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Publication numberUS1577077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1926
Filing dateJun 13, 1923
Priority dateJun 13, 1923
Publication numberUS 1577077 A, US 1577077A, US-A-1577077, US1577077 A, US1577077A
InventorsHuston Ray
Original AssigneeHuston Ray
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Weight device for use by pianists and the like
US 1577077 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 1 6 1926.

l H. RAY


f when,

rms rou are, or NEW-YORK, N. y: a

wnieirr'nnvrcnlroausnBrrIANIsTsAND TVHEHLIVKEV Bea known that I, ue bsn fa jau- ,zen ,Of the UnitedfStatesfand i'eside'n'tof tion. 1

New .York, in -the county of New York and State of'NewYork, h'ave'invented certain; new and useful 1 Improvements in ,VVeight Devices forfUsefby Pianists and the like, of which "the following is a specifica- I, My present mentsjinweight-sets-or devices for use by pianists and the like for strengthening. and

5 j eimpartinglflekibility to their fingers, hands,

'will appear from" anfunder'standing of the.

, I these, Fig. 1 is ajflront elevation,

"wrists, etc.,,and lforjimpiroving their touch ,and tone'production. The more specific ob-, I V 7 p a each bag; and as strength and proficiency jects andiadvantages of. my improvements following description of-one. of; the prefeifred' embodiments of niy invention in confnection with the drawings;

partly in section, of a weight-set embodying my present improvements, Fig. "2 is a V61; 1 ticalcross-sectional v ew, partly 1n eleva- 'tion,on thexline22-iniFig.e f1 looking in. a the direction of the arrows; Figg3'fl1s a top w I 'plani-viewqof; the Weight bag of said set de- Qtached from its wrist-bandlorf bail and F1g. tis'a detail view on anenlarged scale of one of the rings for .conn'ecting the bag torthe bail.

Describing now my iinprovenients by reference to, the devicesof' the drawingsillushating the embodiment thereof which at v present-I prefer, .1 is ai'rbag'jof rectangular horizontal crosssection made preferably of thin,; soft, flexible leather, said bag; being openable at the top" where it is provided Y jwithoverlapping fiapsfl hwhich are adapted i] where they; overlap "to; befreleasably united a by-thefsnap fasteners 3.;;

' At'or near its-upper corners, thei is i providedwith eyelets wfor suspending it underthe wrist of'the pianist 'from'a band ing over the top ofthe wrist.

I or'bail'5 (described later ini'detail) The purpose 'of'thebag l is to receive av,plurality I of weights, of lwhi'ch any "number up toall'can beuseddepending upon#. the

increasing; strength 6f the fingersfhands and wrists of the pianistin the course of ,his exercise .andrpract'ice 'with the device. Of course, each:- of :the' wrists of the pianist will have its own wrist-band and weight bag 1 suspended therefrom.

invention consists of improveektendremovable from thebag l independently of' one another In the illustrated bag 1 there are shown five of these saeks piled ontopv of one another. For this purpose, the filled sacks are more or less ithin andflat with their'horizontal cross-section of the size and {shape adapted to fill or fit loos ely the horis' z'o'ntal eross-section of the bag so as to be readily removable and insertable. i

. 'A'pianistbegi'nning to use ,the weight sets for improvingtouch and technique and for v imparting strength andfiexibility, etc, will start with only one or two'weight sacks -8 in develop will gradually add further weight sacks until the maximurnnumber is attained suited to the requirements of the particular cas .r s The wrist-band or bail 5 suspen ds the bag from the wrist, with its long side extending ten inches long and about one and one-half to two inches wide, and will preferably leather containing a strip of felt or other soft 'material 5, said flattened tube having its ends closed by stitching or otherwise and further having each of said ends "provided consist-in effect of a flattened tube; (as best shown i112) of thin, soft, flexible with a'pair ofeyelets 65 601 a series of 7 "pairs. I

,The eyelets 4 at theupperjcorners of the bag l are conn'ectedto four of the eyelets 7}: Fig. 4 shows one of :these rings on an venlarged scale,'from"whichit 'will be noted that each ring has a part thereof .7 ewhichv v a tcone end has a' swivel connection 7? with the r'nainpart .of the ringandis provided at its other end with a projection 7 adapt ed to 'snapreleasably into a corresponding socket in the mainjrwpart of the rin to complete said ring. Thus, the, ring A 7, can be readily] linked -through the aforesaid eyethe wrist-bail ,5 to adjust it in size to suit the wrist of the given person. The weightbag 1 always hangsloosely and freely from the wrist and the device in no way tightly :6 onthewrist-ba'il 5 by meansof four rings

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U.S. Classification482/105, 84/467
International ClassificationA63B21/06, A63B21/065
Cooperative ClassificationA63B21/065
European ClassificationA63B21/065