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Publication numberUS1577094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1926
Filing dateApr 14, 1924
Priority dateApr 14, 1924
Publication numberUS 1577094 A, US 1577094A, US-A-1577094, US1577094 A, US1577094A
InventorsArms Leland J
Original AssigneeR C Pell Jr
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Container for folded tissue toilet paper
US 1577094 A
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March 16 1926.




Application filed April 14, 1924. Serial No. 706,516.

To aZZ whom it may co rwer n:

Be it known'that I, LELAND J. ARMS, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of San Francisco, county of San Francisco,

' State of California, have invented a new and useful Container for Folded Tissue Toilet Paper, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to improvel0 ments in containers for folded tissue toilet paper and is an improvement on the device described in my United States Patent No. 1,459,275. The principal idea in the latter patent was to facilitate and to make more sanitary the commercial handling of the said paper' by providing a permanent fixture to be attached to the wall of the lavatory and to provide cartons to be filled by the manufacturer with the tissue paper and to be sold in the market in that form, the box and the permanent fixture being formedto allow of the dispensing of the tissue paper by withdrawing the same through registering slots in the carton and the permanent fixture. v It is the object of the present invention to show a further improvement in this combination by means of which the withdrawal of the tissue paper is facilitated. Further objects and advantages of my device will appear as the specification proceeds.

The preferred form of my invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 shows a perspective view of the whole arrangement, Figure 2 a rear view- 3 of the permanent fixture, Figure 3 a vertical section through the same taken along line HT TH of Figure 2 with the carton inserted in the fixture, and Figure 4 a side view of the carton on a reduced scale. While I have shown only the preferred form of the invention, I wish to have it understood that various changes or modifications may be made within the scope of the claims hereto attached without departing from the spirit of the invention.-

f The permanent fixture (1) is preferably made-in the form of a rectangular box and may consist oftwo parts (2) and (3), the part (2) forming the rear (4) of the box and a section (6) of the bottom, while the other'part forms the front (7 of the box, the two sides (8) and a second section (9) of the bottom, with the two sections of the bottom arranged to leave a central slot (11) m The two sides are preferably provided with flanges (12) adapted to be turned over the rear of the box and to be secured thereto. The carton (13) for the interfolded tissue toilet paper is made of the same form as the box andis slightly smaller in dimension so that it may be slipped into the box. It is also provided with a central slot (14) in the ][bottom registering with the slot (11) in the The structure thus far described does not essentially differ from that shown in the patent previously mentioned.

If both the bottoms of the carton and of the permanent fixture are made fiat and parallel the friction occasioned by the provision of a rigid bottom under the flexible bottom of the carton renders the withdrawal of the paper somewhat difficult and to overcome this difiiculty I now propose to arrange the two sections (6) and (9) of the bottom in such a manner that they slope downwardly toward the slot (11) thereby allowing the bottom of the carton, which is made straight, to slightly yield and play while the paper is being withdrawn.

I further provide confronting marginal flanges (16) extending downwardly from the edges of the slot and pfeferably slanting toward one another in the manner shown in Figure 3. These flanges serve the purpose of guiding the paper and are provided with central recesses (17) allowing the paper to be gripped by means of the thumb andthe finger, and the recesses preferably extend into the body portions of the. two sections (6) and (9) as shownat (18). Recesses (19) are further provided in the sides of the box adjacent the slot and in registry with recesses (21) in the carton, both sets of recesses being arranged to facilitate the starting of the first sheet of paper.

To further facilitate the withdrawal of the toilet paper from the carton I apply a suitable friction-reducing agent such as wax to the top face of the bottom of the carton.

The advantages of this construction will be readily understood from the foregoing description. The carton with the toilet paper therein is sold in the market and bought b the'user', who places the same into the box orming a permanent fixture of his lavatory so that the paper itself does not fixture.

.The two recesses (19) and (21) m the require handling after the same leaves the sides of the carton and the box allow the :iirei' paper to be readily startecL preiferaiiiy WiiJh the aid 035 a pencil or similar cievice anybody may find in his pocket. After the oi i of the first piece of paper is guided omgh the eioirs in ihe bottom it may be y Wi'tiiriravrii due to the ii act that Hie (HIM oi the rarton may yield on account iiie sloping iorn'iarioi'i of "the bottom oi Hie More.

The flanges; (M) will guide the sec-mid piece of paper so ihat it may be readily gripped through Hm recesses; (111') and (18). The application of the friction-reducing agen'i, such as "war, in the bottom of the carton further iarilii'ai'es the Withdrawal oi the individual pieces of paper.

i oiaim:

A box for interfolded tissue toilet marrow paper having a bottom formed with a ceptrzi sioir allowing; the paper to be Withdrawn timetiiroiigh with flat confronting flanges diponifiing from i111 margins of the sioi; iii the box for gi the paper and central registering recess formed 11'), the or fai'ziiitating manipulation of paper. 1 .i Mn: for interfm jlrd tiEESUw ilfliiiiet paper having a bottom iormed with a central aloit allowingflie paper to be Withdrawn flieretiirough with Fiat confronting flanges; depending from the margins of the siot in ihe box for guiding; the paper and ventral registering recess-es formed in the flanges for facilitating the manipulation of the papen the said recesses extending into the opposing body portions's of the bottom. LELAND J i ARMS.

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U.S. Classification221/48
International ClassificationA47K10/00, A47K10/22, A47K10/18
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European ClassificationA47K10/22, A47K10/18A