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Publication numberUS1575306 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1926
Filing dateDec 15, 1924
Priority dateDec 15, 1924
Publication numberUS 1575306 A, US 1575306A, US-A-1575306, US1575306 A, US1575306A
InventorsAhldin David
Original AssigneeDunham Mfg Company
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Compressed-gas cylinder
US 1575306 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Mar. 2, 1926.





To all whom t may cof/zoem.'

Be it known that I, DAVID AI-ILDIN, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Chicago, in the county of (look and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Compressed-Gas Cylinders, of which the following is a specification.

rlhis inventionrelates to improvements in metal cylinders of the character commonly employed as containers for shipping and storing gases under high pressures. Cylinders of this type are equipped with an outlet valve fixture projecting from one end whereby a hose or pipe line may be connected and the flow of the gas therethrough controlled.

The primary obj ect of the present inventionv is to provide means for adequately protecting the outlet valve and its associated parts from injury during shipment or storage.

The numerous expediente heretofore resorted to, to accomplish this result have been only partially successfuldue to a number of reasons. The use of a threaded protective cap, screwing on to a threaded shoulder on the cylinder is objectionable from a standpoint of cylinder construction and also because frequentlythe cap becomes lost or misplaced while the cylinder is being emp-Y tied. The use of covers for the valve which are so arranged that they have no rigid connection with the cylinder afford very little real protection for the valvev during the rough handling which the cylinders frequently receive in transit. The use of cylinl ders having concave heads and having out let valves disposed in the pocket formed by such heads are open to the objection that the heads, when stored outdoors or standing on railroad platforms, frequently collect water which freezes and injuries the valves, or prevents their operation. y

My invention involves a cylinder so constructed as to afford adequate protection for the valve and hose pipe connection, to avoid the use of detachable protecting caps, to obviate the danger of freezing, and to negative the possibility of weakeningV the cylinder itself by forming threaded flanges of any kind thereon.

The invention maybe more fully under stood from the following description in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure l is a side elevation "of, the upper part of a cylinder, the protecting means being shown in section and Figure 2 is a top plan view.

The cylinder shown is of a construction commonly employed and includes an elongated body portion 10 and convexly curved or hemi-spherical upper end wall 10a. A valve casing or fixture l1 is secured to said end wall preferably by threaded connections, and has a valve operated by a valve' stem l2 for controlling the flow of gas under pres'- sure to an outlet 13 which is adapted for the coupling thereto of an inlet or outlet hose or pipe.V The valve casing 'l1 is so constructed that the outlet faces upwardly and the valve stem extends vertically so that both of them may engage with cooperating parts applied from above rather than from the sic e. Y

As the important feature of my invention, I provide an open ended protective collar or flange ll brazed or welded electrically or by @Xy-acetylene flame Vat `its lower end l5 to the convex top of the c linder. The collar is preferably substantial y a cylinder, larger than the Xture and o f such height that its of the fixture, as the upper end is open and the hose or pipe coupling faces upwardly, the collar lll does not interfere with the at- `upper end is slightly above the upper end tachment of the hose theretoA and the position of the valve stem 12 is suchthat the Vencircling collar will not hinder free operation thereof.

Adjacent to Vits point of attachment to the cylinder, the collar 14 is provided with t one or more drain openings 16 which prevent water from collecting inside of the collar and consequently the danger of freezing a solid block of ice around the valve casing. The drain hole 0r holes should be below the valve fixture or at leastbelow the operating parts thereof.

Inasinuch as the collarlisv welded to the tank, the latter is noty structurally weakened. The protective collar cannot become lost by virtue of its permanent attachment and itadequately protects the enclosed valve during the rough handling to which the cylinder is often subjected in the course of shipment. Furthermore, the collar being spaced from the valve iXture does not intertere with the removal or replacement of the latter as such lixture has threaded connection with the tank. Y

Having thus described niy invention What I claiin as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A metal shipping cylinder tor gas under. pressure, having a valve ixture including a valve and a hose connection, and a protective collar permanently secured to said cylinder encircling and spaced from said valve lint-ure, and having an open outer end terminating beyond the valve lixture and through which the valve inay be operated and the hose connected. 2. A cylinder for the shipment or storage ot gas under high pressure, having a convex end, a valve lixture threaded thereto and having a vertically disposed valve stein and a vertically delivering outlet passage, and a cylindrical collarV Welded to thetank end and encircling the valve lixture, said collar being slightly taller than the fixture and spaced therefrom and having a drain hole through the Wall thereof below the operatingparts of the valve.

3. A inetal shipping cylinder Ll'or gas under pressure, having a convex end, a valve lixture carried thereby and having a valve and a hose connection, and a protective collar secured to said convex end and encircling .said fixture, said collar having an open end terminating beyond the valve lixture and through which the valve may be operated and the hose connected, the lower end of said collar adjacent to said convex end having adrain hole. I

Sign-ed at Chicago, in the county of Cool; and State of Illinois this 9th day ot December, A. D. 1924i.


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