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Publication numberUS1575092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1926
Filing dateOct 9, 1924
Priority dateOct 9, 1924
Publication numberUS 1575092 A, US 1575092A, US-A-1575092, US1575092 A, US1575092A
InventorsEllison Best Frank
Original AssigneeFrank E Best Inc
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Lock face
US 1575092 A
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March 2 1926.

F. E. BEST LOCK FACE Filed Oct. 9, 1924 lama-- T a Patented Mar. 2, 1926.




Application fiied October 9, 1924. Serial No. 742,599..

To all whom it mayv concern:

Be itknown that I, FRANK ELLISON B ns'r, a citizen of the United States, residing at Seattle, county of King, and'Sta-te' of ashington, have inventedanew and useful Lock Face, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements. in lock faces, for pin tumbler locks. and an ebject of my invention is to. )rovi'de alock face )f extremely simple and e cient construction that will fitwithin a counterbore-offigure 8 shape and afford a recess forthe reception of acylindricalhead on a-keyplug.

Otherobjects areto provide a lock faceof this .natureembodying two integral lobes having cylindricalperi heries that'intersect each other to form a ace of substantially figure 8 shape, one of. the lobes being thinner thanthe other andhaving; a, relatively large hole therein, through which a key plug may be inserted, thehead of the key plug seating withintherecessformedby the thinner lobe of the faceplate and overlapping the ring portion of the thinner lobe of said face plate.

A further object is to provide a lock face in which the only visible parts when the lock is assembled are the line formed by the circular end of the head of the key plug and the line formed by the circular end of the upper lobe of the face plate, the line forming the circumference of the key plu overlapfping the line forming the ciroum erence o the up er lobe of the face plate.

Sther and more specific objects will be apparent from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawm s.

Tn the drawin s Figure 1 is an isometric view showing a fragment of a lock housing and showing a lock core withdrawn from said lock housing and said lock core having face plate means constructed in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view through the face plate, core and housing as they appear when assembled parts being shown in elevation.

Figs. 3 and 4 are detached perspective views of the face plate.

Referring to the drawings, throughout which like reference numerals designate like parts, 5 designates a lock housing having 'counter'bored portion 7 atthe end 0f=the lock plug 16. may bei-nserted; The ring portion therein a hole 6 of substantially figure 8 shape that is counterbored at the end as at 7 to afford a shoulder 10.

11 is: a" lock core, also of' figure 8 shape, adapted to fit within the figure 8 shaped hole in the-housing- 5. The lock core 1=1,has:pin 00 tumbler lock mechanismprovided therein and has a movable locking gate 12 controlled by the insertion of akey in the lock and adapted to engage with a shoulder, not shown, in the housing 5 to prevent withdrawal of the core from thehousing.

The lock face constitutingthis invention is in the nature of a'fiat plate offigure 8 shape arranged to fit. snugly within the housing and rest against the shoulder 10. Said lock face consists. of-a thicker upper lobe 1S and a thinner lower ring portionl l having a-largehole- 15. through which a'key 76 1 1 is circular-and laps over or cutsfintothe thicker. upper lobe l3wand the key plug 16 hasa head: 17 oflarger: diameterr than. said key plug that overlies the ring 14 and is flush with the periphery of the same.

The key' plug 16 is secured against longitudinal movement in the core housing when assembled and acts as a securing means for the face plate. A lug 18 on the end of the core housing 11 fits into a recess 20 on the inner side of the face plate and prevents the face plate from being turned on the end of the lock core when thelock core is not inthe lock housing. i

The head of the key plug entirely covers the ring 14; and fits into the counterbore 7 in the housing 5 so that the end of the key plug and the upper lobe 13 which is partially cut away to afford room for the end of the key plug constitute the entire and only visible parts of the lock face when the device is assembled.

The face being of figure 8 shape is reduced to the ,minimum size and requires only the minimum amount of metal in its construction. This face may be made of very hard metal to resist drilling.

here circular faces are used I find it desirable to provide faces of several different 7 sizes to conform to the size of the lock in which they are used to satisfy the requirement for looks of artistic appearance. Where this figure 8 shaped face is used I find that it is not necessary to provide faces of different size but that one standard size of face will meet all artistic requirements thereby enabling me to simplify processes of manufacture and reduce the cost of quantity production by standardizing on asingle type of lock face.

The foregoing description and accompanying drawings clearly disclose a preferred embodiment of my invention, but, it will be understood that this disclosure is merely illustrative and that such changes in the same may be resorted to as are within the scope and spirit of the following claims.

I claim:

1. In a cylinder lock, a lock face of figure 8 shape having a thicker solid portion at one end and a thinner ring portion at the other end, a key plug arranged to extend through said ring and a head on said key plug arranged to overlap said ring.

2. In a cylinder look, a lock core, a lock face of figure 8 shape on said core, said lock face having a thicker portion at one end and a thinner ring portion at the other end provided with a hole, a key plug ar ranged to extend through said hole and a head on said key plug arranged to overlap and cover said ring.

y 8. In a cylinder lock, a lock housing havinga recess of figure 8 shape therein, a lock core adapted to fit into said housing, a lock face of figure 8 shape on said lock core said lock face having a thicker portion at one end and having a thinner ring portion formed at the other end said ring portion overlapping the circumference of said thicker portion, a key plug arranged to e tend through said ring and a head on said key plug arranged to overlap and cover said ring. a

4. In a cylinder lock, a lock housing having a recess of figure 8 shape counterbored as its outer end to afford a shoulder, a lock core adapted to fit into said lock housing, a lock face of figure 8 shape on the end of said lock core, said look face being arranged to fit within the counterbore of said housing and rest against said shoulder one end of said lock face being thinner than the other and having a hole therethrough forming a thinner ring portion and a key plug arranged to extend through said hole and having a head overlapping said ring and flush with the periphery of the ring.

5. In a cylinder lock, a lock face embodying two integral lobes having intersecting cylindrical peripheries forming a substantially figure 8 shape one of said lobes being thicker and the other lobe being thinner and overlapping and cutting away said thicker lobe on one side said thinner lobe having a relatively large concentric hole therein and a key plug arranged to pass through said hole and having a larger cylindrical head arranged to overlap the ring portion of said thinner lobe.


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