or galloping motion to the figure. A'further object is to provide means of a novel nature for steering the velocipede as it is propelled over the ground or floor. Further and more specific objects will be disclosed in the course of the following specifications, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the veloclpede.

Figure 2 is a top or plan view of the device, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a sectional elevation as seen substantially on the irregular line 33 in Figure 1.

Referring to the drawing more particularly andv by reference characters, 4 designates a main frame, the rear end of which is supported on a pair of drive wheels 5 which are connected by a shaft 6 having cranks 7, 8, and 9. The front end of the frame 4 is supported on wheels 10, secured on an axle 11 which is pivotally secured as at 12, to the frame, and the position of this axle is controlled by links or rods 13, for the purpose of steering the vehicle. An intermediate cross member or platform 14 connects the side members of the frame, and upon it is secured a standard 15, which carries the animal figure 16. The animal figure is hollowed out to receive the standard, and is pivotally secured to it, as at 17, so that the figure can be rocked or tilted from 17 as a fulcrum. A steering shaft 18 extends through a suitable slot in the figure, and is provided. with handle bars 7 19, of the type ordinarily employed on bicycles, The shaft 18 has a collar 20 which rides on a plate 21, which is rigid in the figure, so that the handlebars 19 will oscillate with and always be in the same relative position with respect to the figure. The lower end of the shaft 18 is provided with a cross piece 22, the outer ends of which connect with the rear ends of. the rods 18. Suflicient play is provided at the ends of the rods 13 so that steering may be effected even when the parts 22,18, 20, and 19 are inovingup and down in synchronism with the animal figure. The rocking or-gallopin motion imparted to the animal figure by means .of a connecting rod 28 which cone neets a rear part of the figure with the crank arm 9.

r A saddle 2 1 is arranged upon the figure to carry the-rider. Under the side portions of the saddle is arranged a pair of stirrup links or levers 25. These links are pivoted at their upper ends to the body of the figure, as at 26, and are provided at their lower ends with foot pedals or stirrups 27. The lower ends of the members 25 are also connected, by connecting links 28, to the cranks 6 and 8, so that when the rider places his feet in the stirrups 27 and actuates them back and forth he will actuate the cranks 7 and 8 and thus propel the vehicle forward or backward as may be desired. It is found preferable to offset the crank 9 from the planes of the cranks 7 and 8 in such a manner that when the latter are on dead centers the rider may, by a downward sitting pressure on the figure, cause the crank 9 to move or rotate and thus bring the cranks 7 and 8 off the dead center line.

It will be understood that by placing the pivot 26 further forward on the figure, the rider will be able to impart the propelling action by a more direct or forward motion of the feet, while if the pivot is further rearward, it will be the rear thrust of the feet that will be most effective. It will also be understood that as the shaft 18 and levers 25 are directly secured or connected with the figure, they will always operate the same with respect to the saddle and the rider, regardless of the continuously changing rocking position of the figure proper.

It is further understood that various modifications may be made in the general design and structural details of the invention as herein illustrated and described, providing, however, that such modifications come within the spiritand scope of the appended claims.

I-[aving now therefore, fully shown and described our invention, what we claim to be new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:T

1. A velocipede consisting of a frame having front-- steering wheels and rear drive wheels, an animal figure tiltably mounted upon the frame and having a saddle for a rider. stirrup members pivotally secured to the figure and arranged to be operated by a rider in said saddle, operative connection between said stirrup members and the drive wheels. and means for controlling the steering wheels, said means including handle members carried by the figure so as to tilt with it. i

2. A velocipede consisting of a frame having front steering wheels and rear drive wheels, an animal figure tiltably mounted upon the frame and having a saddle for a rider, stirrup members arranged in operating positions near the saddle, operative connections between the said members and the drive wheels, means for rocking the figure as the velocipede is propelled, a steering member carried by the forward part of the figure to oscillate with it as it rocks, and

operative connection between said steering member and the steering wheels whereby the latter may be regulated by said steering member when the veloeipede is moving and the figure is rocking.

3.. In a. velocipede, a frame having an animal figure tiltably mounted thereon, steering wheels at the front end of the frame and drive wheels at the rear end of the frame, a crank shaft connecting the drive wheels, means for rocking the figure, when the device moves forward or backward, stirrup members mounted for oscillatory movement upon the sides of the figure so as to be 0 erable by a rider sitting on the figure, an link connections between the stirrup members and said crank shaft.

In testimony whereof We affix our signatures.


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