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Publication numberUS1576546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1926
Filing dateFeb 14, 1925
Priority dateFeb 14, 1925
Publication numberUS 1576546 A, US 1576546A, US-A-1576546, US1576546 A, US1576546A
InventorsRansom Webster H
Original AssigneeRansom Webster H
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Package carrier
US 1576546 A
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Patented Mar. '16, 1926.

asians y ATENT FFICE.



Application led February 14, 1925. Serial No. 9,309.

To all 'Lo/tom. t may concern Be it known that l, lll/'ERSTER H. RANSOM, a citizen of. the United States, residing at Spokane, in Spokane County and State of lll'ashington, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Package Carriers, of which the following is a specification.

lv'ly present invention relates to improvements in package carriers, and the device of the invention is adapted for use in carry. ing botes, bags, and other similar' recepA tacles that are tied with a cord orf-string.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a device ot this character which is inexpensive in cost of production, simple in construction, and which may with facility be applied for use with a cord or tie employed on packages.

By the use oi my invention a device is pro; vided by means or which a package may be carried with convenience and which is also equipped with means for preventing dis-l placement of the carrier 'from the cord or tie.

The invention consists in certain novel features ot construction and combinations and arrangements of parts as will be hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed.

In the accompanying` drawings, I have illustrated two examples of the physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged according to the principles of my invention.

Figure l is a perspective view showing' the pac :age carrier used with a bag.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the device used in connection with a box.

Fig. is an enlarged longitudinal scctional view showing the device with a cord or tie therein.

Fig. is a longitudinal sectional view of a slight modification of the invention.

Fig. 5 is a detail perspective view at one end ot' the device of Fig. 3.

ln order to illustrate the utility ol my iu .jcntion, l have shown in Fig. l a bag l having a string or cord 2 tied thereon, and in Fig. f2 I have shown a box 8 with a tie cord or string 4 thereon.

Vl'he carrier is indicated as a whole by the numeral 5. This device may be made of Suitable material such as metal, fiber, board, or other material. The carrier is of a length to correspond-with the width of a hand, and is U-shaped in cross section. The bottom 6 of the carri-er in Fig. 3 is provided with a curvature, while the bottom portion of the carrier in F 1g. 4 is flattened. In both forms of' the invention, the carrier has a pair orv side walls 8 and 9 spaced apart a suicient distance to accommodate a string or cord, and also afford an easy grip of the hand on the carrier when the latter is being used.

ln Figs. 3 and 4l, it will beapparent that the string 1l rests upon the bottom of the carrier and the package, through the string or cord, is suspended from the carrier.

For the purpose of preventing accidental displacement orloss of the carrier `from the cord or string, when the carrier is not in the grasp of' the hand, provide at both ends of the carrier a pair of opposed retaining lugs l0 and ll. These lugs are 'formed by bendino inwardly the opposite ends of the side walls of the carrier. A space is left, as in Fig. 5, between the adjoining lugs, to per mit ready attachment of the carrier to a cord, but this space is not of suflicient width to permit the cord to readily pass therethrough. To disengage the carrier from the cord it is necessary that pressure be applied to pull the string between the lugs 10 and ll, and of course a reverse operation takes place when the carrier is being placed on the string` or cord. Y

The carrier is of pr per size and shape for convenience and comfort to the hand which grasps it, and it will be apparent that the carrier, although simple in construction, is an eiiicient device for performing its proper functions. c

Having thus described my invention, what l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A package carrier comprising a blank bent to U-shape cross-section with relatively high parallelside arms spaced apart sufficiently to receivel therebetween a package cord for free movement, the endsof said blankat the upper edges off the arms being rounded and bent inwardly to form 'retaining flanges terminating in slightly spaced relation intermediate the arms to permit passage oit a package cord therebetween only by forcing,

th-e rounded portions of said flanges formi ng,

converging guide edges inclined in the dircction of passage of Ya package cord therebetween.

In testimony whereof l aifix my signature.


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International ClassificationA45F5/00, A45F5/10
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European ClassificationA45F5/10H2G