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Publication numberUS1576228 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1926
Filing dateFeb 26, 1924
Priority dateFeb 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1576228 A, US 1576228A, US-A-1576228, US1576228 A, US1576228A
InventorsSchmieze Charles F
Original AssigneeSchmieze Charles F
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Fuse-cut-out circuit breaker
US 1576228 A
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March 9 1926.

cz. F. SCHMIEZE FUSE CUT-OUT CIRCUIT BREAKER Filed Feb. 26 1924 ,taiseai iiiarife, 92o

mamz m: 1t m x/120mm:-

' r a. eitizen jof-1the United States, residing Lat V l Muskegon'I Ieights;,;inthe.county ofMuskee'v jfiygon and State of Michiganiheve inventedv L rfia' k w l n useful i p vements in L fC 2 {Gi iit Breakers, 7 of whi h i th l ingiis ajspeoificat'ion. 1

I c iseletri aJI-Iy" ope at d 1- v y vthestrength -or snrge fllof"electricvcurrenfir'toi break'Jthe cir-.

f t JMfliIIlSI are provided.=forl resettingthe 7 devicefganii thu'ssai ing thegexpensefof burning" o'iit s fus'e plugswhichilare required for t the purposes of safety ini'electric. circuits used-"for dornestic, and other purposes.

" In h ac mpanyingdrawingz j side;elev'ition ofthe circnit 4: 1 lifirz c v vilw l tsi cn 1t;fclos1ng member fused n, the dev ce;

member 4 "is. mounted np'o'nj-the :cylinder 3" alt tsup'per'end with a 'carries-eyeshaped nrm ounted upon" one end" portion of the An-lobj'ect, of; thei invention is to" provide circnit'breakeryof; simple-structure adapt-'- V 15. Wh en the lug 12 isin'engage nentwith i :the hook -16, the spring 11' iscornpr essed as: shown 3 in heavy "lines in Figure 1' Yof the drawing: In'the event that asurge of curtion'al' 4 v tion shown' inl igure 1', whereby -the elece 'tric circuit-from the Wire 5 is broken. At r claimed ,;is: I 1 p s p V circu t breaker compr sing a cylinder "1' "'90 3-1:

- adapted-to;- contact it-hj fing'ers" provided within the socket membe 4.- The lower-endof thebolt 6"p'r0 -f? V gage between the fingers,;{2ifwasher carried the 'cyli'nderi-said bOlt 'PaSSing thronghi the; washer, and'the washer having I an inter mediate portionlying in the path of ino've- Y mnie'nt of the head of the: bolt-whereby the 7' 3. ashers =9 and; lo 'are' nionnted np'on the' olt'fi-ande Cjoill; springllis interposed" i 1' muhe washerQ-b'ears}againstnthe upper sn-rface-of a-fingerilz'also mounted upon the "t'ermediategportion r ofjthehcylinder 3 and H; ,fTheeniagnet" 7 g gegement with the resilient fingers, anzinve'rted U-sh'aped bracket 3 clip engagedf ivgEgcm-ow 01mm QnREAkEn.

17 v electrically connects'theina 'gn et 1 15 with 'the bracket 1 and-'a wire-18 electrically con-'- ,ed at the other end ofithe ggrini :A wire .5

nects ithe magnetvlfi witl'ijthe lower'end of the'boltfi. The hook l6 is provided with site thelower end of th ecore of thejmagnet rent comes over the Wire 5, the said current 'pass'esg'from' the fingers 8 along the"bo1t;6,

thence-over wire 18 to the 'r'nagneti15 which is energized and the screw 19 isdrawn to- I ward the magnet wherebygthe hook l6 isv swung'and: the lowerend portion'thereof is carriedfro nnnder the lug 12. Therefore r I {the spring llfiisr released and expands-and the I bolt 6 "is owgd to the dotted' line" posi 1 p theusa ne ti ne fithemagnet 15 is deenergized and the hook 16 swings :to the position so I shown in Figure 1," Thelbolt o'may than engaged in .the hook lti -and the parts of the I-Ia' Ving described the invention,

joffinsnlitingjmateriel; a, ca 'p member clios"t ing; one end-goiithe cylinder andjha ving" I resilient "fingers disposed within" the}; cylin-,-.'

der,' :1 bolt 'slidabl'y I, mounted: in'jtheic'ylinder and having a headi-portion a'daptedto en-- movement of the bolt with relagtion' to the helhmoyed, in an' upward direction whereby p thefhead 17 is brought in contact-With the] f fingers 8 of'theso'eket 4 and the 1ug 12is "cylinder is limited, a finger A c'arriedby the v {bolt a spring interposed between {the washerzandthe fingerandit ensioned to 'nor- I .ma lly hold the bolt withfitshead out of ellf 105'

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U.S. Classification335/174
International ClassificationH01H73/00, H01H73/60
Cooperative ClassificationH01H73/60
European ClassificationH01H73/60